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H.C.C Kelly, Springfield, Ky., to [Thomas Ritchie & John P. heiss], Washington City, D.C., 1847 November 13

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 554
Identifier: id106783
Scope and Contents

Division with the Democratic ranks oveer the Wilmot Proviso; right of Congress to interfere in state governments; question of slavery especially in the territories; mention of the Missouri Compromise. 3 pp. ALS.

Dates: 1847 November 13

G.V.H. Forbes, Natches, to Thomas Ritchie, 1847 November 20

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 555
Identifier: id106784
Scope and Contents

Southern Views on the course of the Mexican War. 1 p. ALS.

Dates: 1847 November 20

E.G.W. Butler, Upper Rio Grande, To Thomas Ritchie, Washington, D.C., 1847 November 22

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 556
Identifier: id106785
Scope and Contents

Scope and Contents

Whig control of the House; Mexican War battles; General Scott's attack upon the capital; General Wool to his new headquarters; General Taylor "will be forced into the political arena". 4 pp. ALS.

Dates: 1847 November 22

W.D. Wallach to Thomas Ritchie, 1847 December 21

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 558
Identifier: id107331
Scope and Contents

Van Reuthugsen[?]'s investment in a printing speculation; suggestion to Earringer that his friends should not oppose Ritchie in the Senate if they don't want Ritchie to obstruct Gales and Seaton in the House; printing matters between Blair and Rives; notice of a new theatre. 2 pp. ALS>.

Dates: 1847 December 21

John P. Heiss, Washington, to Thomas Ritchie, 1847 December 21

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 559
Identifier: id107332
Scope and Contents

Desire that Ritchie submit his editorial on time so the paper can go to press and be in the mail at a reasonable hour. 1 p. ALS.

Dates: 1847 December 21

"The Union and its Constitution", 1847 December 23

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 560
Identifier: id107333
Scope and Contents

Congressional control of slavery. 4 pp. AMss.

Dates: 1847 December 23

"Howard", Indiana, to [Thomas Ritchie?], 1847 December 24

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 561
Identifier: id107373
Scope and Contents

Senator Dickinson's resolutions on slavery; Question of Congress' right to interfere with slavery in the territories; validity of the Missouri Compromise; territory acquired as a result of the war with Mexico. 4 pp. AL.

Dates: 1847 December 24

John Brockenbrough, Warm Springs, to Thomas Ritchie, Washington, 1847 December 31

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 562
Identifier: id107374
Scope and Contents

Subscription to the Union; Walker and his promotion of free trade and an independent treasury; war with Mexico; mention of Gallatin and Clay. 2 pp. ALS.

Dates: 1847 December 31

W.D. Wallach to Thomas Ritchie, 1848 January 26

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 563
Identifier: id107375
Scope and Contents

Reference to article in the Indiana Sentinel; houston's chances to be elected; mention of Andrew Johnson. 2 pp. ALS.

Dates: 1848 January 26

Ed[ward] M. Strange, Palmyra, Virginia, to John Young Mason, Washington, D.C., 1848 February 16

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 564
Identifier: id107376
Scope and Contents

Obtaining a commission in the Army; Mexican War; friendship between Ritchie & Stange's father; general Taylor as a Whig nominee for the Presidenty; Clay's chances as a Presidential candidate. 2 pp. ALS.

Dates: 1848 February 16

William F. Watson, Ritchmond, to Th[omas] Ritchie, 1848 February 18

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 565
Identifier: id107433
Scope and Contents

Approach of the Democratic convention; defense of Polk's Administration in regard to the Mexican War. 1 p. ALS.

Dates: 1848 February 18

Andrew J[ackson] Moulder, Warrenton, Virginia, to Thomas Ritchie & John P. Heiss, Washington City, D.C., 1848 February 23

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 566
Identifier: id107434
Scope and Contents

Complaint that the Union is not mailed promptly; mention of Mexico and the war; denunciation of the Whig Party. 4 pp. ALS.

Dates: 1848 February 23

Albert M. Gillian, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, to Judge French, 1848 March 23

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 567
Identifier: id107435
Scope and Contents

Scope and Contents

Importance of constructing a railroad from San Fransisco to the Mississippi River; Gillian's journal "travels in Mexico" which he claims is the first published work to propose such a railroad; Whitney's proposals regarding a railroad from the Columbia River to Lake Michigan; Dallas' plan for a canal across the Isthmus of Tehuantepee. 4 pp. ALS.

Dates: 1848 March 23

D.A. Ogden, Penn Yan, New York, to Thomas Ritchie, Washington City, D.C., 1848 April 7

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 568
Identifier: id107436
Scope and Contents

Problems confronting the Democratic Party in New York; how to bring harmony to the party at the national convention.3 pp. ALS.

Dates: 1848 April 7

George W. Huston to Thomas Ritchie, Washington City, D.C., [May 11, 1848]

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 569
Identifier: id107437
Scope and Contents

Request for information about benjamin Watkins Leigh. 1 pp. ALS.

Dates: [May 11, 1848]

Lt. W. B. Royall, Fort Mann, Arkansas River, to General R. Jones, Washington City, D.C., 1848 June 21

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 570
Identifier: id107438
Scope and Contents

Royall's command of U.S. troops on a trip from Council Grove [Kansas] to Fort Mann [Kansas?]; detailed description of Indian attacks while enroute to Fort Mann; mention of Major Thomas J. Bryant, U.S. Army Paymaster. 7 pp. Cy.

Dates: 1848 June 21

Alex Kuch, Waverly, to Thomas Ritchie, Washington, 1848 June 22

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 571
Identifier: id107439
Scope and Contents

Desire by Kuch to be a political writer for Ritchie during the campaign;Kush's selection as the Democratic candidate from prince George's County for the state Senate. 1 p. ALS.

Dates: 1848 June 22

R.R. Collins, Petersburg, to Thomas Ritchie, Washington, D.C., 1848 June 26

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 572
Identifier: id108504
Scope and Contents

Collins' reasons for not supporting Martin Van Buren for the Presidency. 3 pp. ALS.

Dates: 1848 June 26

J. W. Stevenson, Frankfort, Kentucky, to Thomas Ritchie, Washington City, D.C, 1848 July 10

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 573
Identifier: id108505
Scope and Contents

Presidential campaign of 1848 and mention of Crittenden, Clay, Taylor; slavery questions; campaign tactics in Massachussetts and Kentucky. 3 pp. ALS.

Dates: 1848 July 10

Ambroses Dudley Mann, London, to Thomas Ritchie, 1848 July 14

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 574
Identifier: id108508
Scope and Contents

Scope and Contents

the "mecklenburg Declaration"; mention of Van Buren, AAron Burr, and Andrew Jackson; desire for an appointment to Belgium. 3 pp. ALS.

Dates: 1848 July 14

W.D. McDaniel, Pontotoc, Miss. to Thomas Ritchie., 1848 August 1

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 576
Identifier: id108513
Scope and Contents

Martin Van Buren as a Presidential candidate; nomination of Cass and butler; predicted Democratic vote in Mississippi and Alabama; fading support for General Taylor in the South and West. 2 pp. ALS.

Dates: 1848 August 1

Robert McClelland, Washington, to Thomas Ritchie, 1848 August 1

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 577
Identifier: id108514
Scope and Contents

General Cass' position on the Wilmot Proviso; disagreement with Ritchie's editorials about Cass; mention of General Taylor, W.J. Brown, and Gov. Feltch. 2 pp. ALS.

Dates: 1848 August 1

John S. Swift, Caltago, N.C., to Thomas Ritchie, Washington City, D.C., 1848 August 7

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 578
Identifier: id108518
Scope and Contents

Request for documents about Gen. Cass, Gen. Taylor; campaign in a country in North Carolina. 2 pp. ALS.

Dates: 1848 August 7

F.B. Shepard, Mount Vernon, to president Polk, Washington, 1848 August 11

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 579
Identifier: id109524
Scope and Contents

Displeasure with the command of Lt. A. H. Dearborn and request that he be transferred to Oregon for duty; mention of the Mexican War and slavery. 3 pp. ALS.

Dates: 1848 August 11