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Diary, 1893

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The following excerpts were provided by the seller and have not been checked for accuracy: "Sunday, Jan. 1, 1893--I have again consecrated my-self to the Lords service on this the New Year. I ask only to be led by him day by day and I want to do willingly and cheerfully every duty that comes in my path. I tried to be very happy this morning and I went to church but being late did not sit with the choir. ... Mable came for me to go down to the Y.M.C.A. the chorus of fifty voices were to sing but there were not over twenty of us as it was stormy. On my way home we went with Vida's a little while. I was fooling with Frank and rumpled his hair, then he tore mine all down and Vida went to take her brush away from him and he broke it. It made her feel very badly." "Monday, Jan. 2, 1893--As it was stormy this morning and my back was weak, we did not wash. I wish now that we had for I have to get to the store at 7:30 tomorrow and I do not have as much time to help Mamma. Mr. Wheeler asked me to come in on time, that he might take the early train into Boston. ... I did not take any supper tonight. Mr. Wheeler let me off at 7:45 to go to the cantata rehearsal, it was held in Park Hall, in Lee Hall Building." "Tuesday, Jan. 3, 1893--I met Vida [for lunch] as usual and we ran, for we never walk leisurely to the store, we are always in a hurry. ... Mable and I went to church this evening. It was a lovely service. Their were seven who raised their hands for prayer. I wish that Marcia Alley would start for Christ. Oh! if only Fred were here that he might give himself up to Jesus, but then the Lord can bless him just as well in Newburyport as in Lynn, may he be convinced of his sin and brought to Christ." "Wednesday, Jan. 4., 1893--Mr. W. told me that he would do the dusting and I could begin to do my cleaning and I did clean until dinner time and after I got back from dinner I cleaned until my head ached and I couldn't clean anymore. I played on one of the Autoharps that we have in the store, I think I could learn to play it very quickly for it is quite easy. ... It is just lovely going skating on Flax. There is an open place in the ice but they have lanterns near it and a policeman on watch, but for all that there were two boys got in, they try to see who can go the nearest without getting in." "Thursday, Jan. 5, 1893--I feel that [Christ] is right beside me and that I can take hold of his mighty hand and he will hold me up. Gracie Stetson has given her heart up to Jesus tonight. I am too weary to write more." "Saturday, Jan 7, 1893--It has cleared off beautiful this morning and we have very good sleighing. Papa came after me at the store and took me to dinner so I had my first sleigh ride this year." "Sunday, Jan. 8, 1893--Not very pleasant at home this morning, papa and I had a fuss over a half pound of candy. I kept my temper pretty well. I did go without my breakfast for spite." "Monday, Jan. 9, 1893--Papa came up to my room and asked me to forgive him. I did but it is very hard to forget." "Friday, Jan. 13, 1893--Feel pretty tired tonight. I have a lame arm from stamping envelopes, went to the supper and had a very nice time, the entertainment was very fine." "Sunday, Jan. 15, 1893--I came away, dropped in to the girls meeting then to Y. P.'s and sang in the in the choir upstairs and stayed to the prayer service, there were 9 stood up for Christ, 7 of them were young men. It was a good sight to see them stand up one after the other." "Tuesday, Jan. 17, 1893--Mamma went to Boston with Elida, he is going to have his ears attended to for he is quite deaf. Went to church and sat with Estella. Arthur was there and came home with me, we went in and had a cup of hot coffee. He asked if he might visit me tomorrow evening but I told him I would rather not. Papa snored in church." "Wednesday, Jan. 18, 1893--I thought that I could play parcheezi but when I began to play with Nellie, I didn't know very much about it. She beat me three games just as slick. I decided I had better go to bed. After we got in bed she just kept me laughing till my stomach ached. She told about the Minister and the Hornet, how she borrowed some clothing and about the cow and her wrapper." "Friday, Jan. 20, 1893--I sat with with Fanny and Millie [in church]. Bert Tufts was there and he has started to be a Christian. I talked with him quite a while about old times." "Saturday, Jan. 21, 1893--Ralph Smith was in the store talking with me when Fred Dow went up passed the store and back again. Perhaps he will look for work up here. i hope he will look for work up here. i hope it is in answer to my prayer and that he will lead a better life. Abbie was very much surprised when I told her that I had been engaged to him. He was in the Eaton Spa when we went home." "Monday, Jan. 23, 1893--We went to the rehearsal at eight o'clock, the cantata is going to be given in Peabody the 9 & 10 of Feb. and they have invited the Lynn Choir to join them." "Tuesday, Jan. 24, 1893--Arthur Dyer is very sick in bed. They think it may be diphtheria but are not certain. Vida told me tonight that she had started to be a Christian. I hope that I may be a help to her in many ways." "Wednesday, Jan. 25, 1893--Vida is very happy today for she and Rob. have both started to be Christians, they go to the Wash. St. Baptist. Arthur Dyer is some better today, I carried him down a glass of coffee jelley this noon." "Sunday, Feb. 5, 1893--Went to church and Sunday School. I rather expected that Fred would be in the city today, but I guess that he did not get work here." "Monday, Feb. 6, 1893--The Medal Contest is over and I am disgusted with myself. I forgot the last part of my piece and had to be prompted. Bertha Fellows got the silver medal and Alice Wheeler the second prize. Milly and Mable came home with me." "Tuesday, Feb. 7, 1893--When I went in this morning I told Miss Rhodes that I got both the prozes and she actually believed me. ... Gertie Mays was there and gave me some consolation on my last night's failure. Mr. Clark, one of the judges, said that if Annie had prompted me quicker that the mistake would not have been noticed and I would have taken one of the prizes. As it was I came in only third." "Thursday, Mar. 2, 1893--I decided this morning that I would go to the Yellow Tea at the First M. E. Church. Mr. & Mrs. Wheeler & Miss Rhodes are going and wanted me to go. At noon I changed my dress and got all ready. Jimmie came in before our store closed with yellow collar and tie and shirt front. ... The dining room looked lovely and the ladies were all dressed in yellow cheese cloth and had white roses. ... After supper we were entertained by a gypsy troup and the Cape Cod Quartette." "Friday, July 14, 1893 (vacation trip)--The train left for Portland at 2--got aboard all right. At Newmarket Junct., we got out and walked round a few minutes. There were some men and women of the Sal. Army on the train, they got out at Old Orchard Beach. When we got in the Union Depot it was blowing a gale. ... Boat left at six, one hour late." "Wednesday, July 19, 1893--Helped do up the work in the A.M. Nellie took Aunt Alice and John rowing in the afternoon." "Tuesday, July 25, 1893--Aunty and I went out to Aunt Lucy's in the P.M. and stayed to supper, after which Ma, Fred and I went out in the hay cocks and played, also Hide and Seek." "Thursday, July 27, 1893--We had our chowder today, before we started Bill Reynolds came but that did not hinder him from going, there were Uncle Bill, Aunt Lucy, Alice, Lizzie, Frank Harry, John, fred, Mary, George and myself went on the truck to the beach. Uncle Bill made a lovely character and just as we got into the woods it rained terribly but it didn't dampen our feelings a bit. After dinner Frank took a walk all around the beach and found a lovely crystal stone. Uncle John put up the swing and we stayed in that a long time. Harry and I got to fooling and I chased him out the beach then we went along after stones, went a long ways, we found lots of pretty stones. When we got back to the others we all had supper and then came home. All had a lovely time." "Wednesday, Aug. 2, 1893--We--that is uncle Bill, Aunt Lucy, Willie and and Mamie Collins, John and Rose Henward, Lizzie and Frank, Aunt Alice and myself started out sailing for the wreck. Just as soon as the boat gave a move Aunty Alice nearly fainted. She is dreadfully frightened on the water and Uncle had to let her off and she went home. We landed at Denbo's Point, had a fine lunch, then started out for raspberries, which we founf quite plentyful, had just got settled to work when the owner came and told us we could not pick any more, that there were only enough for his own use, he waned to use a good many I think." "Thursday, Aug. 3, 1893--I got ready to start, bid Nels good-bye at the house as he went to work. Geo. gave me one of his pictures. I gave my rabbits to Jimmy, he gave me a bottle of cologne and a fancy banana. Aunt Alice gave me a lovely basket that the squaws made, also two very tiny ones. I bought one each for Mama and Maria and a fan for Mable. My friends came to the boat with me. The boat left the wharf at one o'clock. I stayed on deck a little while and then went down to bed."


  • Creation: 1893


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