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Surname A-Ay

 File — Cabinet: 1, Drawer 1

Scope and Contents

Aaron, Aubrey A., WM 1921/22

Abbitt, John Willis, WM 1903/06

Abbitt, Marion Lee Elizabeth Rose, WM 1933/37

Abbitt, Meredith Webb, WM 1927/31

Abbot, Dr. William W., WM 1953/66

Abbott, Robin A., WM 2001

Abdalla, Ismail Hussein, WM 1982/

Abdella, Hike, WM 1955

Abdul-Saboor, Mikal

Abegaz, Berhanu, WM 1982/

Abraham, Dorothea La Chon, WM 2004/

Abramowitz, Alan T., WM 1976/

Aceto, Shirley, WM 1971/

Achebe, Nwando, WM 2002/05

Ackerman, Diane, WM 1982/1983

Ackerman, Hans Christian, WM 1993/97

Ackerman, Lennis C. (Bud), WM 1978/

Acosta, Francis, WM 1938/39

Acosta-Lewis, Elizabeth Anne, WM 1984/

Acree, Barbara Kent, WM 1965/69; 1970/71

Acton, Linn Ann, WM 1967/71

Acuff, Alfred Marshall, Jr. WM 1958/62

Adair, Cornelia Storrs, WM 1921/23

Adair, Douglass Greybill, WM 1943/55

Adair, E. L., WM 1870/71

Adair, Fred L., WM 1971/

Adams, [?], WM 1790

Adams, Alex J., WM 1865/68

Adams, Alexia Dell, WM 1965/67

Adams, Bettie S., WM 1970/2005

Adams, Christopher A., WM 2008

Adams, Eleanor Howe, WM 1944

Adams, John M., WM 1854/55

Adams, Linda Friend, WM 1966/1998

Adams, Martha Lovell, WM 1942/46

Adams, Patricia Ann, WM 1962/66

Adams, Richard H., WM 1827/29

Adams, Thomas, WM 1755/56

Aday, David P. Jr. WM 1978

Addington, Justin Winsor, WM 1916/18

Addington, Kermit Roosevelt, WM 1923/26

Addison, John, WM 1837/38

Adkins, Chris

Agbe-Davies, Anna, WM 1989/93

Agee, James Lawrence, Jr., WM 1912/14

Agee, Kenneth Arnold, WM 1907/l1; 1912/13

Aguero, Felix Eduardo, WM 1983/85

Aheron, Susan Lee, WM 1968/72

Ailsworth, Robert D., Jr., WM 1945

Ake, Walter Frederick, WM 1968/72

Akers, Cecil Murray, WM 1930/31

Akins, James Don, WM 1968/71

Akiyama, Mitsuhilo, WM 1984

Albert, Al, WM 1969/

Alderman, John Owen, WM 1983/86

Aldredge, Lydia, WM /1977

Aldworth, Susan Kiley, WM 1979/83

Aleska, Linda

Alexander, John Eric, 1984

Alexander, Erwin M., WM 1962/66

Alexander, Maxwell Reed, WM 1922/23

Alexander, Morgan, WM pre-1769

Alexander, R. B., WM 1853/54

Alexander, William, WM 1775/76

Alfriend, Frank Heath, WM 1858/60

Alie, Raymond E.

Alison, John, WM 1794

Alkire, Herbert Lionel, WM 1922/26

Allen, Arthur, WM 1702/1704

Allen, Charles Ware, WM 1888/89

Allen, Dorothy Littlepage, WM 1934

Allen, E. W., WM 1836/38

Allen, Florence, WM 1933/37

Allen, Hudson, WM 1756/57, 1760/61

Allen, Jody Lynn, 1995/

Allen, John, WM 1699

Allen, John, WM 1778

Allen, Orville, WM 1822/24

Allen, Philip, WM 1777

Allen, Richard, WM 1764

Allen, William, WM 1755/56

Allen, William O., WM 1803

Allen, William T., WM 1839/41

Allen, William T., WM 1971/79

Allenby, Edward T., WM 1986/1993

Alley, Alfred Leneir, WM 1936/40

Allison, Lizabeth, WM 1997/

Allison, William, WM 1817/18

Allman, Albert, WM 1807/08

Alluisi, Earl Arthur, WM 1947/49

Almand, James Frederick, WM 1967/71, 1971/74

Almond, Christopher Sabine, WM 1988/ (21st birthday fliers)

Alsop, Kathleen Margaret, WM 1920/25, 1920/50

Alston, Alfred, WM 1809

Altman, Gary Neal, WM 1975/78

Altshuler, Nathan, WM 1960/

Ambady, Nalini, WM 1984

Ambler, Edward, WM 1796/97, 1803

Ambler, James Murray, WM 1871/72

Ambler, Jacquelin, 1753/56, 1760/1761

Ambler, John Jacquelin, WM 1816/18

Ambler, John T. E., WM 1830/31

Ambler, Philip St. George, WM 1823/24

Ambler, Thomas Marshall, WM 1811

Ambler, Virginia "Ginger" Miller, WM 1988, 2006/

Ambler, William Marshall, WM 1830/31

Ames, John Christian, WM 1855/58

Amiss, John B., WM 1851/52

Andersen, Carl M., WM 1967/

Anderson, Alfred, WM 1818/20

Anderson, Alfred Scott, WM 1897/99

Anderson, Alfred Scott, Jr., WM 1924/27

Anderson, Alvin Powers. WM 1966/70, 1970/72, 2005/2007

Anderson, Benjamin E., WM 1828/29

Anderson, Charles Harper, WM 1946/77

Anderson, Edward, WM 1809

Anderson, John, WM 1814

Anderson, [L.?], WM 1816/17

Anderson, Laura Marks, WM 1921/22, Virginia Venable Anderson, WM 1922/24

Anderson, Leroy Hammond, WM 1830/32

Anderson, Richard Clough, Jr., WM 1804/05

Anderson, Richard H., WM 1823/24

Anderson, Richard James, WM 1921/23

Anderson, Susan Marie, WM 1976/80

Anderson, William Henry, WM 1839/41

Andrews, Edward, WM 1809

Andrews, Hunter Booker, WM 1938/42

Andrews, Jay D., WM 1946/

Andrews, John, WM 1811

Andrews, Miner Carl, WM 1923/27, 1958/66

Andrews, Ramon Washington, WM 1922/24

Andrews, Robert, WM 1779

Andrews, Robert, WM 1809

Andrews, W. Earle, WM 1921

Andrews, William Fred, Jr., WM 1957/59

Anthony, Christopher, WM 1825[?]

Anthony, James, WM 1952

Anthony, Katy V., WM 1921

Antonious, James D., WM 1941[?]

Applebee, Constance, WM 1925/

Archer, Branch T., WM 1804

Archer, John F., WM 1828/30

Archer, Jonathan Y., WM 1827/28

Archer, Mary Joy,WM 1968/

Archer, Richard, WM 1804

Archer, Richard T., WM 1816/18

Archer, Rush James, WM 2009

Archer, Samuel B., WM 1803

Archer, Stephen, WM 1816

Archer, William, WM 1800

Archer, William Segar, WM 1805/08[?], 1810 [?]

Archibald, Robert B., WM 1976/

Argyle, Thomas R., Jr., WM 1860/61

Armacost, George Henry, WM 1937/45

Armbruster, William A., WM 1957

Armistead, B. B., WM 1846/47

Armistead, Booth, WM 1774/77

Armistead, Bowles, WM 1761/65

Armistead, Cary P., WM 1870/76, 1877/78

Armistead, David Brent, WM 1986

Armistead, Francis, WM 1836/37

Armistead, Frank, WM 1893/95, 1897/99

Armistead, I. Henry, WM 1874/75

Armistead, Henry T., WM 1867/68,1870/71

Armistead, James, WM 1753/55, 1757

Armistead, John, WM 1755/56

Armistead, John Dundridge, WM circa 1795

Armistead, John R., WM 1833/36

Armistead, Marcus L., WM 1835/37

Armistead, Robert, WM circa 1758

Armistead, Robert Booth, WM 1752/55

Armistead, Robert Burbridge, WM 1843/45, 1846/47

Armistead, Robert H., WM 1831/32

Armistead, Robert Travis, WM 1858/61

Armistead, Robert Travis, WM 1946/47, 1976/83

Armistead, Starkey,WM 1761/68

Armistead, Westwood, WM 1761/63

Armistead, William, WM 1755/56

Armistead, William, WM 1795/1800

Armistead, William Boyd, WM 1847/48

Armistead, William H., WM 1835/38

Armistead, William M., WM 1830/31

Armistead, William T., WM 1815/17

Armstrong, William Cleminson, WM 1895/97

Arnold, Philip M., WM 1855/57

Arnold, Thomas T., WM 1855/57

Arthur, William Hardy, WM 1892/95

Ash, James, WM 1791

Ash, Roy F., Jr., WM 1942/43,1946/48

Ash, Roy Phillip, WM 1935/53

Ashby, Henry Marshall, WM 1853/54

Ashton, A., WM 1852/54

Ashton, George D., 1841/43

Ashton, Henry, WM 1775

Ashton, Henry Wilson, WM 1950

Ashton, Kendrick, WM 1994/

Atanasov, Vladimir, WM 2005/

Atkeson, Thomas Conner, WM 1954/68

Atkins, George T., WM 1852/54

Atkinson, Archibald, WM 1813

Atkinson, P. A., WM 1841/42

Atkinson, Robert C., WM 1859/61

Atkinson, W. M., WM 1850/52

Attkisson, William Barksdale, WM 1924/28

Avent, William F., WM 1844/47

Aversano, Francis M., WM circa 1980/

Avery, George R., WM 1810

Awotesu, Olufemi Babayomi, WM 1985

Axtell, James Lewis, WM 1978/2008

Ayisi, Eric O., WM 1979/1996

Aylett, John, WM 1757/58

Aylett, Philip,WM 1810

Aylett, William, WM 1795/1800

Ayres, Richard J., Jr., WM 1860/61


  • Existence: since circa 1980s


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