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Box 9


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Box 9, 1867-1877

 File — Box: 9
Identifier: id82452
Scope and Contents From the Sub-Series:

This subseries consists of material related to William Booth Taliaferro. In addition to the correspondence in this subseries, there is additional correspondence in subseries 8: Oversize, folder 4.

Dates: 1867-1877

Correspondence, January-April 1876

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 1
Identifier: id83539
Scope and Contents 54 items. Edward Maguire, R.W. Withers, John W. Bland, Sallie Lyons Taliaferro, T.S. Taliaferro, John S. Cooke, Jeff W. Stubbs, J.W. Lillarton, Boyd Healy, H.A. Atkinson, Jr., Andrew J. Andrews, B.S. Hacknkey, George W. Gray, Mary A. Love, James M. Guest, John S. Cooke, W.S. Robins, abstract of case of Foster v. Keebler, C.T. Smith to R.T. Hubard and vice versa, Henry Burger, Warner T. Taliaferro (at William and Mary), St. George Hopkins, J.H. Bogart, Gresham, Camp & Co., Ellwood E....
Dates: January-April 1876

Correspondence, May-July 1876

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 2
Identifier: id83546
Scope and Contents 98 itmes. Joseph Hopkins, George W. Gary, W.T. Taliaferro (at William and Mary), James A Scott, Thomas C. Baytop, Richard A Wise, George B. Stout, William F. Drinkard, Mrssrs. Dinsmore & Kyle, J.C. Braithwaite, J. Hayes (tongue in cheek letter to Whig), Dinsmore & Kyle, Charles P. Rady, R.L. Williams, R.W. Bollen, Major P. Lee, T.F. Nelson, James Smith & Co., William M. Taliaferro, J Carlton, John Clopton, Mary F. Cooke, John H.. Muir, M.B. Smith, James E. Goode, Beverly Randolph...
Dates: May-July 1876

Correspondence, August-December 1876

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 3
Identifier: id83551
Scope and Contents 85 items. James B. Ficklin, R.T.W. Duke, M.B. Seawell, J.R. Fisher, S.L. Dunton, J.R. ------, N.B. Meade, George L. Christian, A.H. Perry, Jo Lane Stern, Juliet L. Tompkins, J. Swineford, Thomas doughty, ______, R. Walter & Bro., Louis L Marks, W.S. Andrews, Jno. Cove, Wm. H. Anderson, W.A. Albert, Benjamin S. Ewell, Samiel A. Swann, E.S. Hutter, Thomas Branch, John T. Lovell, William Lamb, S.L. Denton, W.T. Taliaferro (brother), Abram S. Hewitt, J.E. Goode, M. Burke, Wm., Ahern, Jno. L....
Dates: August-December 1876

Correspondence, January-March 1877

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 4
Identifier: id83552
Scope and Contents 60 items. General Samuel Jones, John L. Marye, Jr., R. Walter & Bro, Alexander L. Holladay, James B. Finklen, O.H. Perry, T.S. Taliaferro, J.W. Littason (concerning Lighthouse appointment), J.M. Jeffries, Walter A. Jones, J.N. Stubbs, John B. Donovan, Edwin G. Booth (concerning likeness of R.W. Lee at Philadelphia Centennial), W.H. Sloan, Ro. T. Sears, Sallie (Lyons) Taliaferro, Craford Cushing, W.R. Rowe, Jno. R. Popham, Warner T. L. Taliaferro (son) (concerning artist Clemintina...
Dates: January-March 1877

Correspondence, April-August 1877

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 5
Identifier: id83557
Scope and Contents Declaration, U.S. Government to V.G.W. Munford, W.L.T. Taliaferro, Louise Hagues to Sallie, J. Critcher, John W. McDaniel, G.C. Wharton, Edwin G. Booth, Edward Goodfellow, O.H. Perry to H.B. Havens, report of receipts and disbursements of funds belongning to Ware Parish, G.E. Taylor, George Hunley, J.Bell Bigger, William B. Isaacs, Alexander G. Taliaferro, Julia Harrison, James W. Monroe to J. Hriston Seawell, W. Holliday, B.F Powell v. P. Hariston & wife, Van. H. Manning (concerning...
Dates: April-August 1877

Correspondence, September-December 1877

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 6
Identifier: id83563
Scope and Contents 42 items. O.H. Perry to [H.P.] Havens, Thomas M. Anderson, George W. Munford, J. Prosser Tabb, Imogene Lyons, H.P. Havens, Lizzie (Fahs?) to Leah S. Taliaferro, Robert W. Hughes, John L. Marye, Jr., (legal business), J[ohn] R[andolph] Tucker, H.L.D. Lewis, John F. Bray, Dr. Wm. H. Sheild, Cassius F. Lee, Wm. Terry, Charles F.M. Garnett, B.F. Bland, B.M. Hones, Alexander, H.M. Ashbel Green, John M. Look (?) and Charles B. Alexander to Samuel Jones, Samuel Jones, John B. Donovan, Samuel D....
Dates: September-December 1877