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Box 4


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Box 4, 1862-1865

 File — Box: 4
Identifier: id82447
Scope and Contents From the Sub-Series:

This subseries consists of material related to William Booth Taliaferro. In addition to the correspondence in this subseries, there is additional correspondence in subseries 8: Oversize, folder 4.

Dates: 1862-1865

Correspondence, 1862

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 1
Identifier: id83043
Scope and Contents 49 items. Walter T. Foster, A.J. Setze, James Lyons, Bond for his hire of slave from R.H. Farinholt, Susan Seddon (Taliaferro) Wellford, Warner Throckmorton Taliaferro, to sons, Oscar H. Ricks, Edwin S. Taliaferro to William Booth Taliaferro, James Lyons, A.A. Huges (report on 48th Alabam Regiment at Cedar Mountain ), J.W. Jackson (report on 47th Regiment at Cedar Mountain), Joshua Stover (10th Regiment Virginia Volunteers), S.T. Walton (report on 23rd Virginia Regiment), J.C. Word (37th...
Dates: 1862

Correspondence, January-March 1863

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 2
Identifier: id83044
Scope and Contents 62 items. James M. Garnett, J.R. Jones, order to Jones, Funk, Warren, Nicholls, Isaac N. King, E.F. Paxton concerning charges filed by Taliaferro v. E.F. Paxton, John A. Harman, copy of testimonial to William Booth Taliaferro by officers of 48th Alabama and 47th Alabama, G.D. Mercer, R.C. White, E.T.H. Warren, Francis Nicholls, order to request R.K. Meade (as William Booth Taliaferro's adjutant), R.H. Chilton, P.M. Tabb & Son, William W. Boyce, J.C.E. Hinricks, Normal W. Smith, Motte O....
Dates: January-March 1863

Correspondence, April-August 1863

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 3
Identifier: id83045
Scope and Contents 90 items. William Terry, William Booth Taliaferro's brother, George A. Mercer, Leah, Seddon Taliaferro, wife Sally, [Sallie's sister to Sallie], S. Cooper, W.B. Standard [concerning Taliaferro's old brigade at Battle of Chancellorsville], G.P. Harrison, H.M. Stoddard, [?], H.C. Cunningham (concerning defences of James Island), report of operations on Morris Island: July 18, 1863 [Fort Wagner], Thomas Jordan, William H. Sthreshley, letter of William Booth Taliaferro [to mother], A.J. Gonzales...
Dates: April-August 1863

Correspondence, September-December 1863

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 4
Identifier: id83046
Scope and Contents 67 items. Warner T. Jones, C.H. Simonton, A.J. Gonzales, Thomas Jordan, L.M. Kutt, S. Elliott, Sally N. (Lyons) Taliaferro, W.W. Legare, S. Elliott, Requisition for Ordinance, G.B. [Lartig], Martin J. Ford, Edward T. Parker, Johnson Hagood, Fannie M. W-----, P.G.T. Beuregard, M. King, W.T. Taliaferro, William E. Earle, T.A. Burke, R.T. Coleman, George H. Gordon [to George W. Lamar, Jr.], William B Stanard, R.K. Meade, Sally B. Taliaferro to Dr. W. Taliaferr, E.L. Holocombe, Joseph Robinson,...
Dates: September-December 1863

Correspondence, 1864

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 5
Identifier: id83047
Scope and Contents 92 items. Sally Lyons Taliaferro, [Mrs. Corbin Warwick to William Booth Taliaferro] (to daughter Leah S. Taliaferro, eldest son, and Tommy), Leah S. Taliaferro to Warner Throckmorton Taliaferro, Thos. S. Taliaferro, Tho [Mazyck?] Porcher, William H. Mann, [H.W. Scott(?) to Sallie], [Alfr[e]d Sturman(?)], father of W.T. Taluiaferro, Sr., P.G.T. Beauregard, mother Leah S. Taliaferro, Report of William Booth Taliaferro, Beverly Randolph Wellford concerning Kilpatcick-Dahlgren Raid, J.B. White,...
Dates: 1864

Correspondence, 1865

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 6
Identifier: id83048
Scope and Contents 91 items. A. Rhett to W.F. Nance, S. Elliott, B.F. Robert, Sallie Lyons Taliaferro, troop returns for 2nd and 3rd sub districts: South Carolina, order of William booth Taliaferro (per R.W. Page) to General Elliott, troop returns February 21, 1865, morning report Connre's Brigade, Rhett's Brigade, James Island Brigade, James Lyons to Sallie Lyons Taliaferro, Permission of F. Kemp, William H. L___ to sister, John C. Breckinridge (concerning William Booth Taliaferro's promotion), W. Hardee...
Dates: 1865