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Herbert H. Bateman State Senate Papers

Identifier: 01/Mss. 83 B31

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Scope and Contents

Office files, 1968-1982, of Herbert H. Bateman, Virginia Republican State Senator from Newport News. Includes correspondence with constituents and state officials; bills and legislative materials; memorandum; reports; pamphlets; and publications arranged according to subject. The collection contains background information and committee working papers showing Virginia's responses to the energy crisis of the late 1970's and to Ronald Reagan's "New Federalism" programs as well as the state's policies on education, transportation, and welfare funding, and the activities of state regulatory agencies.

There are materials concerning Bateman's sponsorship of coastal zone land management bills, bills for execution by lethal injection, bills for mandatory sentencing by judges in criminal cases and his activities on behalf of the port of Newport News, the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company and the Virginia seafood industry. The largest body of material concerns Bateman's 1975-1977 efforts as paid counsel and as senator to minimize the economic impact of the poisoning of the James River by kepone on the Virginia seafood industry.

Prominent correspondents include Linwood Holton, Mills Godwin, John Dalton, Charles Robb, Harry F. Byrd, Jr., William Spong, Thomas Downing, William Scott and Paul Trible, other General Assembly members and state agency commissioners.


  • 1968-1982


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Collection is open to all researchers. Manuscript collections and archival records may contain materials with sensitive or confidential information that is protected under federal or state right to privacy laws and regulations, such as the Virginia Public Records Act (Code of Virginia. § 42.1-76-91); and the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (Code of Virginia § 2.2-3705.5). Confidential material may include, but is not limited to, educational, medical, and personnel records. If sensitive material is found in this collection, please contact a staff member immediately. The disclosure of personally identifiable information pertaining to a living individual may have legal consequences for which the College of William and Mary assumes no responsibility.

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Before reproducing or quoting from any materials, in whole or in part, permission must be obtained from the Special Collections Research Center, and the holder of the copyright, if not Swem Library.

Biographical Information:

Herbert Harvell Bateman was born in 1928 at Perquimans County, North Carolina. He graduated from the College of William and Mary and received his law degree from Georgetown University. He served in the Virginia Senate from 1968 until 1983 when he was elected to Congress. Further information about this individual or organization may be available in the Special Collections Research Center Wiki:


19.00 Linear Feet (22 boxes.)

Arrangement of Materials:

Arrangement: The Herbert H. Bateman Papers consist of Bateman's state senatorial office files, 1968-1982, which are arranged alphabetically according to subjects and issues. Each subject file contains all types of materials: correspondence, memorandum, reports, publications, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, bills, and other legislative documents. The collection includes voluminous background materials on the various issues, as well as correspondence and papers revealing Bateman's positions on the issues. The collection contains little information on Bateman's political activities (the original file inventory indicates that such material was retained) such as campaigns or party activity. The only file dealing with a political campaign is one entitled "Trible," which contains Bateman's correspondence with members of the Virginia Senate pertaining to the campaign of Representative Paul Trible for the U.S. Senate.

The Bateman Papers have been arranged almost completely according to the original office file organization. Unfortunately, maintaining original office integrity has also meant retaining serious inconsistencies and redundancies. During Bateman's 14-year tenure in the Senate, he had several legislative aides who often duplicated files under different names or placed similar material in different files. With a few exceptions, these inconsistencies have been kept in the arrangement of this collection.Several files have been altered because the original office files had no apparent order. These files include Kepone, Ports of Virginia/Virginia Port Authority, and State Water Control Board/Water Resources. In addition, the files of Constituent Correspondence and Legislative Correspondence (originally filed alphabetically as "correspondence") have been moved to the end of the collection, and the files of Consumer Credit, Consumer Protection, and School Distribution Formula have been moved into the alphabetical file order.

Hints for Users: If users of this collection are researching Bateman's position or assembly action on a particular issue, there are several things they must do and know in order to ensure that they find all relevant materials. First, there are several series that include materials related to many different issues. Users are advised to at least skim the following series at the beginning of the collection: Attorney General Opinions, JLARC, Legislative Proposals, Post-Session, Pre-Session, and Senate Bills. And skim these series at the end of collection: Research Materials, Constituent Correspondence, Legislative Correspondence, and 1982 Session.

Second, if users are interested in particular types of materials, such as Attorney General's opinions, bills, or constituent correspondence, be aware that, although there are separate series for them, such materials can also be found throughout the collection.

Third, materials are occasionally filed under very non-descriptive and misleading titles. The most notable of these are large amounts of material pertaining to the income tax structure of Virginia filed under Joint Subcommittee To Study Virginia's Individual Income Tax Structure, and materials pertaining to Bateman's campaign against "open" visitation in state college dormitories, filed (among other series) as Senate Joint Resolution 24 (S.J.Res. 24).

Fourth, in some cases, similar, even duplicate, material is stored in different series. Series descriptions usually indicate other series containing similar material, but, for the user's convenience, below is a list of the most severe redundancies: Abortion, see also: Medicaid Issues Adult Homes, see also: Elderly, Homes for Adults, Homes for the Aged, Pine Haven Adult Home, Welfare and Institutions Coal & Energy Commission, see also: Uranium Mining Coastal Zone Land Management Act/Bill, see also: Wetlands Gas Tax, see also: Highway Funds, Trucks Higher Education, see also: Senate Joint Resolution 24 (S.J.Res. 24), William and Mary, the College of (W&M) Industrial Revenue Bonds, see also: Newport News Shipbuilding, Ports Of Virginia Kepone, see also: Seafood Industry Limitations on Spending, see also: Proposition 13 Metro, see also: Transportation - Northern Virginia Newport News Downtown, see also: Peninsula Economic Development Council Newport News Public Education, see also: Sex Education Ports of Virginia, see also: Virginia Port Authority Sales Tax on Vending Machines, see also: Vending Machine Taxes Sea Grant Consortium, see also: Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) State Water Control Board, see also: Water Resources, Fifth, for the user's convenience, the following is a partial cross-referencing of series (listed by first key words) that contain material relevant to a number of more inclusive and overarching issues and subjects:1. Banking/Business Banking Legislation Bankruptcy Insurance Interest Rate Legislation No-Fault Insurance Savings And Loan Legislation2. (State) Budget/Finance (also see Taxation) Budget Federal Block Grant Finance Committee Limitations on Spending Local Revenue Sources Procurement Bill Proposition 133. Consumers Consumer Credit Consumer Protect Ion Product Liability4. Crime And Punishment (also see Justice/Courts)Capital Punishment Corrections Execution Bill Juvenile Law Enforcement Training Parole Sentencing Sexual Assault Spouse Abuse5. Education/Schools Busing Education, Public Education Association of Newport News Educational Issues, 1982 Kindergarten School Distribution Formula Sex Education Special Education Virginia State School6. Elderly Adult Homes Elderly Homes for Adults Homes for The Aged Pine Haven Adult Home Tax Relief for the Elderly Welfare for the Elderly7. Energy Biomass Coal Tax Coal & Energy Commission Fuel Conversion Authority Uranium Mining Virginia Electric and Power Company (VEPCO) Virginia Oil & Gas8. Environment: Air Pollution Auto Inspection Coastal Zone Land Management Act/Bill Environment Environmental Protection Agency Kepone Litter Laws Nature Conservancy State Water Control Board Toxic Substances (Act) Water Resources Wetlands9. Family: Abortion Artificial Insemination Divorce Laws Domestic Relations Law Habitual Offenders Law In Vitro Parental Support Spouse Abuse Wage Assignment in Support Cases10. Health/Medical: Abortion Artificial Insemination Asbestos In Vitro Laetrile Medical Lien Medical Malpractice Medicaid & Health Issues Medicaid Cost Containment Occupational Therapist Optometrist Legislation Patrick Henry Hospital Prenatal Care Rehabilitation & Social Services Virginia Evaluation Act11. Higher Education: Christopher Newport College Higher Education Old Dominion University Senate Joint Resolution 24 (S.J.Res. 24) Tuition Assistance Virginia Educational Loan Authority (VELA) Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) William & Mary12. Housing: Homebuilders Housing Manufactured Housing Association Virginia Housing and Development Authority (VHDA)13. Justice Courts: Attorney General's Opinions Court System Courts of Justice Intermediate Court of Appeals Judicial Nominations Juvenile Justice Sentencing [By Judges] Tort Claims14. Labor: Labor Laws Public Employees Retirement Right to Work Unemployment Compensation15. "Moral" Issues: Abortion Busing Gun Control In Vitro Lottery Obscenity Pari-Mutuel Betting Senate Joint Resolution 24 (S.J.Res. 24)16. Newport News/Peninsula Educational Association of Newport News: Industrial Revenue Bonds Newport News [Several Subjects] Peninsula [Several Subjects] Reapportionment Yorktown, Town of Zoning17. Ports: Industrial Revenue Bonds Ports of Virginia Richmond Waterfront Terminals Tobacco Conference Trucks Virginia Port Authority18. Seafood Industry: Fishing Licenses Kepone Marine Resources Management Seafood Industry Seafood Products Commission Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS)19. Taxation: Joint Subcommittee Sales Tax Regulation Taxation Taxation Procedures Vending Machines Watercraft Sales and Users Tax20. Transportation/Highway Gas Tax Highway Appropriations Highway Department Study Highway Funds Interstate 664 Metro Pentran Transportation Trucks21. Welfare: Medicaid Rehabilitation & Social Services Virginia Evaluation Act Welfare & Institutions Western State Hospital.

Organization: This collection is organized into 249 alphabetical and topical series.

Series 1: Abortion Series 2: Adult (Nursing) Homes Series 3: Air Pollution Series 4: Artificial Insemination Series 5: Asbestos Series 6: Attorney General Opinions Series 7: Auto Clubs Series 8: Auto Inspections Series 9: Banking Legislation Series 10: Bankruptcy Bill Series 11: Bingo Series 12: Biomass Series 13: Budget Series 14: Busing Series 15: Capital Punishment Series 16: Christopher Newport College Series 17: Child Auto Safety Series 18: Claims Subcommittee, 1982 Series 19: Coal Tax Series 20: Coal and Energy Commission, 1979- 1982 Series 21: Coastal Zone Land Management Act Series 22: Coastal Zone Land Management Bill Series 23: Commendations Series 24: Conflict of Interest Series 25: Consolidation Series 26: Constitutional Offices Series 27: Consumer Credit Series 28: Consumer Protection Series 29: Corrections Series 30: Court System Series 31: Courts of Justice Series 32: Covenant Not to Sue Series 33: Credit Life Insurance Series 34: Daily Press Essay Series 35: District of Columbia Statehood Series 36: Divorce Laws Series 37: Domestic Relations Law Series 38: Drunk Driving Series 39: Economic Data Series 40: Education, Public Series 41: Education Association of Newport News Series 42: Educational Issues, 1982 Series 43: Elderly Series 44: Election Disputes Series 45: Election Laws Series 46: Election Returns Series 47: Environment Series 48: Environmental Protection Agency Series 49: Execution Bill Series 50: Farley, Guy Series 51: Farm Bureau Series 52: Federal Block Grants/Funding Reductions Series 53: Federal Impact Aid Series 54: Finance Committee, 1980-1982 Series 55: Fishing Licensing Series 56: Food Act (Virginia), 1978 Series 57: Freedom of Information Act Series 58: Fuel Conversion Authority Series 59: Game Warden Bill Series 60: Garnett, Henry D. Series 61: Garnishing Legislation Series 62: Gas Tax Series 63: Gasohol Series 64: General Assembly Summary, 1981 Series 65: Government Competition Series 66: Government Reorganization Series 67: Gun Control Series 68: Habitual Offenders Act Series 69: Higher Education Series 70: Highway Appropriations, 1981-1982 Series 71: Highway Department Study Series 72: Highway Funds Series 73: Holidays, State Series 74: Homes for Adults Series 75: Homes for the Aged Series 76: Homebuilders Series 77: Housing Bills Series 78: Human Resources Series 79: In Vitro Clinic Series 80: Income Sur Tax Series 81: Industrial Revenue Bonds Series 82: Insurance Series 83: Interest Rate Legislation Series 84: Intermediate Appellate Court Series 85: Interstate 664 Series 86: Joint Legislative Audit & Review Commission (JLARC) Series 87: Joint Subcommittee to Study Virginia's Individual Income Tax Structure Series 88: Judicial Nominations Series 89: Juvenile Courts Series 90: Juvenile Judges--Authority of Series 91: Juvenile Justices Series 92: Juvenile Justice Code Series 93: Kepone Series 94: Kindergarten Series 95: Labor Laws Series 96: Laetrile Series 97: Land Surveyors Series 98: Law Enforcement Training Series 99: League of Women Voters Series 100: Leasehold Interest--Joint Subcommittee Series 101: Legislative Aides Series 102: Legislative Process Series 103: Legislative Proposals, 1980-1982 Series 104: Limitations on Spending Series 105: Litter Laws Series 106: Lobbyists Series 107: Local Revenue Sources Series 108: Lottery Series 109: Manufactured Housing Association Series 110: Marine Resources Management Series 111: Medical Lien Series 112: Medical Malpractice Series 113: Medicaid and Health Issues Series 114: Medicaid Cost Containment Series 115: Mental Health Series 116: Metro Series 117: Milk Commission Series 118: National Conference of State Legislatures, Urban Development Committee Series 119: Nature Conservancy Series 120: Newport News Bar Association Series 121: Newport News, City of Series 122: Newport News Development Series 123: Newport News Downtown Series 124: Newport News Public Education Series 125: Newport News Shipbuilding Series 126: No-Fault Insurance Series 127: Obenshain Campaign Series 128: Obscenity Series 129: Occupational Safety Series 130: Occupational Therapists Series 131: Oil Refinery Series 132: Old Dominion University Series 133: Operator's Licensing Series 134: Optometrist Legislation Series 135: Parental Support Bill Series 136: Pan-Mutual Betting Series 137: Parole Series 138: Patrick Henry Hospital Series 139: Peninsula Airport Commission Series 140: Peninsula Catholic Scholarship Fund Series 141: Peninsula Economic Development Council Series 142: Peninsula Nature and Science Center Series 143: Peninsula Shipbuilders Association Series 144: Pentran Series 145: Prenatal Care Series 146: Pine Haven Home for Adults Series 147: Ports of Virginia Series 148: Post-Session, 1976, 1978-1980, 1982 Series 149: Pre-Filed Bills, 1980 Series 150: Pre-Sessions, 1980&1981 Series 151: Privileges and Elections Committee Series 152: Procurement Bill Series 153: Products Liability Series 154: Proposition 13 Series 155: Public Employees Series 156: Public Employees-Collective Bargaining Series 157: Radioactive Materials Series 158: Reapportionment Series 159: Recommendations Series 160: Rehabilitation and Social Services Series 161: Rebublican Caucus Series 162: Retirement Series 163: Richmond Waterfront Terminals Series 164: Right to Work Law Series 165: Sales Tax on Vending Machines Series 166: Sales Tax Regulations Series 167: Savings and Loan Legislation Series 168: School Distribution Formula Series 169: Seafood Industry Series 170: Seafood Products Commission Series 171: Sea Grant Consortium Series 172: Seat Belt Legislation Series 173: Senate Bills, 1981-1982 Series 174: Senate Committees Series 175: Senate Joint Resolution 24 (S.J.Res. 24) Series 176: Senate Rules Series 177: Sentencing Series 178: Service Life Extension Program Series 179: Sexual Assault Series 180: Sex Education Series 181: Soft Drink Tax Series 182: Southern Legislative Conference Series 183: Special Education Series 184: Spending Limit Proposal Series 185: Spouse Abuse Series 186: State Water Control Board Series 187: Taxation Series 188: Taxation Procedures Series 189: Taxation Expenditures Series 190: Taxation of Corporate Income Series 191: Tax Relief for the Elderly Series 192: Thomas Nelson Community College Series 193: Tidewater Caucus Series 194: Time-Share Legislation Series 195: Tobacco Conventions Series 196: Tort Claims Act Series 197: Toxic Substances Series 198: Toxic Substances Act Series 199: Transportation Series 200: Transportation- Northern Virginia Series 201: Transportation Subcommittee Series 202: Transportation Department Study Series 203: Trible Series 204: Trucks Series 205: Tuition Assistance Program Series 206: Unemployment Compensation Series 207: United Way Campaign Series 208: Uranium Mining Series 209: Urban Development Series 210: Vending Machine Taxes Series 211: Veterans Series 212: Virginia Educational Loan Authority (VELA) Series 213: Virginia Electric and Power Company (VEPCO) Series 214: Virginia Evaluation Act Series 215: Virginia Housing and Development Authority (VHDA) Series 216: Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) Series 217: Virginia Municipal League Series 218: Virginia Oil and Gas Authority Series 219: Virginia Port Authority Series 220: Virginia State School Series 221: Wage Assignment in Support Cases Series 222: Water Resources Series 223: Water Resources: Bi-State Commission Series 224: Water Resources: Potomac Series 225: Watercraft Sales and Use Tax Series 226: Welfare and Institutions Series 227: Welfare for the Elderly Series 228: Welfare Study Commission Series 229: Western State Hospital Series 230: Wetlands Series 231: Wetlands Bills Series 232: William and Mary, The College of (W&M) Series 233: Wine Dealers' Franchise Series 234: Yorktown, Town of Series 235: Zoning Series 236: Research Materials Series 237: Constituent Correspondence Series 238: Constituent Correspondence Form Letters Series 239: Legislative Correspondence Series 240: 1982 Session-Communications from Governor, et al. Series 241: 1982 Session-Constituent Problems Series 242: 1982 Session-Constituent Correspondence Series 243: 1982 Session-General Correspondence Series 244: 1982 Session-Legislative Correspondence Series 245: 1982 Session-Specific Bill Requests Series 246: Unidentified Compendium of Bills Series 247: Bateman's Pocket Appointment Books, 1964-1977 Series 248: Photograph Series 249: Oversize and Medium Oversize Maps.

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Gift: Acc. no. 83-1; 12,731 items, 1/20/1983.

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Mss. Acc. 2000.74 Herbert H. Bateman Congressional Papers (Congressional papers of Herbert H. Bateman, House of Representatives, 1982-2000, First Virginia District).

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Processed by John M. Coski in 1987.

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