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Surname D-De

 File — Cabinet: 3, Drawer 1

Scope and Contents

Dabney, Augustine, WM 1814/15, 1817/19

Dabney, Benjamin, WM 1807

Dabney, Benjamin F., WM 1821/23

Dabney, John A., WM 1819/20

Dabney, Thomas Smith Gregory, WM circa 1815

Dade, Langhorne, 1772/73, 1775

Dafashy, Wagih G., WM 1965/

Dahlburg, Russell Blackadore, WM 1979/

Daingerfield, Henry Willis, WM 1888/91

Daise, Michael A., WM 2001/

Dalton, Ann Creekmur, WM 1980

Dalton, Dewey Wade, WM 1926/28

Dalton, John Nichols, 1949/53

Dalton, Tristram, WM circa 1774

Dame, J. Cushing, WM 1853/56

Dandridge, John, WM 1778

Dandridge, Nathaniel West, WM circa 1757[?]

Daniel, Thomas H., WM 1829/31

Darden, Colgate Whitehead, Jr., WM 1946/47

Darling, James S., WM 1961/

Davall, Harold Jefferson, WM 1903

Davenport, Joseph, Jr., WM 1750

Davenport, Joseph, WM before 1760

Davidson, Avram, Writer-in-Residence, WM 1977/78

Davidson, Charles Edward, WM 1949/89

Davidson, John S., WM 1819/20

Davidson, John T., WM 1939

Davidson, William Lee, WM 1900/04

Davies, Hawes Thornton, WM 1897/1901

Davies, Samuel David, WM 1855/56, 1898/1901

Davis, Alfred, WM 1917/19

Davis, Crystal Turgisha, WM /2006

Davis, Donald Walton, WM 1916/50

Davis, Francis Atwill, WM 1916/19

Davis, Henry Jackson, WM 1897/1902, 1913/20

Davis, Hiram Wilson, WM 1933/37

Davis, Hubert, Jr., WM 1940/43

Davis, John Andrew Gardiner, WM 1819/20

Davis, John Robert, WM 1987/92

Davis, Joseph J., WM before 1861

Davis, Marguerite B., WM 1994/

Davis, Robert Benton, WM 1892/93

Davis, Sylvan Theron, WM 1912/14

Davis, Thomas, WM 1767/69, 1772

Davis, William, WM 1758

Davison, John S., WM 1819/20

Dawson, Thomas, app't 1737; Pres. 1755/61

Dawson, William, WM 1729, 1743/52

Day, James, WM 1705

Day, William Henry, WM 1860/61

Deans, Josiah [L.], WM 1798

Dearborn, Henry Alexander Scammel, WM 1803, 1805

Deas, Justin Traylor, WM 1966/70

De Bordenave, Ernest Auguste, Jr., WM 1929/32

DeCamp, Philip Draper, WM 2003/

Decker, Daniel Paul, WM 1916/17, 1922/23

Decker, Patrick Michael Andrew, WM 2002/

Deeds, Austin "Gus"

Deetz, James, WM 1977/78

Deffenbaugh, James T., WM 1984/

DeFotis, Gary C., WM 1980/

DeFotis, William G., WM 1986/1998

DeGroft, Aaron Leon, WM 1976/80, 2005/

Deitrick, Melinda Lee; Steward, Melinda Lee Deitrick [Dertrick?]

De Jarnette, Daniel Coleman, WM 1840/41

De La Pena, Charles, WM 1828/30

Delacroix, Etienne, WM 1976

Delaney, Theodore C., WM 1988/95

Delisle, Albert Lorenzo, WM 1939/46

Delk, Dr. Jeremiah Edward Lewis, WM 1855/56

Del Negro, Christopher, WM 2003/

Delos, John B., WM 1971/

DeMille, Barbara M., WM 1981/

Denmead, Benjamin F., WM 1851/52

Depue, Perry Michael, WM 1966/69

Derks, Peter L., WM 1960/

Derrick, David, WM 1980/

Derring, Paul Neyron, WM 1913/17

Derringe, Edmund T., WM 1952/53, 1957/85

Dethlefsen, Edwin S., WM 1979/

Devenish, G. J., WM 1804

Devi, V. Malathy, WM 1991/92

Devins, Neal E., WM 1987/

DeVita, Vincent T., WM 953/57

Devlin, Felicity, WM 1983

Dew, Benjamin Franklin, WM 1836/40

Dew, John W., WM 1831/33, 1834/35

Dew, Thomas Roderick, WM 1818/20, 1823/24, 1826/46

Dew, William, WM 1814/15, 1816/17

DeWitt, Ridge, WM 1976


  • Existence: since circa 1980s


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From the Collection: 27.0 Linear Feet



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