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Box 2


Contains 13 Results:

Box 2, 1848-1858

 File — Box: 2
Identifier: id82445
Scope and Contents From the Sub-Series:

This subseries consists of material related to William Booth Taliaferro. In addition to the correspondence in this subseries, there is additional correspondence in subseries 8: Oversize, folder 4.

Dates: 1848-1858

Correspondence, 1848

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 1
Identifier: id82485
Scope and Contents

10 items. Leah S. Taliaferro, W.T. Taliaferro, George T. Shackelford, William Booth Taliaferro's grandfather, brother of William Booth Taliaferro.

Dates: 1848

Correspondence, 1848

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 2
Identifier: id82486
Scope and Contents

6 items. Brother of William Booth Taliaferro, Jacob C. Sheldon, D.H. Hill, typescript of letter 10 July 1848 from Z. Taylor to Jefferson Davis concerning Whig nomination for President.

Dates: 1848

Correspondence, 1849

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 3
Identifier: id82487
Scope and Contents

2 items. J.C. Booth incomplete letter from unidentified correspondent concerning his love for William booth Taliaferro's sister

Dates: 1849

Correspondence, 1850

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 4
Identifier: id82488
Scope and Contents

10 items. [Chas. F. Beck?], John H. Tabb, T. Clayton, Mr. Dewey, B.B. Silliman, Thomas Grey, James A. Seddon, John P. Bristow, [Sally Taliaferro & William Booth Taliaferro]

Dates: 1850

Correspondence, 1851

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 5
Identifier: id82489
Scope and Contents

10 items. Wyndham Kemp, William H. Richardson, Jr., G.W. Garant, Program for the Hebrew School Fund Ball (to aid Hebrew and English Institute of Richmond), LEah S. Taliaferro, Sally Taliaferro, M. Perkins, [Philip Taliaferro, Paris?]

Dates: 1851

Correspondence, 1852

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 6
Identifier: id82490
Scope and Contents

6 items. S. Wheeler, William J. Cocke, Tazewell Taylor, George L. Pollard, J.M. Drewry, Maim[illia]n Herbert (Wheeler et al. committee for Democratic Party Mass Meeting, E.L.T. Taliaferro (brother of William Booth Taliaferro)

Dates: 1852

Correspondence, 1853

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 7
Identifier: id82491
Scope and Contents

14 items. C.P. Beck, Sally Lyons Taliaferro, James Lyons, ___?___, Leah S. Taliaferro to Mr. Dewey, Thomas Green (Virginia Military Institute), Frances H. Smith, Mary E. Lyons, Allman & Co., W.H. Taylor

Dates: 1853

Correspondence, 1854

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 8
Identifier: id82492
Scope and Contents

14 items. F.S. Chaseton, H.W. Scott, James Lyons, W.H. Taylor, P.H. Goodloe, Ball & Roy, Franklin Literary Society, Randolph-Macon College, A.M. Perkins, Cappahosic Academy, Alexander G. Taliaferro, Willoughby [Nate?]

Dates: 1854

Correspondence, 1855

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 9
Identifier: id82493
Scope and Contents

14 items. Francis H. Smith, John Cocke, Jr., [James Lyons] Bond to Sally from William Booth Taliaferro (renewed 1860 - joke?), George H. Smith to Francis Henny Smith, Angus W. McDonald, Charles B. Ball, W.O. Goode, G.K. Harper, Appointment of William Booth Taliaferro as director of Richmond & York R.R.

Dates: 1855

Correspondence, 1856

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 10
Identifier: id83033
Scope and Contents

10 items. Broadside to petition legislature for money to enlarge the College Building, Charles Mann, William H. Richardson, bond of W.T. Taliaferro to Philip Taliaferro, John P. Tabb, J.B. Coshahan (William and Mary alumni)

Dates: 1856

Correspondence, 1857

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 11
Identifier: id83034
Scope and Contents

20 items. William H. Richardson, Roger A. Pryor, A.M. Perkins

Dates: 1857

Correspondence, 1858

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 12
Identifier: id83035
Scope and Contents

21 items. Thomas Grey, Bond of Leah S. Taliaferro to Philip A. Taliaferro, [D.S. Walters?], S. Prosser Tabb, Sally Taliaferro, Fielding L. Taylor, Winfield Scott, K.M. Cary, [to William Munford] P.M. Tabb & Son, Mary Elizabeth (Lyons) Wise to Sally Lyons Taliaferro, J. B. Cary

Dates: 1858