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Found in 25 Collections and/or Records:

Baptismal records of enslaved and emancipated Cubans

Identifier: SC 01636
Scope and Contents

Four separate letters directed to Catholic Priests in various localities in Cuba asking for the Baptism of children of enslaved individuals. One letter asks for Baptism from an emancipated man by the direction of Public Works for the state. Translations provided.

Dates: 1838-1875

Biddle Boggs and Mrs. B Miller correspondence

Identifier: SC 01820
Scope and Contents

A letter from Biddle Boggs to Mrs. B. Miller discussing the American Civil War (1861-1865).

Dates: 1862 May 15

Brooks and Company letter to Bernaden and Sons merchants, Havana, Cuba

Identifier: SC 01656
Scope and Contents

Two-page letter sending condolences regarding the loss of Captain Davis. The letter also addresses trade negotiations, as they pertain to sugar, and the attempt to ensure that their arrival into ports does not negatively impact the value of the various ship's goods.

Dates: 1870 December 30

Harry F. Byrd, Sr. correspondence

Identifier: SC 01816
Content Description

Two letters from Harry F. Byrd, Sr. to A.A. Watters, Jr. in regards to proposed tax reforms. The first letter is dated March 5, 1963 and details Byrd's desires to implement tax laws. The second letters is dated April 29, 1963 and expresses Byrd's thanks to Watters, Jr.

Dates: 1963

Richard E. Byrd, Jr, Letters

Identifier: MS 00288
Scope and Contents

Correspondence to Richard Byrd, Jr. from various federal and state officials. Most of the letters relate to official business, Byrd's father, Admiral Richard Byrd who did extensive research in Antarctica.

Dates: 1949-1971

Clarence W. Clapp manuscript poetry books

Identifier: SC 01809
Content Description

Two notebooks of Clarence W. Clapp's manuscripts poetry books. The first notebook's contains 20 poems discussing nature, local people, and religion. The second notebook's poems discuss men and women, the homeless population, and politicians.

Dates: Circa 1875-1884

Confederate States of America $500 Bond

Identifier: SC 01627
Scope and Contents

Printed issued bond number 9434 authorized by the act of Congress of the Confederate States for the amount of $500 in order to fund the treasury of the Confederacy. The interest notes, of seven percent, were due semi-annually to the bond holder beginning Jan 1, 1865. At the center of the bond is a drawing of an encamped Confederate soldier and the bottom depicts a steamship and locomotive, with the company Archer & Dely, Richmond, Va.

Dates: 1863 February 20

Donald MacDonald letter from 'Minnees Hill," Virginia to parents

Identifier: SC 01633
Scope and Contents Four page letter informing his parents of his well being and fine accommodations at his encampment. As part of the 141st New York Infantry regiment and stationed among its headquarters, MacDonald states that the shelter and food is as fine as anyone could enjoy or expect. He reports that he heard news of his regiment moving in to Washington, D.C. to protect the city for the winter months and delights at that potential. Lastly, he reports on packages sent to other soldiers and the high...
Dates: 1862 December 29

William Dowd letter

Identifier: SC 01824
Scope and Contents

Dowd described his first trip to Paris. He calls the French "wine drinking" and "frog eating." The ship made an unscheduled trip to Cowes. He had a rift with customs over cigars. He saw a map in a window which showed his home address of College Place and Murray St. The Church Madaleine is the most magnificent edifice. Paris women show more of their legs than American women. He must write letter to Lyman Cooke.

Dates: 1851 November 4

German postal covers collection

Identifier: MS 00287
Scope and Contents

115 envelopes, postcards, and letters from Germany with cancelled postage stamps. The chronology of the cancelled postage illustrates the hyperinflation Germany experienced, especially immediately following World War I.

Dates: 1893-1930; Majority of material found within 1920-1923

John Hulit and Charles correspondence

Identifier: SC 01819
Content Description

Content warning: The John Hulit and Charles correspondence contains racist language. The materials have been processed for fair use and research purposes.

A letter sent to John Hulit of James City County, Virginia from Charles, last name unknown, dated December 7, 1851. The letter provides a general description of Williamsburg, Virginia in regards to hunting. Derogative terminology used to describe Black people is contained in this letter.

Dates: 1851 December 7

John M. Kirkpatrick and Rev. E.D. Saunders correspondence

Identifier: SC 01810
Content Description

One letter from John M. Kirkpatrick to Rev. E.D. Saunders, written on February 10, 1845. Kirkpatrick, a resident of Farmville, Virginia, is inquiring about a teaching job in the math department at Rev. Saunders' school in Petersburg, Virginia. E.D. Saunders was the first President of the Petersburg Classical Institute, a first-class boys preparatory institute. Kirkpatrick would become a teacher at the school.

Dates: 1845-02-10

Letter from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Miss Robie A. Phiney, Cazenovia, New York

Identifier: SC 01631
Scope and Contents Four page letter from an unnamed author to her sister. In it, she references family or friends who are under orders to march, anticipating a battle soon as a result. She also references the battle at Fort Donelson. Other portions of her letter refer to visits and communication with mutually known individuals, a literary club begun by women in her area in which she participates, and her dismay at the notion that her sister wants to buy wine glasses as she prefers her sibling to be a...
Dates: 1862 March 09

Hettie and Mary Lybrook Correspondence

Identifier: SC 01817
Content Description

A single 3 page letter with envelope from "Hettie" to Mary Lybrook dated 1866 July 19. The letter details daily activitives and family medical issues.

Dates: 1866 July 19

Manuscript Qur'an

Identifier: SC 01629
Scope and Contents

193 page Qur'an bound in tooled leather. Date is unknown but probably 19th Century or earlier.

Dates: circa 1800's

Caspar M. McElfresh correspondence

Identifier: SC 01818
Content Description

The collection contains one letter from Caspar M. McElfresh's located in Williamsburg, Virginia at William & Mary, to his sister, Ariana McElfresh in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The letter contains McElfresh’s opinions and experiences during his first year at William & Mary. He likes his fellow students, his professors and how they teach their classes. He also discusses his hopes to have his two rifles at a later date.

Dates: 1850 October 15

Laura J. Noblit letter to Eliza, Attica, Ohio

Identifier: SC 01632
Scope and Contents

Four page letter directed to a friend to inform her of her new situation as a house maid for a wealthy family. The house in which she works seems the finest in the town of Attica, according to Noblit. Additionally, she writes that the townspeople are celebrating constantly, especially since many of the soldiers have returned from battle. Other parts of the letter reference church services and winter weather.

Dates: 1864 January 28

Notice of sale of enslaved man, Manuel

Identifier: SC 01635
Scope and Contents

Cuban document that confirms the sale of Manual from Antonio Maria Hernandez to D. Vacemcelo, signed in the city of Alacranes. Translation of document included in the collection.

Dates: 1877 November 26

Peru legal document

Identifier: SC 01634
Scope and Contents

Two page leaf from a Colonial Peru legal document which includes a hand stamp.

Dates: 1648-1649

Prohibition and Suffrage postcards

Identifier: SC 01630
Scope and Contents Collection of 31 postcards depicting various scenes related to prohibition, temperance, and women's suffrage. Majority of the postcards relate to temperance and include scenes and poems about the perils of drinking alcohol. One postcard celebrates the repeal of the prohibition amendment, telling of all of the jobs and prosperity the new brewery businesses will bring. Two postcards show women as Uncle Sam and another trumpeting with a banner that reads 'Votes for Women'. One postcard is...
Dates: circa 1870-1930

Spanish Language Legal Document

Identifier: SC 01644
Scope and Contents

One page document written in Spanish in 1642.

Dates: 1642

Union Co-Operative School papers

Identifier: SC 01813
Content Description

A series of two letters and two pamphlets regarding the policies and curriculum of the Union Co-Operative School in Bedford city, Virginia. Correspondence is addressed to Mr. R.A. Bradley of Hammett, Virginia from the Union Co-Operative School and includes information on tuition and boarding costs as well as the structure of the curriculum. The two pamphlets outline the school's policies and initiatives as well as the courses offered within the program for prospective students.

Dates: 1901

Lawrence Washington correspondence

Identifier: SC00105
Content Description

An excerpt of a letter from Lawrence Washington esq. to Thomas Bayard dated December 9, 1832 in regards to the division of property.

Dates: 1832 December 9

Wren Building Damascene Etching

Identifier: UA 8.008
Scope and Contents

Scene of the Christopher Wren Building at the College of William & Mary etched on pure silver with 24 karat gold electroplate, and burnished in copper and bronze. The damascene was part of a limited edition produced by Reed & Barton, numbered 35 and registered and issued to Archie Roy Stubbs, Class of 1931.

Dates: circa 1930

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