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Surname Coo-Cu

 File — Cabinet: 2, Drawer 5

Scope and Contents

Cook, Margaret C., WM 1966/

Cooke, Alva Hobson, WM 1919/25

Cooke, Augustine, WM 1753/57

Cooke, Christopher M., WM 1978/80

Cooke, Giles Buckner, WM 1915/17, 1922/23

Cooke, John Rogers, WM 1806

Cooke, Judith Anne, WM 1965/69, 1971/75

Cooke, Mordecai, WM circa 1738/52

Cooke, Mordecai, WM 1760/62[?]

Cooke, Mordecai, WM 1805

Cooke, Reverdy, WM 1805

Cooke, William, WM 1753/55

Cooley, Elmer Jackson and Elbert McNelia, WM 1898/1900

Cooley, Shane Forest, WM 2006/10

Cooper, Carrie, WM 2011

Cooper, Wills [Willis?], WM 1798

Copeland, W. James, Jr., WM 1981/85

Copland, David, WM 1765/68

Copland, Robert, WM 1817/18

Corbell, John David, WM 1912/14

Corbin, Francis, WM 1788/

Corbin, Gawin Lane, WM 1792/94, 1810

Corbin, Gawin Lane, WM 1816/18

Corbin, John Tayloe, WM 1793/94

Corbin, Richard, WM after 1720

Corbin, Richard Randolph, WM 1818/20

Corey, Hibbert Dell, WM 1929/71

Cormack, Joseph Marshall, WM 1946/63

Cornell, Elizabeth A., WM 1978

Cornick, John, WM 1804/05

Corr, John B., WM 1980/86

Corson, William Murkland, WM 1889/90

Coryell, Janet Lee, WM 1982, 1986

Cosio, Lourdes, WM 1984

Cosgrove, Arthur Strong, WM 1941

Coski, John Matthew, WM 1981/87

Cosnahan, H. M., WM 1865/71

Cosnahan, Joseph Bartholomew, WM 1839/43

Cottrell, Karen, Wm 1966, 1980/85, 1997

Cottrell, Stuart C., WM 1920s[?]

Council, Harriet (Mead), WM 1931/35

Councill, William J., WM 1846/47

Coupland, John Randolph, WM 1841/43, 1844/45

Coupland, Robert Saunders, WM 1888/91

Couplin, Jerome III

Courage, Matthew Abell, WM 1972/77

Cousins, Robert, WM 1855/36

Cowan, William B., WM 1808

Cowart, Stephen Sewell, WM 1969/73

Cowles, Dudley Redwood, WM 1888/90, 1894/95

Cowles, Edward Spencer, WM 1899/1902

Cowles, William Lee, WM 1899/1903

Cowper, Willis, WM 1798

Cox, Adrienne

Cox, Harold Eugene, WM 1948/51

Cox, John Thomas, WM 1947/49

Cox, Ralph Merritt, WM 1972/

Cox, Theodore Sullivan, WM 1930/47

Coyne, Jerry Allen, WM 1967/71

Coyner, M. Boyd, WM 1969/94

Cragin, John, WM 1834/35

Cralle, G. Maury, WM /1893

Cralle, Richard K., WM 1818/19, 1820/21

Crapol, Andrew Edward, WM 1996/2000

Crapol, Edward P., WM 1967/2004

Crawford, Richard McLeod, WM 1905/23

Crawford, Robert L., WM 1817

Crawford, William, WM 1794

Crawford, William H., WM 1807

Crawford, William Sydney, WM 1807[?]

Crawley, John, WM 1779

Creasy, Randolph Tucker, WM 1902/04

Crebbs, Jacquelin W., WM 1960/64, 1978/81, 1981/

Credle, Harvie, WM 1968/74

Creekmur, Lou, WM 1944/1949

Crim, John William Henry, WM 1897/99, 1901/03

Crispino, Matt

Cristol, Daniel A., WM 1996/

Crittenden, Guy, WM 1980/

Crittenden, John Jordan, WM 1805, 1807

Crittenden, Thomas T., WM 1809

Crocker, James Francis, WM 1898/1906

Crockett, Cecil Clinton, WM 1910/14

Crockett, Thomas Walter, WM 1973/77, 1977/

Croghan, George, WM 1809/10

Croghan, John, WM 1807/09

Croly, Thomas, WM 1803

Crosswhite, Samuel Thomas, WM 1947/49

Crownfield, Frederick R., Jr., WM 1956/

Crowninshield, Benjamin, WM 1804/05

Crowson, Benjamin F., Jr., WM 1935/39

Crowson, Elmer Thomas, WM 1934/38

Crump, Benedict, WM 1828/29

Crump, Richard C., WM 1826/28

Crump, William, WM 1806

Crump, William Wood, WM 1835/40, 1853, 1859/90

Cullen, Charles T., WM 1971/79

Culp, Steven, WM 1994/98

Culver, John Handy, WM 1925/29

Cumbee, Richard Sheridan, WM 1965/69, 1974/90

Cumming, Kenneth G., WM 1938/39

Cummings, Lillian A., WM 1926/48

Cunningham, Hughes Westcott, WM 1939/43, 1946/61

Currie, Clifford W., WM 1979/85

Currie, Ellyson, WM 1794/97

Currie, Tammy

Curtis, Benjamin Willis, WM 1836/37

Curtis, H. Allen, WM /1953

Curtis, Humphrey Howard, WM 1850s[?]

Curtis, Joseph, WM 1948/60

Cutler, Jason Benjamin, WM /2007

Cutler, Robert E., WM 1837/38


  • Existence: since circa 1980s


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From the Collection: 27.0 Linear Feet



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