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2 May 1777. Christopher Greenup to Leven Powell.

 Digital Record
Identifier: 9a149be8-d856-47d8-b36d-1a0569a9755a

3 June 1778. Dr. Griffith to Leven Powell at Valley Forge.

 Digital Record
Identifier: d6d3e1b3-6581-4626-9ab5-90a4d49130e0

3 May 1802. Thomas Middleton to Leven Powell.

 Digital Record
Identifier: d89fdd3a-122d-48f4-8e16-ebaac73a2df4

04 April 1783. Stevens Thomson Mason to Leven Powell

 Digital Record
Identifier: ef3efc3e-3a04-43ef-bf0e-a40dc8ef44aa

5 February 1791. Leven Powell to Burr Powell.

 Digital Record
Identifier: 231cfe15-1ea7-4248-b3e9-184786646ae3

5 February 1801. Thomas J. Page to Leven Powell.

 Digital Record
Identifier: 161c610f-affe-42b9-8025-4752568c1522

5 January 1777. F. Johnson, Philadelphia, Pa. to John Muir, n.p.

 Digital Record
Identifier: 642e1d4c-015d-4e3b-b25d-f7a3dc14efe5

5 January 1798. John W. Reonaugh, Baltimore to Burr Powell.

 Digital Record
Identifier: 9480c457-ead6-4829-a9de-c8764c29536c

5 January 1829. Stephen Pleasanton? to Monroe?

 Digital Record
Identifier: f770a8af-2fd8-4f1d-9338-e34806c78c87

5 March 1800. Leven Powell to Burr Powell, regarding Jonathan Robbins.

 Digital Record
Identifier: 15d9f8fb-ace0-4767-b496-715f1d2507b3

6 February 1801. [Doctor? ] Thomas Sim to Leven Powell.

 Digital Record
Identifier: 30fbe2e8-1aaf-401e-b011-e2da5cbcbce7

6 February 1801. Francis Adams to Leven Powell.

 Digital Record
Identifier: c4dd902d-11d8-41c1-8848-2f3bd99248fb

6 February 1864. Charles Powell to his wife.

 Digital Record
Identifier: f73ff9c5-12bb-4a7d-a667-3b8579f8190d

7 February 1801. Thomas Ludwell Lee, Jr. to Leven Powell.

 Digital Record
Identifier: c79300cf-74f8-442b-95e9-f2772179392c

7 May 1797. Leven Powell, Middleburg, Virginia, to Burr Powell, Kentucky.

 Digital Record
Identifier: ff4c219d-dbfe-4fe1-9b17-6c9de7cdb414

8 January 1805. Leven Powell to Burr Powell 'in General Assembly'.

 Digital Record
Identifier: a19c3c58-3d1a-4421-be55-1fc1fb79b967

9 December 1800. Leven Powell to Burr Powell.

 Digital Record
Identifier: b14bf7b9-caa2-42bf-a7b0-dd820ecc0ac9

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