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Korean War, 1950-1953

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 20 Collections and/or Records:

Kenneth Brady Letters

Identifier: SC 01331
Scope and Contents

Letters, 1951-1953, written by Kenneth Brady to Mary Brady, his mother, during his service in the Korean War. He serves at Ft. Bragg, Camp Drum, Ft. Hood, Ft. Eustis, and finally Sokcho, Gangwon-do Province, South Korea, as part of the Transportation Corps of the 8th Army.

Dates: 1951-1953

Carol Cutting Letters to James Richey

Identifier: SC 01398
Content Description

Series of letters from Carol Cutting in Cleveland, Ohio to her fiance, James Richey who is attending Basic Boot Camp at the time of the correspondence in June and July of 1952. In her letters, Carol describes missing him and writes often of how excited she is of their upcoming wedding.

Dates: 1952 June- July

Phillip Coddington Letters

Identifier: MS 00135
Scope and Contents

Letters, 1951, of Phillip Coddington, a Captain in the United States Army, written to his wife. Most of the letters are written from Germany, while some are written from Texas and New York. Coddington served as a dentist during the Korean War, but it seems that he was never stationed in Korea itself.

Dates: 1951

Elsie Comfort Correspondence

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: MS 00115
Content Description The correspondence includes handwritten postcards, letters, and V-Mail as well as three photographs addressed to Elsie Jean Comfort (referred to as Elsie, Jean and Jeannie) from United States servicemen in the Army, Navy and Air Force during World War II and the Korean War. Several of the letter writers are from Comfort’s hometown of Elmira, New York. Comfort receives letters from F.W. (Franklin Woodward or “Barney”) Harlan; Charles R. Haner; James Ewing, Jr.; Donald Fickers; Richard T....
Dates: Other: 1943-1952

John Dillinger Photograph Album

Identifier: Mss. Acc. 2011.058
Scope and Contents

Photograph album, circa 1950s, of John Dillinger. Primarily contains picture of Dillinger in the United States Army, with handwritten annotations by his unnamed brother. Includes pictures from the United States as well as pictures from what seems to be Korea.

Dates: circa 1950s

Martin L. Duda Letters

Identifier: MS 00035
Scope and Contents

This collection contains letters written by Sgt. Martin L. Duda to his wife, Phyllis Lucille Duda, while serving in the Korean War. Some of the topics discussed in the letters include Duda's reluctance to serve in the war, the dangers of modern warfare, daily military life, the psychological toll of warfare, and the social life of service men.

Dates: 1950-1951

Edwin Petelle Letters to Joan and Tommy Petelle

Identifier: SC 01366
Content Description

Letters from Edwin Petelle, stationed in Korea, to his wife and child from June to December of 1953. This collection has not been processed.

Dates: 1953 June- December

John E. Fitzgerald Letters

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: MS 00068
Content Description More than 200 letters from John E. Fitzgerald to his wife Carol. There are 30 letters from 1942-1946 during World War II, with the bulk written during the Korean War, 1950-1951. There is also correspondence between 1958-1974. World War II (August 1952-March 1944) correspondence [typed and handwritten letters] includes mention of Dover Army Air Base in Dover, Delaware and an Army Air Base in Jacksonville, Florida; discusses Italy’s 1943 surrender to the Allied Forces; describes...
Dates: Other: 1942-1974

Frederick H. Stady papers

Identifier: MS 00073
Content Description The Frederick H. Stady papers contains letters written to and from Frederick H. Stady and his parents in Great Valley, New York, while stationed in Japan during the Korean War, 1952- 1953. Stady was part of the 64th Anti- Aircraft Artillery Gun Battalion during the war. During his service Stady was promoted twice and writes regarding these promotions and his raise in pay. He also comments on the local people and scenery of his locale, and recalls the work he does within his service in the...
Dates: Other: 1940-1953

George Yusa Letters

Identifier: SC 01311
Content Description

Collection of five letters, a telegram, and pictures addressed to George T. Yusa spanning the years 1947- 1948. Most of the letters give updates on fellow servicemen from World War II and detail the fear of another war with Korea based on President Truman's talk and actions. Yusa ultimately reenlisted in the Army and fought in Korea. He was severely wounded in June 1951 but recovered from his injuries.

Dates: 1947- 1958

Korean War 50th Commemoration banner, 1950-2003

 Item — Box 8
Scope and Contents From the Collection:

Includes chapter history albums and scrapbooks, special reports, Virginia DAR proceedings, Williamsburg DAR regular and executative meeting minutes, awards, commemorative banners.

Dates: 1950-2003

Carl Laskey Letters

Identifier: SC 00014
Scope and Contents This collection consists of three letters written by Carl Laskey of the U.S. Navy while aboard the USS Pickaway in the Pacific during the Korean War. Two of the letters are addressed to the Harner family in Lancaster, Ohio. The other is addressed to his wife, Anne, in San Diego, California. Laskey wrote about life at sea, as the Pickaway traveled past Japan to bring troops to Korea. The letters are handwritten and are included with their original envelopes. An addition to the collection is...
Dates: 1951

Marion "Pat" Gordon Robertson vs. Paul N. McCloskey, Jr. Papers

 Collection — Box Small Collections Box 118
Identifier: SC 01724
Content Description Two hundred pages of court filings, correspondence, and personal accounts related to the civil case, Marion Gordon Robertson vs. Paul N. McCloskey, Jr. Contains original documents alongside copies and scans of materials such as roster lists, and correspondence. Prominent other names include A. Willis Robertson, Andy Jacobs, Jr., as well as Lemuel C. Shepherd, Jr. There is one photo labeled with the names "Pete and Helen."There is also a DVD titled "Pete McCloskey: Leading from...
Dates: August 3rd, 1950 - June 9th, 1987

Mozelle DeVonne McNeil Papers, circa 1940-1960

Identifier: Mss. Acc. 2011.594
Scope and Contents

Papers, circa 1940s-1960s, of Mozelle DeVonne McNeil, includes correspondence, photographs, diaries, educational records, newspaper and magazine clippings, and other ephemera. These papers represent a view of everyday life in mid-twentieth century America from the perspective of a soldier's wife.

Dates: circa 1940-1960

Photograph Collection of Military Life in Virginia

Identifier: MS 00347
Content Description

This collection includes eighty two black and white photographs that depict American life at a military base in Virginia. Situated during the Korean War, these photographs mainly feature soldiers. However, couples, women, children, food preparation, and landscapes are also included in the collection. The collection belonged to a soldier stationed at Fort Lee and Fort A. P. Hill in Virginia in 1950. The photos were likely taken by a member of the Quartermaster Corps.

Dates: 1950

James Poirier Letters

Identifier: SC 01054
Scope and Contents

Letters, 1947 and 1951, of James Poirier, a soldier in the United States Army. The first letter, written in 1947, is written from Japan. The rest of the letters, dated 1951, are written from Korea. Discusses, among other things, suicide, front line combat, and the destruction of Seoul. Also includes a piece of Korean money, which Poirier sent to his family.

Dates: 1947; 1951

Henry Clyde Ross Letters

Identifier: Mss. Acc. 2011.147
Scope and Contents Letters, 1953-1955, of Henry Clyde Ross to his fiancée, Ella Brown, while the former was a private in the United States Army. Letters primarily detail Ross's life at basic training at Fort Lee, Virginia, his trip to Fort Lewis in Washington, and then his service in Korea after the war ended.In the last few letters, Ross writes that he is worried that something is wrong and that he has been hearing things from other people who write to him. In the penultimate letter, it seems as...
Dates: 1953-1955

Santiago Juarez photograph album and scrapbook collection

Identifier: MS 00355
Content Description This collection contains photographs and ephemera from a decorated Mexican-American soldier who was active during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. The photographs in the collection portray Juarez's wife Hatsuko Sakai, from Japan. Photographs also depict Juarez in uniform, as well as landscape scenes from Japan, and American servicemen interacting with prisoners of war. In addition, the collection includes ephemera such as Juarez's U.S. Army Geneva Convention ID card, mess...
Dates: 1947-1954

Wyman Taylor Letters, 1953

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: MS 00225
Content Description 15 handwritten letters from Wyman Taylor, Jr. to his wife during the Korean War. Taylor was stationed in Korea with the Army. The correspondence is arranged chronologically. Taylor discusses his various duties, including equipment cleaning and serving as a rifleman for a blast team. The letters mainly detail Taylor’s loneliness and desire for his wife. In August 1953, Taylor’s daughter Dawn is born in Detroit. Topic include finances, budgetary matters, and paying off debts. Taylor also...
Dates: 1953

Walter F. Wescott Diary

Identifier: SC 00225
Scope and Contents Contains the diary of Walter F. Wescott while stationed on board the USS Comstock (LSD-19) during the Korean War. In the diary, Wescott give a day-by-day account of a deployment during the Korean war (198 days total). Wescott gave detailed accounts of significant events during the Korean War to include, but not limited to: LSD-19's entrance into mine squadron 3, USS Chief shelling on the USS Grapple, Typhoon Karen (1952), sinking of the USS Sarsi, enemy fire at LSD-19 and other naval...
Dates: 1952-1954