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Surname B-Bec

 File — Cabinet: 1, Drawer 2

Scope and Contents

Baako, Nathaniel, WM 2007/2011

Babansky, Alexander Yuriyovich, WM 2007

Babcock, Havilah, WM 1922/26

Babenko, Victoria A., WM 1974/

Baber, William, WM 1816/17

Bachmann, Michele Marie, WM /1988

Bacot, D. Huger, Jr., WM 1920s [?]

Badham, Henry T., WM 1840/41

Bagby, Richard O., WM 1922/23

Baggett, Marshall Wilbert, WM 1926/31

Bagley, Carol Ann, WM 1964/68

Bagwell, Edmund R., WM 1857/59

Bailey, Christopher "Chuck" M., /1989, 1996/

Bailey, Christopher Thomas, WM 1850's

Bailey, Floyd, WM 1927/30

Bailey, James Henry, II, WM 1937/39, 1961

Bailey, R. H., WM 1808

Bailey, Robert Sydnor, WM 1951/59, 1954/58

Bailey, Worth, WM 1927

Bak, Gregory Thomas, WM 2002/03

Baker, Francis M., WM 1838/41

Baker, James Webb, WM 1951

Baker, Jerman, WM 1795

Baker, P., WM 1795/90

Baker, Richard, WM 1779

Baker, Richard, WM circa 1827

Baker, Samuel H., WM 1969

Balas, Glenn Robert, WM 1975/78

Baldwin, Briscoe Gerard, WM 1807/08

Baldwin, D. G., WM 1855/57

Baldwin, John Thomas, Jr., WM 1928/32, 1937/39, 1946/74

Baliles, Laura, WM 1987/88

Ball, Cecil Ravenscroft, WM 1919/23, 1922/27

Ball, Donald, WM 1960/89

Ball, George C., WM 1825/28

Ball, James, WM 1807

Ball, John B., WM 1837/38

Ball, Mottrom Dulany, WM 1852/54

Ball, Thomas, WM 1854/56

Ballard, Thomas

Ballard, William, 1753-1755, 1759-1760

Ballard, William, J. H., WM 1856/58

Ballendine, Thomas W., WM 1779/80

Ballou, Robert Ashman, WM 1976/79

Balson, Nathaniel, WM 1804

Bane, Sarah Ann, WM 1972/77

Banister, H. T., WM 1842/44

Banister, John, WM 1777

Banister [Bannister], John Monro, WM 1803

Banister, Monro, WM 1836/38

Banister, Nathaniel, WM 1790/95

Banister, Robert, WM 1792

Banister, Robert J., WM 1834/35

Bankhead, John, WM 1775/76

Bankhead, Stuart, WM 1798

Banks, George, WM 1798, [1800?]

Banks, Jasper G., WM 1838/39

Banks, Lin, WM 1806

Banks, Thomas Jones, WM 1822/23

Banks, William Bruce, WM 1795/96

Banner, James Worth, WM 1949/59, 1964/74

Baptist, Edward L., WM 1854/57

Barbour, Calhoun, WM 1844/45

Barbour, John Strode, WM 1809

Barbour, Philip Pendleton, WM 1801/02

Barclay, Phyllis Rose, WM 1941/42

Barclay, Thomas, WM 1823/24

Barclay, Thomas Jefferson, WM 1859[?]

Barham, Theophilus G., WM 1851/53

Barham, Thomas P., WM 1867/68

Barka, Norman F., WM 1965/2005

Barker, John J., WM 1809

Barker, R. J., WM circa 1865

Barker, Richard A., WM 1845/46

Barksdale, John T., WM 1836/37

Barksdale, Martha, WM 1918/22, 1920/66

Barksdale, Robert Jones, WM 1875/76

Barley, David Allen, WM 1960/64

Barlow, John Holdsworth, WM 1856/58

Barlow, Monica, WM 1999

Barlow, Robert Jesse, WM 1895/98

Barlow, Thomas Joel, WM 1858/61

Barlow, Willis J., WM 1867/68

Barnard, Jayne W., WM 1985/

Barnard, Thomas A., Jr., WM 1969/71, 1979/2005

Barnes, Fletcher James, II, WM 1923/27, 1952/54

Barnes, James H., WM 1854/56

Barnes, Manley Howell, WM 1906/18

Barnes, Mary, WM 1981/

Barnes, R., WM 1820/21

Barnes, Robert C., WM 1962/63

Barnes, Thomas [R. or F.], WM 1817/18

Barnes, Thomas H., WM 1888/1913

Baron, James, WM 1971/2005

Barr, Carol G., WM 1971, 1982/83

Barraud, Daniel Cary, WM 1810

Barraud, John T., WM 1806

Barraud, Otway B., WM 1816/19, 1822/23, 1852/55

Barraud, Philip, WM 1791

Barret, Robert, WM circa 1730, circa 1735/37

Barrett, Herndon W., WM 1880/81

Barrett, John, WM 1783

Barrett, Joseph Eagle, Jr., WM 1946/49

Barrett, Joseph Patrick, WM 1983/87

Barrett, Kate Waller, WM 1921/25

Barrett, Morris, WM 1880/81

Barrett, William, WM circa 1730

Barrett, William, WM 1755/56

Barrett, William, WM 1803

Barron, James Smith, WM 1890/91, 1898/99

Barron, Samuel, WM circa 1779

Barron, William Henry Thompson, WM 1871/72

Barry, James Edward, WM circa 1905

Barry, Robert Allen, WM 1964/1994

Barry, William Taylor, WM 1804

Bartle, Elias T., WM 1820/23

Barlett, George E., WM 1971/78

Barton, Hugh, WM 1875/77

Barton, James Edwin, WM 1967/69

Barton, Lionel, WM 1876/77

Bartzen, Bernard James, WM 1944/48

Barziza, Decimus Ultimus, WM 1854/57

Barziza, Edgar A., WM 1839/41

Barziza, Francis L., WM 1838/43

Barziza, Philip Ignatius, Jr., WM 1854/57

Barziza, W. L., WM 1839/41

Baskerville, William R., WM 1816

Bass, George M., WM 1976/

Bass, Marvin Crosby, WM 1939/43, 1945/49, 1950/52

Bassett, Burwell, WM circa 1784

Bassett, George W., WM 1818/19

Bassett, John, WM circa 1785

Bassett, William, WM pre-1720

Batchelder, Clark Gilman, WM 1938/39

Bateman, Herbert H.

Batewell, [?], WM 1777

Battaile, Lawrence, WM 1753/56

Batte, James F., WM 1841/42

Batte, Peter P., WM 1820/21

Batte, Richard B., WM 1805

Batten, Frank, Sr., WM 1990/94

Battle, Nicholas William, WM 1842/43

Baubee, Mons [Native American], WM 1776

Bauer, Susan Wise, WM 1992/94, 1996/98, 2001/

Baum, Belvin Scott, WM 1982/85

Baumeister, Alma, WM 1937/41

Baxter, Donald J., WM 1967/2003

Baxter, William H., II, WM 1988/92

Baylor, Richard, WM 1821/23

Baylor, Robert, WM 1772/73

Baylor, Robert, WM 1822/23

Bayly, Edmund W., WM 1841/43

Bayly, Josiah L., WM 1856/58

Bayly, William P., WM 1836/37

Beal, Jack, WM circa 1949

Beale, James, WM 1822/23

Beale, Joan Turner, WM 1974/77

Beale, John H. WM 1856/58

Beale, Norborne, WM 1798

Beals, Randolph, WM 1982

Beaseley, D. J., WM 1837/38

Beaseley, David, WM 1808

Beato, Matthew Walker, WM /2009

Beatty, James, WM 1839/40

Beck, Ruth A., WM 1969/

Beck, William R., WM 1950/51

Becke, Richard, WM 1805

Becker, Evelyn, WM 1983/

Becker, Lawrence C., WM 1989/2001

Beckhouse, Lawrence S., WM 1968/2005

Beckley, John James, WM 1779

Beckwith, Julian R., WM 1855/57


  • Existence: since circa 1980s

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From the Collection: 27.0 Linear Feet




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