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John Blair Deposition in the Lawsuit of Margaret Eustice [Eustace] versus Seth John Cuthbert, 1787 December 29

 File — Box 1, Folder: 1
Identifier: id212953
Scope and Contents

Deposition of John Blair in the lawsuit of Margaret Eustice [Eustace] versus Seth John Cuthbert in the Superior Court of Chatham County, Georgia, in which Blair discusses the lawsuit of Catherine [Eustace] Blair [Cuthbert, widow of James Blair] versus John Blair in the Chancery Court of James City, Virginia which concerned her dower right.

Dates: 1787 December 29

Dinwiddie County - James Greenway, 1770

 File — Box 1, Folder: 12
Scope and Contents

Bond of James Greenway and Bolling Stark to the College of William & Mary for one hundred pounds for the appointment of James Greenway as surveyor of the County of Dinwiddie. Dated May 24, 1770. Signed by James Greenway, Bolling Stark, John Blair, Jr. and M. Hayness (?).

Dates: 1770

Legal cases and estates: James City County, 1810-1819

 Item — Box 38: Series id128950, Folder: 172
Identifier: id136298
Scope and Contents

Pleasants (Israel and John P.) vs. John H. Blair, administrator of Nathaniel Burwell. 5 pieces.

Dates: 1810-1819

James Henderson, Williamsburg, Virginia, to Mrs. Eliza Whiting, "Enfield" Prince William County, Virginia, 1801 July 12

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 4
Identifier: id113174
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents Wrote his friend about a fortnight ago by Mr. J.H. Peyton and having heard of Mr. Brent's leaving town tomorrow hastens to write her again; confesses his head is not in the "fittest mode for writing"; the Peacheys, Carys and BAnisters dined to day at Mr. Andrew's; Charlotte Balfour also "made one of the party"; he had unfortunately made other plans with gentleman "where the sparkling glass circulated too freely" and dissipated all his ideas; trusts her other correspondents...
Dates: 1801 July 12

Abraham C. Myers, Washington, D. C., to James Barron Hope, no place, 20 January 1882.

 Item — Multiple Containers
Identifier: id176862
Scope and Contents

Scope and Contents 3 pages. Autograph Letter Signed. Has just learned of his impending visit to Washington, at the invitation of leading Congressmen, to read his Yorktown Centennial Poem; his bad health may prevent his attendance, but he desires to see him; their mutual friend Judge John Blair Hope is now a Congressman, and will be equally happy to see him.

Dates: 1820-1923

Surname Bie-Bl

 File — Cabinet 1, Drawer 4
Scope and Contents Bieri, Rudolf H., WM 1972/Bill, James A., WM 1987/2005Billups, Henry "Doc," WM 1888-1953Billups, Joel A., WM 1845/46Billups, Joseph, WM 1777Binns, Charles, WM circa 1758Binns, Dorothy W., WM 1955/57Binns, Preston E., WM 1874/75Bircher, Elizabeth Ellen, WM 1978/82Birckhead, Kendall P., WM 1904/09Birckhead, Thomas G., WM 1930s [?]Bird, George G., WM 1842/44...
Dates: Existence: since circa 1980s

Sermon, 22 March 1747

 File — Box 1: Series id9958; Series id9976; Series id9979, Folder: 10
Identifier: id9978
Scope and Contents

Handwritten sermon said to be by James Blair, along with correspondence giving reasons why James Blair was probably not the author.

Dates: 22 March 1747

Letters, Telegrams, Postcards, 1879 January-June

 File — Box 1: Series id78287, Folder: 2
Identifier: id66260
Scope and Contents Love letters between William Wilson Galt and Mary Blair Grigsby, to William Wilson Galt from Hugh Carrington Grigsby and from S. C. Daniel at Hampden-Sydney College to Mary Blair Grigsby. 1879 February 21 Hampton Sidney anniversary invitation. 1879 February 5 fun letter from William Wilson Galt, approved by Mary B. Grigsby, future mate, to Hugh Blair Grigsby saying in part, "I have the honor respectfully to transmit herewith a requisition for a mate for this vessel..." with an attached...
Dates: 1879 January-June

Other documents (copies)

 File — Box 1: Series id9958; Series id9976; Series id9979, Folder: 5
Identifier: id9973
Scope and Contents Photostats relating to James Blair joining the University of Edinburgh Library. Photostat of the title page of the book which Blair presented to the Edinburgh Library on becoming a member of it; photostat of Blair's signature on joining the Edinburgh University Library; photostat of the agreement he signed. Copy of Blair's commission as commissary. Photocopy of commission, transcription of commission, translation of commission from Latin, bibliographic citations. A Vindication of Sr. Edmond...
Dates: ca. 1701-1993

Virginia, 1970s; most undated

 File — Box 3: Series id227498; Series id227585, Folder: 1
Identifier: id227683
Scope and Contents

Includes programs from Chrysler Hall, Smithfield, Hampton Roads Coliseum, York High School, Kecoughtan High School, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, James Blair Elementary School, William and Mary Concert Series, Virginia Museum Theatre, Bruton Parish Church, Virginia Opera Association and others. Some newspaper reviews included.

Dates: 1970s; most undated


Identifier: id212953
Scope and Contents Medium Oversize Folder contains: Grant for 400 acres of land in Goochland County, VA, to Thomas Evans. Signed by James Blair, President of Council and Commander and Chief of Colony and Dominion at Williamsburgh[sic] July 6, 1740. Transcript included. Document signed by John Blair as President of the Council, authorizing the following Justices of the Peace of Loudoun County,VA, to administer oaths: Francis Lightfoot Lee, James Hamilton, Nicholas Minor, Josias Clapham, George West,...
Dates: 1741-1792

Papers relating to the period 1701-1704

 File — Box 3, Folder: 2 (formerly folder 11)
Identifier: id3421
Scope and Contents Typed copy of the order, 8 May 1701, for a meeting of the Council of Virginia, to be held at the College, 9 June 1701 Typed copy of the order, dated 11 Nov 1701, for a meeting of the Council of Virginia to be held at the College, 11 March 1702 Typed copy of the resolution of the House of Burgesses, 23 June 1702, concerning a statement made by William byrd in regard to taxes for the support of the College Extract from the report of the journey of Francis Louis Michel from Berne, Switzerland...
Dates: circa 1880s-1990s

Council of Virginia Resolution, 1695

 File — Box UA Vault Box 1: Series id9976; Series id21961, Folder: 1
Identifier: id9976
Scope and Contents

Resolution of the Governor's Council drawn up by Governor Edmund Andros and signed by all the Council members documenting the differences between Rev. James Blair and Andros and announcing the suspension of Rev. Blair from the Council.

Dates: 1695

Binder 10: Contact Sheets 7674-7915, 1996 March-November

 File — Volume Binder 10
Scope and Contents Subjects: Davis Y. Paschall honored with sundial made by George Crawford, Tucker Hall, Rogers Hall, Charles F. Hobson, Flourishing Faith Story, Michael Clark, Atrium, Fred Lederer, James Blair Drive, School of Business, Ann Moore, Student Assembly President Swearing-In, Terry Driscoll, Multicultural Affairs Fashion Show, Joe Agee, National Center for State Courts, School of Education, Patrick Hayes Writers' Festival, Campus Telephone Operators, Stefan Raab, Colonial Relays, Reves Center,...
Dates: 1996 March-November

Miscellaneous Materials, 1961 and undated

 File — Box 1: Series id9958; Series id9976; Series id9979, Folder: 8
Identifier: id180033
Scope and Contents

Bibliographic citation for Blair's death notice in Scot's Magazine (July 1743); page 643 of The Gentleman's Magazine (August 1743) with Blair listed under Deaths; brochure entitled Merely to Survive Is Not Enough, comparing Dr. Woodbridge's building a fallout shelter for his neighborhood in 1961 with Dr. Blair's creation of the College of William and Mary; photographic copy of signature, James Blair President.

Dates: 1961 and undated

J. Paul Hudson Papers

 File — Box 62: Series id17624, Folder: 6
Identifier: id49113
Scope and Contents

Scope and Contents Rector Copy: "James Blair" by Thom Blair.

Dates: 1662-[ongoing]; Majority of material found in 1900-2000


 File — Box 19: Series id78290
Identifier: id82776
Scope and Contents Galt Family Photographs *Dimensions range from 5"x7" to 6"x9"Galt House in Williamsburg, 20th CenturyDicky Galt, CSAMaurice Hamner GarlandLucy B. Galt Garland (2)Herbert Randolph GaltEva GaltLucy GaltLandon Cabell GarlandHerbert Galt Garland (2)William Wilson Galt in uniform, formal poseMary Meares Galt, Betty Ashe Galt, Rogers H. Galt, Jr., and John...
Dates: 1865-1929

King William County - William Peters Martin, 1767-1769

 File — Box 1, Folder: 27
Scope and Contents

Account of Surveys made by William Peters Martin, signed by John Blair, Jr., dated May 8, 1769. Includes years, names, in what county, acreage, fees received and fees not received. Names: Capt. John Quarles, Jane Bingham, Col. Thomas Moore, Nathaniel Fox, Roger Lipscomb, James Quarles, Jr., James Johnson, John Anderson, Jacob Valentine and James Neaves. Two entries in Caroline County for William Taylor.

Dates: 1767-1769

Letters, Telegrams, Postcards, 1923-1933

 File — Box 8: Series id78287, Folder: 15
Identifier: id66398
Scope and Contents Letters to William Wilson Galt from William Richard Galt, Ward Skelton Galt, Annie Galt, Zander Galt, "Alfred" (husband of daughter Susie), Hugh Blair Galt, Mrs. A. G. Zimermann and James B. Denny; letter to sister Susie from William Wilson Galt; letter to brother Zander from William Wilson Galt; letters to William Richard Galt from William Wilson Galt; letter to Mary Carrington Galt, William R. Galt and Hugh Blair Galt from William Wilson Galt, letter to Bill from Zander; letter from Billy...
Dates: 1923-1933

Letters, Telegrams, Postcards, 1904 January-July

 File — Box 7: Series id78287, Folder: 4
Identifier: id66370
Scope and Contents Letter to William Wilson Galt from Daniel Barnes; letters to Mary Blair Galt from William Wilson Galt; letter to Hugh Blair Grigsby Galt from A. H. Flint. Invitation to wedding of Ruth Waldron and Frank Peard Thomas on 1904 January 12, Minnie Bolling and James Duncan Puller on 1904 February 3, Lucy Daniel and Charles Kingston von Weise on 1904 June 29, Ethel Sharp and Ralph Mancill Griswold on 1904 July 28. William Wilson Galt’s letters were written primarily from Manila Bay, Hong Kong,...
Dates: 1904 January-July

Correspondence, January 1875

 File — Box 8: Series id82443, Folder: 3
Identifier: id83527
Scope and Contents 25 items. Henry A. Tabb, R. Walter & Co., J.M. Jefferies, Henry E. Blair, Warner T. Taliaferro (son) to William Booth Taliaferro (concerning William and Mary), Prosser to Leah, Peterfield Trent, Ro. T. Sears, Gardner, Carlton & Baldwin, James Lyons (concerning William Booth Taliaferro's refusal to co-sign a bond), William S. Peachy, Thomas S. Martin, William P. Smith, A.H. Dury (Westover), Warner Throckmorton Taliaferro (brother), W.T. Richardson, L.L. Tomkies, William C. Dutton,...
Dates: January 1875

Sermons, 1729-1761

 File — Box 1: Series id9958; Series id9976; Series id9979, Folder: 7
Identifier: id9975
Scope and Contents Brief extracts from two sermons preached in Bruton Church by Blair, taken from W. A. R. Goodwin's Historical Sketch of Bruton Church; Photostat of title page of James Blair, Our Saviour's Divine Sermon on the which is Prefix'd a Paraphrase on the Whole Sermon of the Mount... (London: second edition, 1740) and Photostat of Blair's Paraphrase on Our Saviour's Sermon on the Mount (1729); photocopy of Danish edition of Our Saviour's Divine Sermon on the Mount (Copenhagen, 1761?). Both...
Dates: 1729-1761

Photographic Slide of William & Mary

Identifier: id199038
Scope and Contents The photographic slide contains the busts of King William III of England and Ireland (known as William II of Scotland) and Queen Mary II. After the Glorious Revolution, William and Mary were offered the throne in 1689. Four years after their reign began, William and Mary granted a charter for a college in Virginia. The charter named Reverend James Blair the first president. Subseqently named after the monarchs who granted the charter, the College of William & Mary was founded in 1693....
Dates: 2017

Charlotte Balfour, "Flower de Hundred" Prince George County, Virginia, to Mrs. Eliza (Braxton) Whiting, 1791 January 3

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 2
Identifier: id111557
Scope and Contents Scope and Contents Reminds her of their friendship; thanks her for her letter; glad that she and her family are well and hopes they stay well; Mr. Peachy moved his family from "Amelia" to his new purchase along the James River; stayed two months in Petersburg and arrived here the 2nd of November; doesn't think she (EW) would be pleased with all the "water prospects" although there is a convenience in the two ferrys which go to Williamsburg or Ceeleys; has been packed and waiting to leave but...
Dates: 1791 January 3

Dartington Glass Goblet, undated

Identifier: id3136
Scope and Contents

One glass goblet etched with Hargrave portrait of James Blair. Given to the college in 1973 by David Beers Quinn, James P. Harrison Visiting Professor of History, 1969-70. Presented at a dinner in London for British alumni and visiting American alumni. Transfered to Archives from the Muscarelle Museum. UA1999.037

Dates: undated

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