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Box 15


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Box 15, 1894-1895

 File — Box: 15
Identifier: id82458
Scope and Contents From the Sub-Series:

This subseries consists of material related to William Booth Taliaferro. In addition to the correspondence in this subseries, there is additional correspondence in subseries 8: Oversize, folder 4.

Dates: 1894-1895

Correspondence, January 1894

 File — Box: 15, Folder: 1
Identifier: id84382
Scope and Contents

57 items. E.W. Hudgins, Joseph W. Southwell, E.C. Glass, William ap. William Jones, H.C. Bland, H.B. Smith, John A. Cunningham, F.F. Thomas, J.B. Lee, Rouse, Hempstone & Co., Parke Jones, -------, Beverley Randolph Wellford, Jr., Pembroke Pettit, H. Wolffe, Jno. Taliaferro Thompson to Lyon G. Tyler, Charles J. Anderson enclosing Thompson to Anderson, Jno. W. Marson

Dates: January 1894

Correspondence, February-March 1894

 File — Box: 15, Folder: 2
Identifier: id84383
Scope and Contents

55 items. Jno. Cunningham, Couper Marble Works, Lyon G. Tyler, C.A. Nesbitt, Mann Page, J.B. Tree, Barton H. Wise, John Taliaferro, J.L. Hill, H.B. Smith, Rouse, Hempstone & Co., G.F. Garnett, Randolph, Fauntleroy, F.R. Hayes, John B. Donovan (including -------), M.G. Clarke, August Prescott, Robert Coster, T.J. Meredith, John B. Donovan, E.G. Booth (at Carter's Grove), John W. Daniel, Richard H. Smith, West Point Virginian [newspapers]

Dates: February-March 1894

Correspondence, April-May 1894

 File — Box: 15, Folder: 3
Identifier: id84384
Scope and Contents

77 items. Judge F.S. Garnett, Richard H. Smith, Nottingham & Wren Co., Jno. R. Page, R.T.W. Duke, Jr., N.D. Cole, L.C. Catlett, J.N. Stubbs, West Publishing Co., S.D. Aspinwall, Sally, H.B. Smith, B.W. Lacy, envelope with temple seal and Latin inscription, Baughman, Commercial Brokerage, Keasboy & Mattison Co., T.R.K. Wright, O.A. Crenshaw, J.B. Montgomery, marriage invitation, Carolin Hazlehurst to Burton Haxall Wise, J.N. Stubbs, Henry D. Capers

Dates: April-May 1894

Correspondence, June-September 1894

 File — Box: 15, Folder: 4
Identifier: id84385
Scope and Contents 63 items. Sally Lyons Taliaferro, H.B. Smith, Marcus J. Wright, O.H. Perry, William E. Dibbell, Henry Alexander White, K.C. Murray, J.N. Stubbs (all letters concrening legal business), F.R. Farrar, E.C. Glass, James F. Duncan, Rouse, Hempstone & Co., Reuben Foster, J.B. Baylor, S.S.T. Wellford, A.P. Davis, Ann Booth (Booth genealogy), G.K. Weaver, John Donovan, W.T.L. Taliaferro, B.M. Franklin, J. Sydney Smith, L.S. Cottrell, F.C. Austin Maufacturing Co., William Lamb, R.T. Brooke, The...
Dates: June-September 1894

Correspondence, October-December 1894

 File — Box: 15, Folder: 5
Identifier: id84386
Scope and Contents

34 items. William and Mary Alumni Association (Highes, Cary & Munford), Maryus Jones, Jno. L. Marye, Jr., Samuel B. Chapman, H.R. Pollard, H.B. Smith, Chares A. West, Clementina Tompkins, Susie Ashton Perkins

Dates: October-December 1894

Correspondence. Tidewater Telephone Corp., 1894

 File — Box: 15, Folder: 6
Identifier: id84387
Scope and Contents 40 items. Tidewater Telephone Corporation Proxies. L.S. Foster, Kate P. Withers, D.B. Taylor, C.L. Morrison, N.F. Leigh, R.P. Taliaferro, J.D. Roew, J.W. Rowe, Joel M. Rowe et al., Charles U. Seawell, J.S. Johnson & Co., John W. Cox, W.A. Hughes, R.P. Taliaferro, Alfred W. Withers, R.P. Taliaferro, B.L. Weegan, Tucker & Co., J. Lloyd Tabb, Georg P. Mott, H.A. Bourne, Wilson Burns, Wilson, Plmer & Co., Henry Williams, J.T. Bland, William J. Hopkins, reuben Foster, Armstrong...
Dates: 1894

Correspondence, January-April 1895

 File — Box: 15, Folder: 7
Identifier: id84389
Scope and Contents 52 items. Lyon G. Tyler, James W. Howarth, Billie Ash, H.B. Smith, Charles A. West, B.M. Cox, L.S. Foster, Thomas J. Garden, memo concerning committees of William and Mary Board of Visitors, James H. Robertson, Ralph W. Payne, West Publishing Co., Sally, J.R. Bryan, George K. Taylor, H.T. miller Shirt Co., J.B. Thurston, William Booth Taliaferro's letter of recommendation for a black, Baylor Thornton, William Dickson, J.L. Bushog, William B. Dupree, A.L. Stras, Robert McCandlish, C.E....
Dates: January-April 1895

Correspondence, May-December 1895

 File — Box: 15, Folder: 8
Identifier: id84390
Scope and Contents

49 items. Sally A.D. Watkins, Lyon G. Tyler, Jno. Johnson, Dr. T.H. Barnes (celebrating collapse of Governor or brother Small), [F.G. Garnett?], S.B.F., Sydney Smith, H.O. Kerns, John B. Donovan, Lewis M. Bruce

Dates: May-December 1895