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Identifier: id111549
Scope and Contents From the Series: Thomas Ritchies professional papers are chiefly letters to him as editor of the Washington Union, the official organ of the Democratic party (the entire collections contains only a few letters by him).The letters cover all the political topics of the day; extension of slavery, Texas, the Mexican War (militarily and politically), internal improvements, Wilmot Proviso, oregon territory, Whig and Democratic politics, transcontunental railroad, Baltimore convention, Nashville convention,...
Dates: 1829-1856 & undated

"Lenex", [?}, to Thomas Ritchie, [Early 1850?]

 File — Box: 11, Folder: 665
Identifier: id111551
Scope and Contents

Scope and Contents

Article "to general Zachary Taylor President of the United States" with comments on his Administration. 4 pp. AL.

Dates: [Early 1850?]

Copy of a proposed contract between Thomas Ritchie and the U.S. Congress, [1850]

 File — Box: 11, Folder: 666
Identifier: id111552
Scope and Contents

Ritchie's responsibilities as a public printer. 2 pp. Doc. Cy.

Dates: [1850]

Congress of the United States to Thomas Ritchie., [1850]

 File — Box: 11, Folder: 667
Identifier: id111895
Scope and Contents

Account of expenses incurred by Ritchie for printing Pesident Taylor's obituary. 2 pp. Doc.Cy.

Dates: [1850]

D. Trueheart, Richmond, to Thomas Ritchie, 1850 January 24

 File — Box: 11, Folder: 669
Identifier: id111900
Scope and Contents

Letter to Mr. Lynch; possibility of visiting with Ritchie. 1 p. ALS.

Dates: 1850 January 24

Robert McLane, H[ouse] of R[epresentatives], Washington, to Thomas Ritchie, 1850 February 20[?]

 File — Box: 11, Folder: 670
Identifier: id111903
Scope and Contents

Report printed in the Daily Globe concerning remarks made by McLane in the House; W.D. Wallach's desire to reprint the report in a condensed version; McLane's preference for a full reprint. 4 pp. ALS.

Dates: 1850 February 20[?]

Lewis H. Steward, Athens, O[hio], to Thomas Ritchie, 1850 Februrary 28

 File — Box: 11, Folder: 671
Identifier: id111908
Scope and Contents

Announcement from the Philomathean Society of Ohio UNiversity that Ritchie has been chosen a member. 1 p. ALS.

Dates: 1850 Februrary 28

"Quashy", a slave, Albany, to [William Henry?] Seward, [?], 1850 March

 File — Box: 11, Folder: 672
Identifier: id111911
Scope and Contents

Scope and Contents

"Quashy's" escape from the South and his plan to live in a house in Albany owned by Seward[?] 1 p. Cy.

Dates: 1850 March

J[oseph] Cable, Hall of Representatives, Washington, to Thomas Ritchie, 1850 March 17

 File — Box: 11, Folder: 673
Identifier: id111914
Scope and Contents

Scope and Contents

Three Questions directed to the Union to discern whether or not it is "a disunion paper" and its editors "disunionists". 3 pp. ALS.

Dates: 1850 March 17

Theodore Romeyer, New York, to Thomas L. Ritchie, Washington, D.C., 1850 March 25

 File — Box: 11, Folder: 674
Identifier: id111916
Scope and Contents

Romeyer as propietor of the New York Globe; dismissal of the editor Du Salle; changes made in the paper's contents; efford to establish party harmony; vote on the Wilmot Proviso. 2 pp. ALS.

Dates: 1850 March 25

W. B. Lucas, Fairfield, to Thomas Ritchie, Washington City., 1850 April 20

 File — Box: 11, Folder: 676
Identifier: id111919
Scope and Contents

Letter Ritchie wrote in regard to Texas and General Houston; state of Lucas' health after a riding accident; Lucas' desire to see a friend Stevenson and to discuss farming with him; support for General Cass. 4 pp. ALS.

Dates: 1850 April 20

Luke Lott, Ochesee, Florida, to Thomas Ritchie & Burke, Washington, D.C., 1850 April 24

 File — Box: 11, Folder: 677
Identifier: id111920
Scope and Contents

Copy of Lott's letter to President Zachary Taylor enclosed to Ritchie and Burke for possible inclusion in the Union; concerns the rights of the South. 3 pp. ALS.

Dates: 1850 April 24

R.M.T. Hunter to [Thomas Ritchie?], 1850 April 29

 File — Box: 11, Folder: 678
Identifier: id111923
Scope and Contents

Hunter's willingness to help "defeat any contruction [?] against [Ritchie?]" 1 p. ALS.

Dates: 1850 April 29

"West", [?], to R[ichard] M[ontgomery] Young, 1850 May [illeg.]

 File — Box: 11, Folder: 679
Identifier: id111924
Scope and Contents

Warning to Young that no one else from Illinois should be appointed a House of Representatives clerk, especially if Young desired re-election to his position. Includes AN by S.L. Lewis. 2 pp. AL.

Dates: 1850 May [illeg.]

S.L. Lewis, Washington, to Thomas Ritchie, 1850 May 6

 File — Box: 11, Folder: 680
Identifier: id111928
Scope and Contents

Available clerkships in Congress and how the positions are filled; mention of Judge Richard Montgomery Young. 2 pp. ALS.

Dates: 1850 May 6

Andrew Stevenson, Blenheim, to Thomas Ritchie, Washington City, 1850 May 18

 File — Box: 11, Folder: 681
Identifier: id111935
Scope and Contents

His astonishment at Colo. Randolph's card; the Compromise [of 1850], " a great crisis in our affairs." [Handwriting difficult]. 3 pp. ALS.

Dates: 1850 May 18

O.C. Gibson, Thomaston, Georgia, to Thomas Ritchie, Washington City, D.C., 1850 May 20

 File — Box: 11, Folder: 682
Identifier: id112403
Scope and Contents

Scope and Contents

Gibson's relation to the abolitionists. Enclosed also are notes by Gibson 22 & 23 May re: belief Ritchie has "wholly miscalculated the spirit of the South"; establishment of a paper to represent the South; effect of the Compromise of 1850. 4 pp. ALS.

Dates: 1850 May 20

C.A. Bradford, Mobile, to Henry S. Foote., 1850 May 21

 File — Box: 11, Folder: 683
Identifier: id112404
Scope and Contents

Scope and Contents

Southern reaction to the Compromise of 1850; belief Southerners will accept the compromise since the only other alternatives are "Taylor's plan and disunion"; cautious responce of the Southern press; mention of the Nashville Convention. 3 pp. ALS

Dates: 1850 May 21

Resolutions adopted and proposed "at a meeting of the Citizens of Washington, friendly to the Temperance cause.", 1850 May 22

 File — Box: 11, Folder: 684
Identifier: id112406
Scope and Contents

French S. Evans, Chairman, and James A. Kennedy & Benj. F. Pleasants, Secretaries. 2 pp. Doc. Draft.

Dates: 1850 May 22

Daniel B. White, Syracuse, to Thomas Ritchi[e] & Burke, 1850 May 26

 File — Box: 11, Folder: 685
Identifier: id112408
Scope and Contents

Abolition of slavery; compensation to slave owners; distribution of blacks; mention of John Krepps Miller, President Taylor, Henry Clay, and Thomas Benton. 2 pp. ALS.

Dates: 1850 May 26

Daniel B. White, Marcillus, New York, to Thomas Ritchie, Washington City, D.C, 1850 June 2

 File — Box: 11, Folder: 687
Identifier: id112413
Scope and Contents

Scope and Contents

Predicted "remodeling of parties" due to actions taken on the compromise; weakness of Gen. Cass as a party leader; possibility of Clay's candidacy for the Presidential office; the tariff and a U.S. Bank as campaign issues; influence of a "Cuban Invasion"; abolition of slavery. 3 pp. ALS.

Dates: 1850 June 2

John A. Whetstone, Pratville, Ala[bama], to Thomas Ritchie, Washington City, D.C., 1850 June 5

 File — Box: 11, Folder: 688
Identifier: id112482
Scope and Contents

High regard felt for Ritchie; comments recieved by Whetstone on a letter he sent to a member of Congress; mention of the Nashville Convention; effect of Ritchie's relation with Burke; belief that passage of the Wilmot Proviso would lead to disunion. conclusions reached by Whetstone in regard to the South's political relations with the North. 5 pp. ALS.

Dates: 1850 June 5