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John H. Willis, 2006

 File — Box 16: Series id19006; Series id79366, Folder: 4
Identifier: id27600
Scope and Contents

John H. Willis, Jr. was a professor of English at the College of William and Mary from 1977-2002. The transcript was created using two interviews Dr. Willis conducted on July 26 and August 2, 2006. The interviews were conducted by Edward McCarthy. The interviews were transcribed by Becky Barnhart and Jordan Ecker in 2008.

Dates: 2006

Staff--Willis, John H., 1965-1973

 File — Box 6: Series id33821, Folder: 8
Identifier: id38097
Scope and Contents From the Series:

Files related to personnel are restricted.

Dates: 1965-1973

Dr. John H. Willis, Jr., 1971

 File — Box 17: Series id126408, Folder: 8
Identifier: id139744
Scope and Contents

Correspondence with and information relating to John H. Willis, Jr.

Dates: 1971

Williamson, Ruth; Willis, John H. Jr.; Wilson, James P. Jr.; Wilson, Vernon & Julie; Wilson, Wesley C., circa 1950-1990s

 File — Box 3: Series id70887; Series id70890, Folder: 38
Identifier: id211888
Scope and Contents From the Series:

Biographical information including clippings, obituaries, notes, and speeches relating to prominent Williamsburg, James City County, and York County, Virginia residents. Alphabetical by name.

Dates: circa 1950-1990s

Letters to John A. Twyman, 1907 January - February

 File — Box 9: Series id162114, Folder: 93
Identifier: id163500
Scope and Contents

34 items. Includes letters to him as Superintendent of Schools, Buckingham County, Va. from James S. Thomas, Walter R. Smith, A. L. Smith, Willis A. Jenkins (concerning Virginia Education Exhibit of Jamestown Exposition), Joseph Dupuy Eggleston, E. H. Russell, James S. Thomas, J. S. Jarman (president State female Normal School, Farmville, Va., now Longwood College).

Dates: 1907 January - February

Surname Wi-Wo

 File — Cabinet 8, Drawer 4
Scope and Contents Wicker, Norwell Elliott, Jr., WM 1917/19Wickham, John, WM 1785Wilcox, Edward, WM 1753/55Wilcox, Thomas H., WM 1821/24Wilker, Robin, WM 1971/75Wilkerson, [?], WM 1825/26Wilkin, Alma Luella, WM 1928/70Wilkins, Douglas, WM 1818/20Wilkins, Edmund T., WM 1842/44Wilkins, John J., WM 1823/24Wilkins, John T., WM 1869/71Wilkins, Southey S., WM 1874/76...
Dates: Existence: since circa 1980s

Last name: Wi

 File — Box 6, Folder: 51
Identifier: id138250
Scope and Contents Soldier's Name Family Name, City Oscar J Wien EE Wien,Colfax,ND Lyon P Wilber P Wilber,Memphis,TX Charles E Wilfert Ms RE Wilfert,Atlanta,GA Clifford A Wilkinson SW Francisco,Rochester,NY and Mrs EC Soper,New York,NY SM Wilkinson CC Wilkinson,Hillsboro,NC Guy F Wilkison Norwich,OH Harry A Williams GW Williams,DeSoto,IL JT Williams Mrs FE Williams,Lima,OH John L Williams May McCombs,Yuma,AZ Lee T Williams Herbert B Williams,Plaquemine,LA Noble Hamilton Williams Jesse L Williams,Vincennis,IN...
Dates: 1918-1919

Surname Coo-Cu

 File — Cabinet 2, Drawer 5
Scope and Contents Cook, Margaret C., WM 1966/Cooke, Alva Hobson, WM 1919/25Cooke, Augustine, WM 1753/57Cooke, Christopher M., WM 1978/80Cooke, Giles Buckner, WM 1915/17, 1922/23Cooke, John Rogers, WM 1806Cooke, Judith Anne, WM 1965/69, 1971/75Cooke, Mordecai, WM circa 1738/52Cooke, Mordecai, WM 1760/62[?]Cooke, Mordecai, WM 1805Cooke, Reverdy, WM 1805Cooke, William, WM 1753/55...
Dates: Existence: since circa 1980s

Correspondence, January-July 1885

 File — Box 11: Series id82443, Folder: 5
Identifier: id83602
Scope and Contents

36 items. F.N. Watkins and W.H. Ruffner (concerning Longwood), George P. Stacy, John S. Wise, [?] Tyler, Robert H. Franklin, L.C. Catlett, (conerning Tidewater Telephone Co.), Glousester Court House, Va, L.C. Catlett [W.S. Sanders Co.], H.K. Ellyson, L.R. Kemp, George Hunley, William L. Ransom, J. Thompson Brown, Sally, M.S. James, D. Gardner Tyler, John Critcher, G.T. Carnett, P. Ellis, John Willis, S. Carter, Charles C. Jones, Jr, Mos. Croxton, [?] Duncan, Century Magazine

Dates: January-July 1885

Surname B-Bec

 File — Cabinet 1, Drawer 2
Scope and Contents Baako, Nathaniel, WM 2007/2011Babansky, Alexander Yuriyovich, WM 2007Babcock, Havilah, WM 1922/26Babenko, Victoria A., WM 1974/Baber, William, WM 1816/17Bachmann, Michele Marie, WM /1988Bacot, D. Huger, Jr., WM 1920s [?]Badham, Henry T., WM 1840/41Bagby, Richard O., WM 1922/23Baggett, Marshall Wilbert, WM 1926/31Bagley, Carol Ann, WM 1964/68Bagwell, Edmund R.,...
Dates: Existence: since circa 1980s

Miscellaneous Letters, 1796-1809

 File — Box 14: Series id162114, Folder: 150
Identifier: id166658
Scope and Contents

16 items. Letters written by or addressed to Dudley Brooke, Edward Cunningham, Joseph Curd, Joseph Davis, Alexander Fulton, James Govan, Mary (Twyman) Greenwood (b. 1733 - copy), Micajah [?], Henry McClurg, Jonathan Maxey, Richard North, Richard C. Potter, Richard Phelps, Thomas Pleasants (Quaker), Charles H. Saunders, John Seayres, Reuben Sims (issuing slave pass), George Twyman, Dr. James Walker, Willis Wills, Hill & Rea.

Dates: 1796-1809

Correspondence of Richard and George Blow, 1819 (majority of folder concerns R. Blow).

 File — Box 3: Series id3588, Folder: 6
Identifier: id5067
Scope and Contents 1. Hudson and Neale - undated - Blow, Richard 2. Wilkins, H. Willis - Suffolk - Jan 1819 - Blow, Richard - Portsmouth 3. Blow, George - Tower Hill - Jan 15, 1819 - Blow, Richard 4. Blow, Richard - Portsmouth - Jan 20, 1819 - Blow, George - Williamsburg (letter discusses R. Blow's winning vote to become president of the Farmer's Bank by œbig vote) 5. Blow, George - Tower Hill - Feb 2, 1819 - Blow, Richard - Portsmouth 6. Blow, George - Tower Hill - Feb 14, 1819 - Blow, Richard - Portsmouth 7....
Dates: 1779-1863

Surname Tho-Tur

 File — Cabinet 8, Drawer 1
Scope and Contents Thom, William A., WM 1837/39Thomas, Earl Baldwin, WM 1908/13Thomas, Joseph N. B., WM 1845/46Thompson, David W., WM 1967/Thompson, George G., WM 1843/46Thompson, John, WM 1759/63Thompson, John, WM 1792Thompson, John Taylor, WM 1896/1900Thompson, Nathaniel, WM 1754/55Thompson, Philip Montagu, WM 1836/38, 1844/45, 1869/93Thompson, Tecumseh Holt, WM 1856/57Thompson,...
Dates: Existence: since circa 1980s

Surname Di-Ed

 File — Cabinet 3, Drawer 2
Scope and Contents Diaz, Robert J., WM 1977/Dickerson, Laurence M., WM 1920/24Dickhut, Rebecca, WM 1989/2011Dickinson, Asa D., WM 1837/38Dickinson, Thomas H., WM 1833/34Didul, Eric William, WM 1986/90Digges, Cole, WM 1756, 1759/65Digges, Dudley, WM after 1720[?]Digges, Maria, WM circa 1750/77Dillard, James Hardy, WM 1918/40Dillard, Jame Hardy, II, WM 1953/59Dillard, John Henry, WM...
Dates: Existence: since circa 1980s

Surname Burt-Cars

 File — Cabinet 2, Drawer 2
Scope and Contents Burton, Robert, WM 1772/73Burwell, Carter, WM before 1720Burwell, Carter, WM after 1720Burwell, Carter, WM, 1765/66, 1769/74Burwell, Carter, WM 1792Burwell, Edwin, WM 1792Burwell, Henry H., WM 1834/36Burwell, John, WM 1759/60Burwell, John, WM 1816Burwell, John Taylor [Tayloe?], WM 1808Burwell, Jonathan L., WM 1844/47Burwell, Lewis, WM 1693[?]Burwell,...
Dates: Existence: since circa 1980s


 File — Box 4
Identifier: id35096
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents Myers, G.A. Papers, including 3 invitations to Mason meetings. 7 items. Richmond, Virginia. 1850’s and 1860’s. Receipt for one bag received of A.S. Pendleton of G. Myers. Southern Express Company. Richmond, Virginia. November 6, 1863. Note recall to G.A. Myers, Bank of Virginia. Richmond, Virginia. January 1842. 2 items. Myers, Gustavus Letter to Gustavus Myers of Richmond, Virginia from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania about making a screen or a chair. Written on a...
Dates: 1621-1949; Majority of material found in 1800's

Binder 5: Contact Sheets 6071-6417, 1992 March-1993 January

 File — Volume Binder 5
Scope and Contents Subjects: Child Care Center, Lettie Pate Whitehead Evans Graduate Student Housing Complex, Kiwanis Members, Order of the White Jacket, School of Education, Richard Sherman, Student Alumni Liaison Council, Faculty Senate, Davis Y. Paschall, Howard Scammon, Roger Sherman, Robert Gates, Timothy Sullivan Presidential Announcement, Football Reunion, Alumni Society (Event, Board Members), Bob Scholnick, Admission Viewbook Students, Timothy Sullivan, Reginald Clark (Assistant to the President),...
Dates: 1992 March-1993 January

Surname A-Ay

 File — Cabinet 1, Drawer 1
Scope and Contents Aaron, Aubrey A., WM 1921/22Abbitt, John Willis, WM 1903/06Abbitt, Marion Lee Elizabeth Rose, WM 1933/37Abbitt, Meredith Webb, WM 1927/31Abbot, Dr. William W., WM 1953/66Abbott, Robin A., WM 2001Abdalla, Ismail Hussein, WM 1982/Abdella, Hike, WM 1955Abdul-Saboor, MikalAbegaz, Berhanu, WM 1982/Abraham, Dorothea La Chon, WM 2004/Abramowitz, Alan T., WM 1976/...
Dates: Existence: since circa 1980s

Surname D-De

 File — Cabinet 3, Drawer 1
Scope and Contents Dabney, Augustine, WM 1814/15, 1817/19Dabney, Benjamin, WM 1807Dabney, Benjamin F., WM 1821/23Dabney, John A., WM 1819/20Dabney, Thomas Smith Gregory, WM circa 1815Dade, Langhorne, 1772/73, 1775Dafashy, Wagih G., WM 1965/Dahlburg, Russell Blackadore, WM 1979/Daingerfield, Henry Willis, WM 1888/91Daise, Michael A., WM 2001/Dalton, Ann Creekmur, WM 1980Dalton,...
Dates: Existence: since circa 1980s

Music Volume 33

 Item — Volume 33
Identifier: id204432
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents Front cover engraved with name Margarett E. Williams. written on fly leaf 5.00 and 5/1/37 On the next fly leaf is a list written in pencil of the compositions contained in the volume. The Invincibles, Written expressly for Mad. Vestris, by J. M. Rycott Esq. Sung by Miss Clara Fisher. New-York... Love's Sweet Souvenir, A Ballad, The words by L. Lover Esq. Composed by Alex lee... He's Coming from the Mountain or The Merry Horn... Written & Composed for the Piano Forte by...
Dates: circa 1800-1970

Music Volume 253

 Item — Volume 253
Identifier: id240493
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents Inside cover labeled as "Book I" Handwritten Index of Songs Perhaps Its As Well As It Is, Comic Ballad. The poetry by James Bruton, Esq, The music composed by EWdeward F. Rimbault. London: G. Longmand. The Forest Fairy's Song "Through the Wood". The poetry by W.H. Bellamy, esq. The Music by Charles E. Horn.  LOndon: Cramer, Addison & Beale. The Fairy Vale Bells. Words by G. Darley Esq. The Music by C.E. Horn. London: I.Willis & Co. The Ivy Leaf. Written by Miss F....
Dates: circa 1800-1970

Music Volume 266, 1864-1910

 Item — Volume 266
Identifier: id248867
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents Cover" "___d Songs" Inside Handwritten Index Alphabetical Angel's Serenade by G. Braca New York: Richard A. Saalfield Day is Done by M.W. Balfe Boston: Oliver Ditson & Co. Children of the City by Stephen Adams New York: W.A. Evans & Bro. Keep Us Safely to the End by J.L. Gilbert New York: W.A. Evans & Bro. On Wings of Faith by M. Dunton Sparrow Boston: C.W. Thompson & Co. Watching the Embers by Ciro Pinsuti Boston: Oliver Ditson & Co. The Angel Came by...
Dates: 1864-1910

Journal, 1840-1844

 File — Box Small Collections Box 76, Folder: 1
Identifier: id66578
Scope and Contents The following has been provided by the seller:: "Account book begins March 12 – 1840 (21 named employees) P 1 - Zebulon Pinkham come on bord at – per month – he quit March 16th, 1841 – was paid $175 for one years work. P 2 – Jackson Mott, William Moore and (John) Clark came on bord P 3 – David Williams, Jackson Mott (at $14/month) What follows are listing for many employees mixed with specific expenditures on the Sloop. Other sailors employed by Kirby include: Richard Richie * Theodore Smith...
Dates: 1840-1844

Music Volume 260, 1891-1895

 Item — Volume 260
Identifier: id240887
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents Book with no covers. Partial handwritten note/poem attached In the Dusk of the Twilight. Words by Nella. Music partly adapted from Offenbach by Henry Parker. London: J.B. Cramer & Co. . In One Brief Day. Music composed by William M. Hutchison (signed) London: W. Marshall & Co. I Trust You Still. Words by Clifton Bingham. Music by D'Auvergne Barnard. London: Orsborn & Co. 1895. The Longshoreman, Words by Philip Datson. Music by Edward M. Chesham. Stamped :Edward...
Dates: 1891-1895

Series 1: Subject and Participant Indices

Identifier: id22578
Scope and Contents Comprehensive Subject Index, Alphabetical index by Participants and Numerical Index (Key Index) by Assigned Participant Numbers. The subject index lists the numbers assigned by the JCC Historical Commission. Use these numbers on the numerical index to find the person interviewed. You may also search alphabetically by participant. These indices are filed in the front of each box. Participants Index by Accession Number 84-001 Judge Robert T. Armistead 84-003 Ed Belvin 84-004 Alleyne Blayton...
Dates: 1983-1986; Majority of material found in 1984

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