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Music Volume 33

 Item — Volume: 33
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Scope and Contents

Scope and Contents Front cover engraved with name Margarett E. Williams. written on fly leaf 5.00 and 5/1/37 On the next fly leaf is a list written in pencil of the compositions contained in the volume. The Invincibles, Written expressly for Mad. Vestris, by J. M. Rycott Esq. Sung by Miss Clara Fisher. New-York... Love's Sweet Souvenir, A Ballad, The words by L. Lover Esq. Composed by Alex lee... He's Coming from the Mountain or The Merry Horn... Written & Composed for the Piano Forte by William Ball... Green Hills of Tyrol. The celebrated Tyrolien in the Grand Opera of Guillaume Tell, Composed by Rossini, ... The Horn of Chace Words by P. Farren, Esq. Dublin, the Music by Chas. Cilfert Esqr. ... Hark! hark 'tis the Echo. Introduced in the Opera of native land... Composed by C. Von Weber... The Mellow Horn. A Very Popular Song... By Mr. Jones. The Words by C. W. Hyatt Esq... The Mountain Bugle. For one or two voices Written Composed and Inscribed to Miss Mary Margaret Houck, By John H. Hewitt... Mine Alone, a Tyrolienne. The Words by W. Ball. The Music by C. De Beriot... Bruce's battle call. A favorite Song... Composed by I. H. Barton... The Hunter's singal Horn. Tyrolese... The Music arranged by Alex Lee... The next selection has the name of Margaret Williams written at the top with the date July 22, 1874. Additional words have been added to the song. Miriam's Song Sing to Jehovah an Anthem of praise. For three Voices, Written by Woodworth... Ode on Science, Written by Mrs. E. C. Embury. Composed, Arranged & Dedicated to the trustees of the Brooklyn Collegiate Institute. By Wilhelm Iucho... O! Pescator dell 'onda. Venetian Air Arranged for One or Two Voices with an Accompanment for the Piano Forte...Chi dice mal D'Amore [A hand written translation of this above the title says; Who speaks ill of Love.] The heart to Love a Stranger. Composed by Sigr. Mayer... [Written-Dice una falsita/tells a falsehood.] Giovinette, the Favorite Duet and Chorus... In the Opera of Don Giovanni. [Mozart] When a Lover Kneels before Her Translated from the German by I. R. Planche. Esqr. The Music by C. M. Von Weber... In the Operatic Romance of Der Freischutz of the Wild Huntsman of Bohemia... The Soldier's Fear. Sung in the Opera of Music & Prejudice Written by Thos. Haynes Bayly. By Alexr. Lee... The Soldiers Grave, Monody on the Death of Sir John Moore, Poetry by the Rev. Chas. Wolfe. The Music by Thomas Williams... The Messenger Bird, A Duett the Poetry by Mrs. Hemans, The Music by Her Sister... New-York... The Sunset Tree, Tyrolese Evening Hymn, By Mrs. Hemans. Music by Miss Browne... Come Take the Harp, A Canzonett Written by Thomas Moore. Composed by Sir. J. Stevenson. New York... The Bonnie Bark, A Northumberland Ballad Adapted and arranged by John Parry. A Happy New Year. Ballad Written by John Imlah Composed by Mrs. Millard... Why hast Thou Taught me to Love Thee. A Ballad, ... composed by G. A. Hodson... The Parting Kiss, The Celebrated Tyrolese and Hungarian Airs, as united in the admired Duett, ... Arranged by I. Smith. Philadelphia... Oh! am I then remember'd still Ballad in Answer to Oh! no we never mention Her. With Piano Forte Accompaniment composed by J. barnett... Thou! Oh! Thou Hast Lov'd me Dearest,... In the Opera of The Tyrolese Peasant, Composed and arranged by Henry R. Bishop... Dark Eyed One Persian Love Song... Written by I. R. Planche' Unsic by Auber... Welcome me Home. The Words and Music by Thos. H. Bayly Esqr. Arnot Lyle, Ballad Written by I. O. Donoghue Esq. Composed by G. A. Hodson... My Early Love. Ballad Written and Composed by Mrs. C. B. Wilson... Dinna Forget. A Ballad the Words by John Imlah Esqr. Composed by Mrs. Millard... Rose! Pretty Rose. Ballad.... the words by G. W. Patten Esq. West Point; the Music by the late R. Willis... [Initials M. E. W. and W. E. Margaret. Written in pen on next page.'] Your heart & Lute are all the Store Answer to an Moores Song of my hear & Lute. The Music by F. W. Crouch/// T'were vain to tell thee all I feel. A Swiss Air ... with Accompaniments for the Piano Forte Arranged by C. Thibault... The Last Link is brokem. A Duet with an Accompaniment for the Piano Forte Composed and Arranged by Wm. Clifton... [Additional words penciled in] That Last Farwell... Words by Lord Byron. Composed by an Amateur... And wilt thou weep, Written by Lord Byron, Music by C. Meineke. Philadelphia... All's Well, A Duett composed by Rr. Braham... The Washing Day, A Ballad for Wet Weather... The Celebrated Grand Waltz, Composed for the Piano Forte, By Beethoven... The Celebrated Snuff Box Waltz, On which is founded "WE Met" Arranged by T. H. Severn... The Queen of Prussia's favorite Waltz for the Piano Forte. Composed by Himmel... [A pencil list of Songs.] The Celebrated Tyrolian Waltz, Composed by Rossini, Introduced in Ceneren Tola, adapted to the Piano Forte, by H. Herz... Six Snuff Box Waltzes, Arranged for the Piano Forte... Tivolian Waltz... The Favorite March in Pizzarro... March in the MeloDrama Der Fendschutz, Composed by Weber... General Graham's Grand March, at the Battle of Barrosa... Le Joujou, A German Air with Variations for the Piano Forte. Composed by Henri Herz... Grands Rufsian March for the Harp, Piano Forte or Harp & Piano Forte with an accompaniment as Libitum for the Violin, Flute, Clarinet, French Horn, or French Horn and Trumpet. Composed for His Magesty the Emperor Alexander by C. P. Francis...


  • Creation: circa 1800-1970

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