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Box 5


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Box 5, 1866-1869

 File — Box: 5
Identifier: id82448
Scope and Contents From the Sub-Series:

This subseries consists of material related to William Booth Taliaferro. In addition to the correspondence in this subseries, there is additional correspondence in subseries 8: Oversize, folder 4.

Dates: 1866-1869


 File — Box: 5
Identifier: id84940
Scope and Contents From the Series:

Group I are the papers of William Booth Taliaferro. For the correspondence boxes, please note that there may be multiple items by the individuals listed in the folders.

Dates: 1839-1898

Correspondence, 1866

 File — Box: 5, Folder: 1
Identifier: id83145
Scope and Contents 20 items. R.H. Temple, legal document drawn up by William Booth Taliaferro concerning English land, P. Goolrick to Dr. [William?] Taliaferro, J. Randolph Mordecai, A.W. Morton, J.A. Edmondson, John B. Minor to Taliaferro to Cousin H-------, [J. Edward?] Bird, Samuel E. Egerton Co., H.B. Catlett, Jno. H. Ellerson, Thomas H. Ellis, S.L. Taliaferro, Charles Mann, Beverley Randolph Wellford, Jr., Leopold & Cowper, receipt from W.T. Taliaferro [Sr.] to Dr. William Taliaferro, W.E. Stony, A.M....
Dates: 1866

Correspondence, 1867

 File — Box: 5, Folder: 2
Identifier: id83147
Scope and Contents

18 items. William T. burwell to Dr. William Taliaferro, A.V. Booth, Sallie Lyons Taliaferro, E. Taliaferro to J.W. Dennis, [V?] R. Jackson, E. Taliaferro, to mother, receipt to Dr. William Taliaferr by W.T. Taliaferro, H.K. Ellyson, (debts), Oscar Hendricks, F.C. Crump, William T. Burwell, William Booth Taliaferro's son, Warner T.L. Taliaferro, B.R. Wellford, Jr. (concerning death of William Booth Taliaferro's daughter Frances Booth Taliaferro, Thomas B. Sparks, [?] to Sallie

Dates: 1867

Correspondence, January-April 1868

 File — Box: 5, Folder: 3
Identifier: id83148
Scope and Contents 43 items. Doresy and Billups, Thomas d. Toy, F.N. Seabury & Sons, E.P. Tabb & Co., R. Walter & Bro., J.W. McCready, R.H. Baker, Jr., Peter Lyons, A.D. Armistead, William Gree, Paynter ---- & Co., Beverly Randolph Wellford, Jr., Canly Gilpin & Co., J. Edward Bird, George R. Statey and John H. Bash, Ruchard G. Pitt, Robert Berry, J.W. Dobson to L. Stubbs, J.G. Landes, W.J. Albert, J.B. Donovan, A.A. McCullough, Jno. A. Jones to R. Walter & Co., W.D. McCord & Co.,...
Dates: January-April 1868

Correspondence, May-August 1868

 File — Box: 5, Folder: 4
Identifier: id83149
Scope and Contents 43 items. R. Walter & Co., N.H. Walker, B.W. Billups, W.T. Taliaferro, Thomas H. Sullivan, James Hayes, D.W. McCord & Co., J. Edward Bird, Jno. H. Bash, W.B. Staley, Jno. W. Selby, George Brewer, Jno. W. Bruff & Co., T.J. Dail & Co., C.L. Miller, J.A. Lynham to H.H. Wells and to J.A. Lynham, Jacob Cohn, W.T. Taliaferro, R.F. Walker, W.J. Albert (legal advice), Beverly Randolph Wellford, Jr., Jno. W. Bruff & Co., Jno. F. Tomkies, T.J. Dail & Co., B.B. Foster, Thos. T....
Dates: May-August 1868

Correspondence, September-December 1868

 File — Box: 5, Folder: 5
Identifier: id83150
Scope and Contents 50 items. James Hayes, Johnston & Williamsson, Jno. W. Bruff & Co., J. Edward Bird, William J. Hardy, W.D. McCord & Co., William J. Hardy, R. Walter & Co., Edwin G. Booth, B. St. George Tucker, Andrew Rutherglen, daughter L.S. Taliaferro to Fanny, M.D. Taliaferro, Hno. F. Tomkies, William J. Sebert, James Hayes, B.W. Billups [sister to Sallie?], James Hayes, S.V.B. Tabb, Patterson -------, Herman L. Emmons, Mrs. C. L. Miller, R. Walter & Co., Chesnut, Townsend & Co.,...
Dates: September-December 1868

Correspondence, January-April 1869

 File — Box: 5, Folder: 6
Identifier: id83151
Scope and Contents

60 items. J.S. Wellford, James Hayes, John R. Page, bankruptcy notice of B.F. Newcomb, Warner Throckmorton Taliaferro, Laura Eugenia Weber, Jno. W. Bruff & Co., B. Bayler, W.W. Green, Lucius L. Lamier & Co., P.T. Woodward, Dr. William Jno. W. Braff & Co., R.W. Walter & Co., Chesnut, Townsend & Co., Beverly R. Wellford, Jr., Talbott & Bro., Jno. T. Seawell, J. Edward Bird

Dates: January-April 1869

Correspondence, May-September 1869

 File — Box: 5, Folder: 7
Identifier: id83267

Correspondence, October-December 1869

 File — Box: 5, Folder: 8
Identifier: id83152
Scope and Contents 41 items. H. Yeatmen [Oregon Benson?], Fannie [Lutherville Seminary, Baltimore County, Maryland] to William Booth Taliafero, Mrs. Bland [concerning selling land to blacks], B. Taliferro Bayles, A.J. Andrews, A.J. Andrews, W. Bosley, son of Warner Throckmorton Taliaferro 1861, H.W. Scott to Sallie, Theodore W. Heinemann, John Richardson, Phillips, Sears & Co., B. Greensfelder & Son., Thomas Y. Catlett to M.B. Seawell, James Hayes, J.J. Bloodgood, B.W. Gillis., Jno. Richardson, Phillip...
Dates: October-December 1869