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Diary and accounts, 1881

 File — Box: Small Collections Box 44, Folder: 1
Identifier: id57420
Scope and Contents The following was provided by the seller and has not been verified for accuracy: "In the beginning of the diary, he worked for the Augusta office and traveled around selling machines. Later, he opened a new office in Farmington. He notes the names of people that he sells machines to, talks of collecting money and repossessing machines from those who do not pay, showing people how the machines work, repairing machines, etc. He often talks of his family, including his mother and siblings." "...
Dates: 1881

Diary, 1935

 File — Box: Small Collections Box 44, Folder: 1
Identifier: id57285
Scope and Contents Diary, 1935, of a teenage boy of Brooklyn, New York. Daily diary entries record school and leisure activities, holidays, chores performed and the occasional comment on local or national events. He mentions that his family owned a beauty parlor and observed Jewish holidays. He first attended Ultrecht High School and then transferred to Samuel J. Tilden High School. He seemed to have done well in school and enjoyed playing the violin. He mentions library visits and reading,...
Dates: 1935

Diary, 1874

 File — Box: Small Collections Box 44, Folder: 1
Identifier: id57127
Scope and Contents Diary, 1874 kept by a girl in southwest Albany, New York. Ella Lockwood was 11 when she started the diary, and turned 12 on 27 August, 1874. The entry for that day reads: "Miss Ella Lockwood's birthday today. 12 years old. Went to school today, didn't get whiped [sic] either." Her entries are brief and record the weather, school days, meals and family members' illnesses. She also records her chores, visitors to the house, work done by family members and other around the house,...
Dates: 1874

Diary, 1902

 File — Box: Small Collections Box 44, Folder: 1
Identifier: id57286
Scope and Contents The following description was provided by the seller: "...... I hereby resolve to do all the good I can, in as many ways as I can, to all the people I can, and whenever I can and not make any fuss about it - Taught school today. Mr. H. W. Metzler photographed the interior of our school room .... Read that Marconi signaled across the Atlantic Ocean by wireless telegraphy, Dec. 14, 1901 ..... Gave Graphophone entertainment in the Reformed Church...
Dates: 1902


 File — Box: Small Collections Box 44, Folder: 1
Scope and Contents From the Collection: Diary, 1937, of Harry H. Hipple of Delaware, Delaware County, Ohio. Harry H. Hipple who is about 70 years old in 1937 and was probably retired, records weather, social outings, bird watching, church visits, etc. in his daily entries. Occasionally he comments on local and national politics and events. Some of the names mentioned in the diary are: Mrs Gilbert, Allie Bess, Mr Clausing, Mrs West, Frank Jones, Mrs Crumb, Mr & Mrs Knight, Mrs Van Meter, Mrs Dodge, John Harters, Isabel Crumb,...
Dates: 1937

Photo Album

 File — Box: Small Collections Box 44, Folder: 1
Scope and Contents From the Collection: Photo album kept by a Boy Scout 'Brownie' in 1953-1954. He documented his troup's trip to Washington, DC and to a plantation in Virginia. The trip was awarded to the winners of a Boy Scouts "E.R.C. Camporee" in 1953. He also took photos during a trip to 'Camp Glen Gray'; a family vacation at 'Lake Valhala'; and an 'educational trip' to New York City with a friend, 1954.Most photos are numbered and content is labeled on pages inserted into the album. Photos on the last few pages...
Dates: 1953-1954

Diary, 1945

 File — Box: Small Collections Box 44, Folder: 1
Identifier: id57120
Scope and Contents From the Collection: Diary titled "Covered Wagon Days, As Written by Mina Barnhouse," documenting a family's 1895 move from Kansas to Flathead Valley near Kalispell, Flathead County, Montana as part of a larger wagon train. The diary was written in 1945 and it is not clear whether it is a transcription of a 1895 document or whether it was composed 50 years after the event based on memory or oral histories. The diary begins on June 13th with a summary of the wagon train members and continues as day-by-day account...
Dates: 1945