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Surname Di-Ed

 File — Cabinet: 3, Drawer 2

Scope and Contents

Diaz, Robert J., WM 1977/

Dickerson, Laurence M., WM 1920/24

Dickhut, Rebecca, WM 1989/2011

Dickinson, Asa D., WM 1837/38

Dickinson, Thomas H., WM 1833/34

Didul, Eric William, WM 1986/90

Digges, Cole, WM 1756, 1759/65

Digges, Dudley, WM after 1720[?]

Digges, Maria, WM circa 1750/77

Dillard, James Hardy, WM 1918/40

Dillard, Jame Hardy, II, WM 1953/59

Dillard, John Henry, WM 1839/40

Dillard, Laura Florence, WM 1983/87

Dilworth, T. M., WM circa 1875

DiPasquale, Paul, WM 1991/

Disque, Dana, WM 1982

Dittman, Duane A., WM 1980/1987

Dix, Henry S., WM 1859/61

Dixon, John, WM circa 1747, 1770/77

Djordjevic, Cirila, WM 1968/92

Dodge, Jessie, WM 1985/94

Dodson, Elias, WM 1835/38

Doggett, Barbara Lynn, WM 1978/

Dold, William Elliott, Jr., WM 1909/12

Dolmetsch, Carl Richard, WM 1959/

Domenech, Benjamin Tanner, WM 1999/2002

Domine, Kay Jean, WM 1974/2015

Donaghe, William W., WM 1815/18

Donahue, Stephen Roszel, Jr., WM 1894/96

Donaldson, Agnes Faudree, WM 1920/23

Donaldson, Birdena Esther, WM 1956/73

Donaldson, John E., WM 1963/, 1968/73, 2002

Donaldson, Scott, WM 1966/92

Donaldson, Susan, WM1985/

Dorman, John Frederick, WM 1953/55

D'Orso, Michael Palmer, WM 1971/75, 1979/81

Dorsey, Eli, WM 1984/

Doty, William Kavanaugh, WM 1911/12

Doughty, Lloyd Alling, WM 1939/46

Douglas, Beverley Browne, WM 1839/40, 1842/44

Douglas, Davison M., WM 1990/

Douglas, William Walter, WM 1850/53

Douglass, William R. C., WM 1825/27, 1828/29

Douthat, Fielding L., WM 1843/45

Douthat, James Evans, WM 1965/69

Douthat, Robert, WM 1815/16

Dovell, Grover Ashton, WM 1904/08

Doverspike, Lynn D., WM 1967/95

Downs, Phillip E. Downs, WM 1975/

Dowski, Rebecca Ann, WM 1985/86

Doyley, Charles, WM 1705

Draper, John Samuel, WM 1921/24

Drew, John H., WM 1970/

Drewer, Milton L., Jr., WM 1957/63

Drinkard, William R., WM 1838/41

Driscoll, Edward W. "Terry," Jr., WM 1996/

Driver, James Glenn, WM 1905/10, 1919/23

Dromgoole, George C., WM 1817/21

Dua, Kevin, WM 2009

Ducibella, Jim, WM 2009/

Duckworth, W. Fred, WM 1960/64

Dudley, John Beverley, WM 1915

Dudley, Karen Elizabeth, WM 1980/84

Dudley, Willis Reed, WM 1921/22

Duke, Charles Joseph, WM 1888/90, 1926/29

Duke, Charles Joseph, Jr., WM 1919/23, 1929/52

Duke, Edmund, WM 1705

Dunahoo, Kermit L., WM 1973/79

Duncan, Marion Moncure, WM 1931/35, 1966/74

Duncan, Robert A. III, WM 1920/24

Dunn, Mary Maples, WM 1950/54

Dunnington, Robert Jackson, WM 1927/29

Durfey, William Addison, Jr., WM 1843/1846

Durfey, Zachariah Goodrich, WM 1865/70

Durham, Christopher, WM 1977/81

Duval, John Pope, WM 1811

Dwyer, James G., WM 2000/

Earle, Samuel, WM circa 1710

Early, James Kent, WM 1914/16

Early, Samuel Henry, WM 1830/32

Easler, Hugh B., WM 1962/

Easley, John White, WM 928/29

Eason, James Merrill "Suey," WM 1924/28

Eastham, John Philip, WM 1930/33

Eck, Lindsey Douglas, WM 1974

Eckhause, Morton, WM 1964/2004

Eddy, Martha Sprague, WM 1943/44

Edelman, Eugene, WM 1973/1975

Edmonds, Edmund P., WM 1978/88

Edmonds, Vernon H., WM 1967/

Edmunds, Paul C., WM 1856/57

Edrington, William Edmund, WM 1803

Edrington, William P., WM 1803

Edwards, [?], WM 1792

Edwards, Jack D., WM 1962/

Edwards, Oscar T., WM 1889/93

Edwards, Rowland Hill, WM 1914/17

Edwards, W. N., WM 1809/10


  • Existence: since circa 1980s


Conditions Governing Access

Collection is open to all researchers. Manuscript collections and archival records may contain materials with sensitive or confidential information that is protected under federal or state right to privacy laws and regulations, such as the Virginia Public Records Act (Code of Virginia. § 42.1-76-91); and the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (Code of Virginia § 2.2-3705.5). Confidential material may include, but is not limited to, educational, medical, and personnel records. If sensitive material is found in this collection, please contact a staff member immediately. The disclosure of personally identifiable information pertaining to a living individual may have legal consequences for which the College of William and Mary assumes no responsibility.


From the Collection: 27.0 Linear Feet



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