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Surname Gr-Gw

 File — Cabinet: 4, Drawer 1

Scope and Contents

Graeme, John, WM 1737

Graham, Richard, WM 1749/58, 1761/70

Grandy, Cyrus Wiley, WM 1853/55

Grandy, Charles R., WM 1852/55

Granger, Earl Thomas, III, WM 1988/96, 2006/

Granger, Gilbert Loftin, WM 1953/57

Grant, Bruce S., WM 1968/2001

Grant, Denys, WM 1954/58

Grant, George Clifford, WM 1960/62, 1968/93

Gravatt, John James, WM 1836/38

Graves, John S., WM 1911

Graves, Ralph, WM 1818/23

Graves, Stanley Hope, WM 1890/92

Graves, Thomas Ashley, Jr., WM 1971/85

Graves, William Henry, WM 1854/57

Gray, Acheson, WM 1817/18

Gray, Arthur P., WM 1922[?]

Gray, David J., WM 1959/69

Gray, John B., WM 1826/27

Gray, Samuel, WM 1693

Gray, Sarah Virginia, WM 1964

Graybeal, Avery Lawson, WM 1891

Grayson, Cary Travers, WM 1895/1899, 1934/38

Grayson, George W., Jr., WM 1968/

Greaves, James L., WM /1965

Green, A. Wigfall, WM 1823/25

Green, John Branch, WM 1924/28

Green, John W., WM 1855/57

Greene, Brenda Hogge, WM 1974/2003

Greene, JeRoyd X.

Greenhill, William, WM 1808

Greenhow, Robert, Jr., WM 1816

Greenia, George D., WM 1982/2016

Gregory, Charles Duncan, WM 1927/47

Gregory, Fendall S., WM 1835/37

Gregory, Francis R., WM 1829/30

Gregory, John M., WM 1829/32

Gregory, Richard, WM 1771/74

Gregory, Richard Henry, WM 1830/32

Gregory, Roger, Jr., WM 1852/53

Gregory Family

Gresham, Edward, WM 1836/39

Gresham, Thomas J., WM 1832/33

Griffin, Charles, WM 1720

Griffin, Cyrus A., WM 1826/31

Griffin, James Lewis Corbin, WM 1826/33

Griffin, John, WM 1790

Griffin, John Tayloe, WM 1767/68

Griffin, Samuel Stuart, WM 1799

Griffith, Mary Fairfax, WM 1923/28

Grigsby, Hugh Blair, WM 1855/58, 1871/81

Grimes, Jonathan Lance, WM 2012

Grimsley, James Edward, WM 1949/51

Griswold, Joseph G., WM 1854/57

Gross, Franz, WM 1970/2002

Grover, Susan S., WM 1988/

Grymes, Benjamin, WM 1759/62

Grymes, Charles, WM 1705

Grymes, Charles, WM 1759/62

Grymes, James, WM 1759

Grymes, John, WM 1705, 1723[?]

Grymes, Philip, WM 1739

Grymes, Phillip Ludwell, WM 1755/60, 1788

Guenther, Anthony L., WM 1967/

Guerrant, Peter, WM 1817/18

Guillet, Cephas, WM 1926/27

Gulesian, Mark G., WM 1970/

Gunson, Harvey, WM 1974/80

Gushee, David Paul, WM 1980/84

Gutenberg, Benjamin Stephen, WM /2007

Gutman, Herbert G.

Gutwein, Daniel, WM 1985/

Guy, George Willis, WM 1898/1900, 1921, 1932/33

Guy, William George, WM 1925/68

Gwathmey, Edward Mosely, WM 1921/33

Gwathney, William Henry, WM 1837/40

Gwatkin, Thomas, WM 1770/75

Gwilliam, Laura S., WM 1986/95


  • Existence: since circa 1980s


Conditions Governing Access

Collection is open to all researchers. Manuscript collections and archival records may contain materials with sensitive or confidential information that is protected under federal or state right to privacy laws and regulations, such as the Virginia Public Records Act (Code of Virginia. § 42.1-76-91); and the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (Code of Virginia § 2.2-3705.5). Confidential material may include, but is not limited to, educational, medical, and personnel records. If sensitive material is found in this collection, please contact a staff member immediately. The disclosure of personally identifiable information pertaining to a living individual may have legal consequences for which the College of William and Mary assumes no responsibility.


From the Collection: 27.0 Linear Feet



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