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 File — Box: Manuscripts Group 2 Box 33, Folder: 1

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The folder contains the following items:

Barbour, James S., Governor of Virginia, 1812-1814

J.S. Barbour to the President of the United States, Andrew Jackson, Washington D.C., 1829 December 24. Introduction of W.B. Tyler.

Brooke, Robert, Governor of Virginia, 1794-1796

Robert Brooke, Richmond, Virginia, to Governor Isaac Shelby of Kentucky, 1795 December 4. Asks for an immediate investigation "committed by two Citizens of the State of Kentuck on the rights and property of our Indian neighbors."

Also includes the Commission of James Davis, 1795 December 22. Commission of James Davis as captain of a company of riflemen in the 1st Battalion, 100th Regiment, Virginia Militia.

Cabell, William H., Governor of Virginia, 1805-1808

Commission of Robert H. Warburton, 1807 October 14. Commission of Robert H. Warburton as ensign in the 68th Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 4th Division, Virginia Militia.

Cameron, William E., Governor of Virginia, 1882-1886

William E. Cameron, Richmond, Virginia, to General Horatio C. King, 1885 April 13. Declines an invitation to attend the annual reunion of the Army of the Potomac.

Campbell, David, Governor of Virginia, 1837-1840

David Campbell to "General", 1840 October. Suggests he stop at "my house" on his way from Blountville to Richmond.

Floyd, John, Governor of Virginia, 1830-1834

John Floyd, Richmond, Virginia, to Governor Duncan McArthur of Ohio, Columbus, Ohio, 1831 December 12. Expresses thanks for interest shown in the completion of the documents relating to military lands of Virginia located in Ohio.

Floyd, John Buchanan, Governor of Virginia, 1849-1852

John B. Floyd, Secretary of War, Washington, D.C., to Captain Montgomery C. Meigs, Washington, D.C., 1859 November 1. Relieves him of his duties as Engineer in charge of the Capitol, Post Office extensions, and the "New Dome."

Gilmer, Thomas W., Governor of Virginia, 1840-1841

Thomas W. Gilmer, Charlottesville, to Lewis Walker, "Bentivoglio," Albemarle County, Virginia. 1842 October 23. Asks for financial aid.

Holliday, Frederick W.M., Governor of Virginia, 1878-1882

Fred W.M. Holliday, Richmond, Virginia, to Henry Storm, 1878 January 4. States that (he) Holliday was never a member of the Virginia legislature.

Johnson, Joseph, Governor of Virginia, 1852-1856

Joseph Johnson, Richmond, Virginia (?), to William Cranch, Chief Justice of the District of Columbia, Washington D.C. (?), 1852 September 9. Demand of the surrender of Thomas Harper, alias Hopwood, a fugitive of justice.

Kemper, James L., Governor of Virginia, 1874-1878

James L. Kemper, Richmond, Virginia, to William T. Yancey, 1875 September 20. In regards to a canal extension.

Lee, Fitzhugh, Governor of Virginia, 1886-1890

Fitzhugh Lee, Richmond, Virginia, to J.B. Harrison, Corresponding Secretary, American Forestry Congress, Franklin-Falls, New Hampshire, 1889 September 16. Declines an invitation to attend the annual meeting of the Congress.

Letcher, John, Governor of Virginia, 1860-1864

John Letcher, Lexington, Virginia, to (?) Morrison, Washington, D.C., 1867 March 18. Offers books for sale.

McDowell, James, Governor of Virginia, 1843-1846

James McDowell, Washington, D.C., to William A. Graham, Secretary of the Navy, Washington, D.C., 1850 September 23. Recommendation of William B. Thompson, Botetourt County, Virginia, for an appointment as an assistant surgeon in the Navy. Also signed by H.A. Edmundson.

Nicholas, Wilson C., Governor of Virginia, 1814-1816

Certificate confirming the authority of Edmunds Mason as Clerk of the Superior Court of Greensville County, Virginia. 1816 July 1.

O'Ferrall, Charles T., Governor of Virginia, 1894-1898

Charles T. O'Ferrall signature, 1895 May 23. Signature.

Page, John, Governor of Virginia, 1802-1805

Certificate of appointment of Justices of the Peace for Fluvanna County, Virginia. 1777 August 22. See Manuscripts Oversize Box 12.

John Page, Richmond, Virginia, to the President of the United States, (Thomas Jefferson), Washington, D.C. (?). 1804 January 4. Transmits Virginia's ratification of a proposed amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

John Page to Governor (Caleb Strong) of Massachusetts, 1804 July 11.

John Page, Richmond, Virginia, to Governor (Caleb Strong) of Massachusetts, Boston, Massachusetts. Concerns a resolution of the Massachusetts legislature to obtain an amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

Pierpont, Francis H., Provisional Governor of Virginia, 1865-1868

Francis H. Pierpont, Alexandria, Virginia, to unknown recipient, 1864 March 30. Expresses desire for peace and a restored Union.

Pleasants, James, Jr., Governor of Virginia, 1822-1825

James Pleasants, Jr., House of Representatives, Washington, D.C., to B.W. Crowninsheild, Secretary of the Navy, 1818 January 20. Recommendation for the appointment of John A. Grady as a midshipman.

Preston, James P., Governor of Virginia, 1816-1819

James P. Preston, Smithfield, Virginia, to Bernard Peyton, Richmond, Virginia, 1827 September 22. Notifies him of the death of his [BP] brother, Major Garnet Peyton, who was married to Preston's niece.

Randolph, Beverly, Governor of Virginia, 1778-1791

Statement that John Lee is entitled to the proportion of land allowed to a Corporal of the Continental Line for three years of Revolutionary Service., 1789 October 5.

Certificate of appointment of William Hogan, Mercer County, Virginia, as Inspector of Tobacco at Hickmans Warehouse, 1790 October 28.

Randolph, Thomas Mann, Governor of Virginia, 1819-1822

Thomas Mann Randolph, Richmond, Virginia, to Governor (Samuel Sprigg) of Maryland, 1820 June 30. Transmits a collection of the laws of Virginia and asks for similar action on the part of the Governor of Maryland.

Robertson, Wyndham, Acting Governor of Virginia, 1836-1837

Wyndham Robertson, Richmond, Virginia, to Governor (James Clark) of Kentucky, 1836 May 17. Vindicates Francis Devin who had been falsely accused of being a fugitive from justice.

Wyndham Robertson, "The Meadows," near Abingdon, Virginia, to A.A. Mayo, 1852 September 15. Reply to a question concerning the residence of Governor Tazewell.

Rutherfoord, John, Acting Governor of Virginia, 1841-1842

John Rutherfoord, Richmond, Virginia, to Christopher Neale, Alexandria, Washington, D.C., 1842 June 17. Concerns business connected with the Mutual Assurance Society.

Smith, George William, Acting Governor of Virginia, 1811.

Confirmation of the authority of John Thomas Rickett as Justice of the Peace of Fairfax County, Virginia, 1811 September 16.

Smith, William, Governor of Virginia, 1846-1849

William Smith, Government House, (Richmond, Virginia?) to John Y. Mason, Secretary of the Navy, Washington, D.C., 1846 November 28. Recommends the son of Col. Bigger for an appointment in the Navy.

Certificate granting a tract of land in Rappahannock County to Richard Harris, 1847 March 13. Certificate granting a tract of land in Rappahannock County, Virginia to Richard Harris. See Manuscripts Oversize Box 12.

Tazewell, Littleton Waller, Governor of Virginia, 1834-1836

Littleton Waller Tazewell, New Brunswick, New Jersey, to George Ticknor, Boston, Massachusetts, 1823 October 7. Son will not be able to return to Cambridge due to illness. Asks that Ticknor secure for him a certificate of honorable dismissal from the college.

Circular giving resolutions concerning the regulation of slavery adopted by the General Assembly of Virginia. 1836 February 18.

Circular giving resolutions concerning the regulation of slavery adopted by the General Assembly of Virginia.

Littleton Waller Tazewell, Champion Travis, Burwell Bassett to the Secretary of the Navy. Recommendation of Weldon Brown for an appointment as a Mid-Shipman.

Tyler, James Hoge, Governor of Virginia, 1898-1902

James Hoge Tyler, Richmond, Virginia, to Col. Horatio C. King, Brooklyn, N.Y. 1900 April 11. Accepts an invitation to the annual reunion of the Society of the Army of the Potomac.

Walker, Gilbert Carlton, Governor of Virginia, 1870-1874

Gilbert Carlton Walker, Richmond, Virginia, to Rev. E.C. Hines, Corresponding Secretary of the Prison Association of New York, 1870 March 16. Thanks him for the reports of the Association.

Wells, Henry Horatio, Provisional Governor of Virginia, 1868-1869

Henry Horatio Wells, Richmond, Virginia, to Secretary of the New York Prison Association, 1869 August 6. Concerns about proposed changes in the system of criminal laws.

Henry Horatio Wells to unknown recipient, 1891 September 27. States dates of his term of office as Governor of Virginia.

Wise, Henry Alexander, Governor of Virginia, 1856-1860

Henry Alexander Wise, Washington, D.C., to Wespasian Ellis, Senate of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia. 1838 January 21. Concerned with the Virginia House of Delegates' matters.

Wood, James, Governor of Virginia, 1796-1799

Certificate of appointments of Justices of the Peace for Fluvanna County, Virginia, 1796 August 16.

James Wood, Richmond, Virginia, to George Deneal, Clerk of Fairfax, Alexandria, Virginia, 1799 April 19. Concerns the nomination of certain Commissioners of the Peace.


  • Creation: 1777-1900

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