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Box 21

 File — Box 21: Series id78290
Identifier: id82761
Scope and Contents Grigsby Family Photograph Albums Three small leather photograph albums with photographs of friends and family. 1858-1880. Album One Some photographs are labeled incorrectly and there are some photographs without names. N.C. Winthrop Sarah N. Randolph T. Jefferson Randolph Gov. Edward Coles Miss Lizzie ? of Philadelphia Hugh Blair Grigsby McChesney Mr. Peabody General Pendleton Gov. Henry Tazewell Mrs. Henry Tazewell Colonel John Niveson Mrs. John Niveson Mrs. Tazewell Gov. L.W. Tazewell Col....
Dates: circa 1880-1889

Letters, Telegrams, Postcards, 1880 September-October

 File — Box 1: Series id78287, Folder: 6
Identifier: id66264
Scope and Contents

Letters to William Wilson Galt from father William Richard Galt, brother Rogers, J. H. Dillard, C. P. Thompson, A. K. Micheler, C. Hubbell; letter from Livingston W. Bethel, mayor of Key West, regarding James S. Galt; letters between William Wilson Galt and Mary Blair Grigsby. Invitation to wedding of Elizabeth Easley and William Carrington Lancaster on 1880 September 25.

Dates: 1880 September-October

Letters, Telegrams, Postcards, 1885 January-May

 File — Box 3: Series id78287, Folder: 12
Identifier: id66306
Scope and Contents

Letters to William Wilson Galt from father William Richard Galt, uncle James D. Galt, brother Rogers, brother Zander, brother Bob, sister Annie, Hugh Carrington Grigsby, and Charlie Anisdue; letters to Mary Blair Galt from William Wilson Galt, Annie Galt, and Mary W. Galt; receipt from George P. Zurhorst for (William’s brother) John Galt’s funeral expenses, dated 1885 January 16.

Dates: 1885 January-May

Letters, Telegrams, Postcards, 1910 February-August

 File — Box 7: Series id78287, Folder: 13
Identifier: id66379
Scope and Contents

Letter to William Wilson Galt from William Richard Galt; letters to Mary Blair Galt from William Richard Galt and Louise Lelden; letter to Mary Carrington Galt from William Wilson Galt. Invitation to wedding of Delle Fay Norris and Henry Allen Pearson on February 2. Letter of condolence about the death of Roger Galt from James Riddle 1910 August 27 .

Dates: 1910 February-August

City Business and Public Affairs, 1966-1970

 File — Box 1: Series id64444, Folder: 7
Identifier: id243079
Scope and Contents

Letters to Stella Neiman from Carlisle H. Humelsine, president of Colonial Wililamsburg, Robert C. Walker, Harold I. Baumes, and others. Letters from Stella Neiman to Richard Nixon, President of the United States, Carlisle Humelsine, Lyndon B. Johnson, President of the United States, and others. Typeset addtess to James Blair Honor Assembly, and newspaper atricles and documents conserning city business and other public affairs.

Dates: 1966-1970

Benjamin Ewell Medal, circa 1893

Identifier: id1858
Scope and Contents

One proof of the Benjamin Ewell Medal given to outstanding students of mathematics. The obverse shows a kneeling James Blair before a seated King William III and standing Queen Mary II. The reverse reads "In Honor of Benjamin S. Ewell. For Excellence in Mathematics." Medal diameter is 1.3125in. Image available at Located in Decorative Objects S2, SS1, Box 14. UA 1982.028

Dates: circa 1893

J. Paul Hudson Papers

 File — Box 62: Series id17624, Folder: 15
Identifier: id49130
Scope and Contents

Scope and Contents Rector Copy: "Churches at Jamestown" and "Reverend James Blair."

Dates: 1662-[ongoing]; Majority of material found in 1900-2000

Series 34, Box 2: Records, 2006-2009, bulk: 2006-01-01 - 2009-12-31

 File — Series 34 , Box 2: Series id287284
Identifier: id287294
Scope and Contents

Honorary Degrees, 2006-2009, Maternity Leave Policy, US News & World Reports, Alumni Surveys, President's reports, Assessments Program, James Blair Sculpture

Dates: 2006-2009; Majority of material found within 2006-01-01 - 2009-12-31

Surname Bo-Brin

 File — Cabinet 1, Drawer 5
Scope and Contents Bockius, Samuel Mecklin, WM 1819/21Bocock, James Branch, WM 1928/31, 1936/39Bohannan, Aurelius Wilson, WM 1893/96, 1897/98Bohannan, James Gordon, WM 1895/98, 1901/02, 1938/46Boisseau, Edward, WM 1811/12Boisseau, Edwin, WM 1821/22Boisseau, James, WM 1807Boisseau, James, WM 1839/42Boisseau, James B., WM 1818/20Boisseau, Peter F., WM 1818/19Boisseau, William E., 1817/19...
Dates: Existence: since circa 1980s

Correspondence, 1879

 File — Box 10: Series id82443, Folder: 4
Identifier: id83571
Scope and Contents 32 items. Thomas T. Page, W.T. Chander, Ge[?] Hughes, Sallie L. Taliaferro, A. Dudley, M. --?--, decision of Robert W. Hughes concerning Dinsmore & Kyle v. B.H. Robinson, James G. Field to R.A. Coghill, Benjamin S. Ewell (" it will not do to give up while a plank remains. That there is a better time coming I fully believe."), A. Borset (Virginia Immigration Society), J. Lyle Clarke, Beverly Randolph Wellford, Jr., James Barron Hope, R.L.T. Beall, Katie B. Godfrey, P.A. Wellford, W.F....
Dates: 1879

Development Plan for the College of William and Mary, circa 1981

Identifier: id57683
Scope and Contents

One sheet detailing the development plan for the College of William and Mary. The plan shows the entire William and Mary campus, the Law School site, and the James Blair Terrace Campus, later the Dillard Complex off Ironbound Rd. The plan also includes proposed buildings, such as the future Muscarelle Museum of Art and a proposed athletic field that would become Busch Field. Acc. 2009.243

Dates: circa 1981

Marshall Wythe Hall, March 1934

Identifier: id76677
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents Plans for Marshall Wythe Hall (now James Blair Hall) at the College of William and Mary. Sheet 1 Foundation Plan; Sheet 2 First Floor; Sheet 3 Second Floor; Sheet 4 Third Floor'; Sheet 7 South Elevation and Section YY; Sheet 8 Longitudinal and Section XX, Transome; Sheet 9 Plumbing Risers; Sheet 15 Inaccessible Areas. Architects: J. Binford Walford successor to Chalres M. Robinson. . Sheets: 7 Dimensions: Pages 1-6: 36.75"x24".; Page 7 30"x 20.5. Condition: Very Good Acc....
Dates: March 1934

Letters, Telegrams, Postcards, 1885 June-December

 File — Box 3: Series id78287, Folder: 13
Identifier: id66307
Scope and Contents Letters to William Wilson Galt from father William Richard Galt, mother Mary W. Galt, uncle James D. Galt, brother Zander, brother Rogers, brother Bob, grandmother S. M. Christian, Hugh Carrington Grigsby, Charlie Anisdue, G. L. Dyer, C. A. Stanly, William T. Saunders, and Dr. Donald Phais; postcard to William Wilson Galt from Bancroft Gherardi; telegram to William Richard Galt from Mary Blair Galt. Much of the correspondence in June is regarding the birth of Mr. and Mrs. William Wilson...
Dates: 1885 June-December

Lambeth Palace Library Material, circa 1693-1790s

 File — Box Series 2 Box 2: Series id175185
Identifier: id175187
Scope and Contents Includes a copy of the Royal Charter of the College of William & Mary, the Transfer to the Faculty in Virginia, an account relating to money given towards the construction of the College of William and Mary at its founding, material relating to the appointment of Chancellors of the College, and the money generated by the Brafferton Estate. There is also correspondence relating to the early history of the College, including letters from Francis Nicholson, Alexander Spotswood, and James...
Dates: circa 1693-1790s

Correspondence, 1896-1897

 File — Box 16: Series id305047, Folder: 3
Identifier: id138369
Scope and Contents

Scope and Contents Letters of Dr. William C. Stubbs and his wife, Elizabeth Saunders (Blair) of Louisiana, and members of their families. 1896-1897. Note: Several of the letters concern the death of Col. James E. Saunders of Courtland, Ala., in August 1896.  Includes ALS from Van F. Garrett, Williamsburg, Virginia, to Prof. William C. Stubbs, n.p., 20 February 1896.

Dates: 1896-1897

Writings and speeches of Barton Myers, Sr.

 File — Box 7, Folder: 2
Identifier: id140566
Scope and Contents

Writings of Barton Myers, Sr. including a toast to the coronation of George V., notes concerning a contract to build a grain elevator in Norfolk, Va., report, 1919, to the congregation concerning the removal of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, memorandum concerning purchase or lease for the Army Supply Base, speech concerning Tidewater Women's Associations, notes concerning Rev. James Blair, and notes concerning erection of a monument at Blackwall, England.

Dates: 1776-1925

J. Paul Hudson Papers

 File — Box 61: Series id17624, Folder: 4
Identifier: id49091
Scope and Contents

Scope and Contents Chronology 1674-1761 with notes on rectors during this period, esp. Reverend James Blair.

Dates: 1662-[ongoing]; Majority of material found in 1900-2000

Correspondence, June-August 1872

 File — Box 7: Series id82443, Folder: 2
Identifier: id83281
Scope and Contents 38 items. Benj. S. Ewell, M. Tredway Hughes, John C. Taliaferro, J.A. Lynham, Henry B. Dawson, M. Lowenback & Co., Charles C. Jones, Jr., William Lowenstein, J.B. Morton, William H. Godfrey, ------- (The American Farmer), B. Baylis, J.L. Waterman (register in bankruptcy), Patterson & Bash, [Orris A. Browne?], George W. Prentice, R.P. Carron (applying for job at what's now Virginia Polytechnic Institute), W.B. Stanard, Joseph K. Benson, N.W. Paynter, James Hayes, Fred H. Wolfe,...
Dates: June-August 1872

J. Paul Hudson Papers

 File — Box 61: Series id17624, Folder: 33
Identifier: id18335
Scope and Contents

Scope and Contents Notes on Reverend John Bracken, Minister of Bruton, 1773-1818 and Reverend James Blair, Minister, 1694-1710. Miscellaneous memos on Bruton history and that of Wycomico and Yeocomico Churches, both in Northern Neck. ["150-156" Hudson pages.]

Dates: 1662-[ongoing]; Majority of material found in 1900-2000

Surname Gr-Gw

 File — Cabinet 4, Drawer 1
Scope and Contents Graeme, John, WM 1737Graham, Richard, WM 1749/58, 1761/70Grandy, Cyrus Wiley, WM 1853/55Grandy, Charles R., WM 1852/55Granger, Earl Thomas, III, WM 1988/96, 2006/Granger, Gilbert Loftin, WM 1953/57Grant, Bruce S., WM 1968/2001Grant, Denys, WM 1954/58Grant, George Clifford, WM 1960/62, 1968/93Gravatt, John James, WM 1836/38Graves, John S., WM 1911Graves, Ralph,...
Dates: Existence: since circa 1980s

Binder 7: Contact Sheets 6831-7112, 1994 January-October

 File — Volume Binder 7
Scope and Contents Subjects: Career Exploration Day, Asian-American Conference, Charter Day, Margaret Thatcher, Basketball, Dennis Slon, Deborah Vick, Martha Hamilton-Phillips, Kiwanis, Sugar Sculpture of the Historic Campus, EMBA, Historic Campus and Other Locations in the Snow, Campus Scenes, Tim Sullivan as Santa, President's House and Brafferton at Christmas, Roy Pearson, Basketball, W. Barry Adams, "Commencement" Print, Sundial, BBC Interviewing Class for Radio Program, Wren Building, Lord Botetourt...
Dates: 1994 January-October

Arms and Seal of the College of William and Mary

 File — Box 1, Folder: 1
Identifier: id3411
Scope and Contents Original certificate appointing William [also referred to as Edward Gibson], Archbishop of Canterbury, Chancellor of the College of William and Mary. Signed by James Blair, rector, 1729. Bears impression of original College seal. [In Faculty/Alumni file under Gibson, Edward.] photocopy of original lease given by the College of William and Mary to Augustine Claiborne, covering a tract of land in Sussex County, 1 January 1762. Bears original seal of the College. An impression of the College...
Dates: circa 1880s-1990s

Frances (Bland) Randolph Tucker (1752-1788), Matoax, Chesterfield county, Virginia to St. George Tucker, circa 1778 August

 Item — Box 4: Series id216780, Folder: 11
Identifier: id225614
Scope and Contents

Arrival of Hammond broke her suspense of eight days. His (St. George Tucker) and (Anne Blair Banister) letters convinced her his situation was worse. F. Banister will meet him at the hundred to take him to Matoax. Hammond returns tomorrow Appreciates Mrs. Eppes' care of him. James Madison has been at Glebe a week. Sends a letter from him (lacking).

Dates: circa 1778 August

Binder 6: Contact Sheets 6422-6822, 1993 February-1994 January

 File — Volume Binder 6
Scope and Contents Subjects: Charter Day, Athletic Department Poster (Cover of Football History Book), Basketball, Yule Log, Tercentenary Quilt, Students in Lab, Timothy Sullivan, President's House Tour for Garden Week, Reves Center Lecture, King & Queen Ball, Choir, Meese Debate, Lynn Redgrave, S. Dean Olson, Reves Center Sign and Students, University Center, Wally Riley, Jon Lever, Center for Gifted Education Opening Reception, Medallion given to University of Aberdeen, Herrington J. Bryce, Prince...
Dates: 1993 February-1994 January

Papers, 1768-1804

 File — Box Small Collections Box 92, Folder: 1
Scope and Contents Item 1: Copy of Dunmore letter concerning his desire to be elected one of the Scottish peers to Parliament (original dated 1768 March 16 and in the possession of John Blair of Richard Bland College)Item 2: Original Dunmore letter concerning a request to have Major Murray appointed an officer in the Royal Highland Regiment, also mentions John Manners (Marquis of Granby), Lord John Murray, and the Duke of Atholl (1770 January 18)Item 3: Original account of Dunmore with...
Dates: 1768-1804

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