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Untitled Che, 1968

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Scope and Contents

Artist: Raul Martinez. Year: 1968 General description: there is no text present; Che with full beard frames the lower half of the poster and stars are coming out of his forehead to touch the earth drawn above him; the poster shows bright colors such as pinks, reds, blues and yellows.

Dates: 1968

32 Festival del Nuevo Cine Latinamericano/32 Festival of New Latin American Cinema, 2010

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Identifier: id97153
Scope and Contents Artist: Fabian. Text: 24 Encuentro el Universo Audiovisual de la Niñez Latinoamericana; 32 Festival del Nuevo cine latinoamericano, La Habana, 2 al 12 de diciembre 2010 Translation: 24th Latin American Children’s Audiovisual Universe Conference; 32nd Festival of New Latin American Cinema, Havana, December 2-12, 2010. Poster Year: 2010. General description: Mario from the video game Mario-Cart climbs on top of blocks colored in bright colors; the two texts are framing his feet and he is...
Dates: 2010

Titón: Más Allá del Cine/Titón: Beyond the Cinema, 2007

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Identifier: id97154
Scope and Contents Artist: Raupa. Text: Titón: Más allá del cine; Exposición homenaje a Tomás Gutiérrez-Alea; ICAIC 2007, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes; del 16 de noviembre al 14 de enero de 2008 Translation: Titón: Beyond the Cinema, An exposition in homage of: Tomas Gutierrez-Alea; ICAIC 2007, National Museum of Art, From the 16 of November to the 15 of January 2007 Poster Year: 2007 General Description: Tomás Gutiérrez-Alea’s face appears multiple times along a strip in the middle of the posers; his body...
Dates: 2007

Elpidio Valdes Contra La Policia de Nueva York/Elpidio Valdes against the New York Police, 1995

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Identifier: id97155
Scope and Contents Artist: Eduardo Muñoz Bachs. Text: Elpidio Valdes Contra La Policia de Nueva York, Dibujo animado cubano en colores, Dirección: Juan Padrón Translation: Elpidio Valdes Against the New York City Police, Cuban animation in color; Directed by Juan Padrón Film: Elpidio Valdes Against the New York City Police Director: Juan Padrón Film Year: 1976 Poster Year: 1995 General Description: Elpidio Valdes rides his horse, he has a sword in his hand and is fighting two uniformed police offices with...
Dates: 1995

Lucia, 1968

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Identifier: id97156
Scope and Contents Artist: Raul Martinez Gonzales. Text: Lucia; Un film cubano de Humberto Solas, con Raquel Revuelta, Eslinda Nuñez, Adela Legra Translation: Lucia; A Cuban Film by Humberto Solas, with Raquel Revuelta, Eslinda Nuñez, Adela Legra Film: Lucia Director: Humberto Solas Poster Year: 1968 Film Year: 1968 General Description: Three images of a woman’s face framed by organic curves and flowers; “Lucia” printed across the top of poster in large, rounded lettering; colors are yellows, pinks, oranges,...
Dates: 1968

El Arte del Tabaco/The Art of Tobacco, 1977

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Identifier: id97157
Scope and Contents Artist: Antonia Fernández Reboiro. Text: El Arte del Tabaco; documental cubano en colores; direccion: Tomas Gutierrez Alea [sic]. Translation: The Art of Tabacco, Cuban documentary in color, directed by Tomás Gutíerrez-Alea Film: El Arte del Tabaco Director: Tomás Gutíerrez-Alea Film Year: 1974 Poster Year: 1977 General Description: A woman’s face is framed by an arch of tobacco plants and a golden banner with the film title “El Arte del Tabaco”; the background is a turquoise blue and the...
Dates: 1977

Various Artists Posters, 1968-2010

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Scope and Contents From the Collection:

Posters, from 1962 to 2018, of feature films, documentaries, animated films, film events, and others that were produced in Cuba by Cuban artists. Posters were primarily created by using a silk screen process and were made for both Cuban and non-Cuban films.

Dates: 1968-2010