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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

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Carte Strategique de L'Italie Septenrionale, 1859

 Item — Oversize_folder 6: Series id192309
Identifier: id192321
Scope and Contents (Wright Map Not Appearing on an Index No. 7)

Carte Strategiuque de L'Italie Septentrionale [Strategic Map of Northern Italy]

Shows fortifications, railroads roads, rivers. Relief by hachures.

Imprimerie Lemercier, Paris - lithographer

E. Andriveau-Goujon, Rue du Bac 21 Paris - publisher

lithograph, color, linen backed folding map of 18 sheets

58 cm x 78 cm

1 : 950,000

French-Italian Alps

 Item — Oversize_folder 4: Series id133341
Identifier: id189590
Scope and Contents (Wright French Map No. 25)


Relief by hachures.

F. Michel - engraver

Magasin de Géographie de Charles Simonneau, Paris - publisher

copper engraving, linen backed folding map of 18 sheets

47 cm x 64 cm

1 : 197,000

Sheet 7 of Magasin de Géographie de Charles Simonneau

French-Italian Alps; Dauphiny; Savoy, Piedmont, Montferrat, 1744

 Item — Oversize_folder 1: Series id133341
Identifier: id189576
Scope and Contents (Wright French Map No. 21)Regiae Celsitudinis Sabaudicae Status in quo Ducatus Sabaudiae Principat. Pedemontium ut et Ducatys Montisferrati in suas ditiones et Territoria determinati cum finitimis Provinciis[Their Royal Highnesses Sabaudicae state where Duchy of Savoy Principal. In those territories, and, to the piedmont of determination in their domains, and Ducatys of Montferrat in the Provinces with their neighbors]Roads shown. Relief shown pictorially....

Index Map of Italy

 Item — Oversize_folder 1: Series id238837
Identifier: id238837
Scope and Contents (Wright Index Map of Italy)L'Italie. Dressée sur les Observations de Mrs. De L'Academie Royale des Sciencessur celles du R. P.Riccioli de la Compagnie de Jesus, et autres Astronomes du pays, et sur plsiers autres memoires. [Italy. Based on Mrs. Observations Of the Royal Academy of Sciences on those of R.Riccioli of the Society of Jesus, and other Astronomers of the country, and on other memories.]Small scale map of Italy and the region. Cover Italian peninsula, Sicily,...

Milanese, Duchy

 Item — Oversize_folder 7: Series id238837
Identifier: id189913
Scope and Contents (Wright Italy Map No. 6)Ducatus Mediolanensis cum adjacentibus Principat. Et Dominiis[Principal Dominion of the Duke of Milan]Shows governmental boundaries, cities and towns, place names, rivers, lakes, forests and mountains. Relief shown pictorially.Matthaeus Seutter, Ausburg - cartographerTobias Conrad Lotter - engraverMatthaeus Seutter, Ausberg - publishercopper engraving, hand-colored, elaborate cartouche,...

Piedmont and Montferrat

 Item — Oversize_folder 10: Series id133341
Identifier: id189540
Scope and Contents (Wright French Map No. 9)Carte de Piedmont et du Monferrat Dressée plusieurs Cartes, Manuscrites ou Imprimées Rectifies par quelques Observations[Map of Piedmont and Monferrat Drawn of Several Maps, Handwritten or Printed Rectified by some Observations]Forest, roads shown. Relief shown pictorially.Guillaume Del'Isle, Royal Academy of Sciences, Paris - geographerJ. Condet - engraverJ. Covens & C. Mortier, Amsterdam -...


 Item — Oversize_folder 8: Series id238837
Identifier: id189918
Scope and Contents (Wright Italy Map No. 7)[Untitled]A portion of the Souhern European Kingdom of Sardinia on the Italian mainland. Relief shown pictorially.Giovanni Tommaso Borgonio - geographerDufrenoy, Paris - engraverphotographic reproduction 40 cm x 66 cm1 : 144,000 (reduction to 1 : 300,000)Manuscript annotation on verso by John Womack Wright: "Map of Sardenia. Made originally in 1683 and corrected in 1772. This...

Southern Piedmont and Montferrat

 Item — Oversize_folder 9: Series id133341
Identifier: id188493
Scope and Contents (Wright French Map No. 8)Partie Meridionale du Piedmont et du Monferrat[The Southern part of Piedmont and Montferrat]Forests, roads, etc. shown. Relief shown pictorailly.Guillaume Del'Isle, Royal Academy of Sciences, Paris - geographerJ. Covens & C. Mortier, Amsterdam - publishercopper engraving, hand-colored, linen-backed folding map of 4 sheets50 cm x 63 cm1 : 220,000Inset: Environs...

States of Venice, 1729

 Item — Oversize_folder 6: Series id238837
Identifier: id189910
Scope and Contents (Wright Italy Map No. 5)Dominium Venetum cum adjacentibus Mediolan. Mantuano, Mutinensi, Miran, Dolanoo, Parmensi, Placentino Ducatibus [Venetian ownership of the adjacent Duchies of Milan, Mantua, Modena, Dolan, Parma, Piacenza]The Duchy of Venice. Relief shown pictorially.Matthaeus Seutter, Ausburg - cartographerG. Matthaus Seutter - sculptorMatthaeus Seutter, Ausburg - publishercopper engraving,...