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Tucker, R-Zenger

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Tucker, Richard D. Letter to Murray Grinnan and Mundell of Fredericksburg, Virginia regarding selling flour. December 26, 1811.

Tunstall, Alex (Dr.) Letter to Robert Mumford, Richmond, Virginia regarding genealogy of Colonel George Brooke and Catherine Tunstall. Mountain Lake Hotel, Virginia letterhead. July 22, 1899. Letter to Mr. James about genealogy. October 22, 1901.

Turner, Henry Bill from Bremen, Germany for items sent to Virginia. April 15, 1865.

Turner, Mary Letter is illegible. May 31, 1866

Turpin, Thomas J. Letter from Thomas J. Turpin of Woodlawn, Virginia to Edward T. James of Richmond, Virginia concerning Turpin estate. January 14, 1847.

Unknown Correspondents

Letter to Cousin Robert in Norfolk, Virginia from Mary B.A. in Washington, D.C., about family matters. February 1, 1936.

Letter to Col. about “bill which passed both branches of the Legislature but was not signed by his Presbyterian Majesty (the gov) as he considered it…” Partial letter. Undated.

Letter addressed to Peter. John Bolton written on the letter. Fragment. December 1856.

Letter to “My Dear Dear Sister” from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania about family and the mood in Philadelphia. June 13, 1846.

Letter to Cousin Maria from Julia. Letter is about their health, but there are notes written under the letter which say “Pulaski” and give genealogy of some people, but difficult to decipher names. Undated.

Upshur, Abel Parker Published in the William and Mary Quarterly. Original letter written by Abel Upshur while Secretary of State, to the Honorable John C. Calhoun of South Carolina. Upshur talks of Great Britain’s tactics and predicts war over slaveholders. Thinks England will be involved, particularly with fabric commerce. Talks of abolitionists and the admission of Texas to the Union as a slave owning state. Washington, D.C. August 4, 1843

Valentine, Edward Virginius Newspaper article in the Richmond Standard about Valentine with byline, American Art Review – Margaret J. Preston. Richmond, Virginia. May 29, 1880.

Van Buren, Martin Authorization for the Secretary of State to affix the Seal of the United States to “the envelope of a letter to the King of the Kingdom of the two Sicilies, congratulating him on the birth of Prince Alberto Maria Francesco...” Signed by Martin Van Buren. Washington, D.C. January 10, 1840.

Vanyard, B.A. Letter on side one: from James Mc D. Thrasher to friend. “…you ought to be here just to see how the Yankees have treated the country in this vicinity. They have nearly desolated every house…” Letter on other side: from B. A. Vanyard at Camp Latham, Roanoke Street, Tent…to My Old Friend. “…great pleasure so you and John and brother come and see us what is cost is a matter of moon shine…” March 17, 1861. Civil War.

Van Dusen, R.M. Advertisement for employment in Fernald’s Newspaper Men’s Exchange in Springfield, Massachusetts. Typed carbon copy with handwritten updates of job experience. After 1916.

Van Laun, J.A. Letter to Alfred Van Laun in Chicago, Illinois from his father in London, England about selling Lafayette and Chief Justice Marshall etchings and the printing of them from the plates. February 19, 1895.

Vaughan (R.B.) Letter from R.B. Vaughn in Desota, Mississippi to his parents, A. Vaughan, in Brunswick County, Diamond Grove, Virginia about his experiences with settling in Mississippi. 1857.

Veale, George Photostat copy of letter about logging. Virginia. April 20, 1773.


Walker, Benjamin I. Letter to Edmunds Store about selling items. Mecklenburg, Virginia. September 25, 1842

Walker, Edwin List of debts, notes and bonds due. Near Richmond, Virginia, 1857.

Walker, Francis A. (General) Announcement of Parlor Lectures by General Walker at residence of Mrs. Henry Draper, 271 Madison Avenue, New York, NY. Undated.

Wallace, Ann Note giving Caroline Miller permission to go to Centenary Church. January 26, 1859.

Waller, Charles (Mrs.) Ledger sheet of Mrs. Charles Waller for Dr. John Lindsey. 1869-70.

Waller, William M. Sarah A. Waller giving William Spencer permission to give Mr. Duncan’s slave a “turn of corn.” Undated. Other requests for produce. 1842-1844.

Walthall, Telitha A copy of her will, possibly written at the time of the will. Mentions Martha and William Nunnerly. October 1, 1846.

Warner, A.L. (Dr.) Receipts and checks to Richmond, Virginia businesses. 9 items. 1837-1846. Season pass to M.A.R. Lectures. Undated.

Warren and Quarles Advertisement brochure with bond information. Richmond, Virginia. 1882.

Washington, Booker T. Typed letter to Rev. H.E. Lombard from Booker T. Washington, principal of The Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute, soliciting funds. Signed by Booker T. Washington. April 6, 1914.

Washington, L.W. L.W. Washington of Halltown, Jefferson County, Virginia to Samuel T. Stone of Rockville, Maryland about money from the Forrest Estate. April 28, 1846.

Watson, Josiah Letter from Josiah Watson in Alexandria, Virginia to John Hopkins in Richmond, Virginia regarding a missing horse that was found. August 1787.

Weaver, Mildred Letter to Mildred Weaver of Waynesboro, Virginia from Tehran, Persia. Mentions Titanic tragedy. April 22, 1912.

Weavor, John (Weaver) Indenture of John Weaver to Elijah Sparks as a Merchant Apprentice. Shepherdstown, Virginia. 1796.

Wenger, L. Tannie (Fannie) Recipe for red dye for yarn. October 24, 1867.

West, Francis Newspaper article by Rev. Edward D. Neill about Francis West. Richmond Dispatch in Richmond, Virginia. 1878.

West, John Newspaper article by Rev. Edward D. Neill about John West. Richmond Dispatch in Richmond, Virginia. June 15, 1878.

West, Mattie J. Letter from Cousin Bess about visit and her household activities. Gravel Hill, Virginia. Undated.

West, Thomas B. 40 shares of Exchange Bank of Virginia, No. 3216. Norfolk, Virginia. July 28, 1856.

Westmoreland, (E.D.) Letters to his cousin about pretty girls, sweethearts and family news. Petersburg, Virginia. April and June 1868.


White, Louise E. Receipts, some with Dr. Margaret Scellen. York, Virginia. 1831 and undated.

Whittle, C and F. Shipment laden order for tobacco to C. and F. Whittle. Richmond, Virginia. March 16, 1810.

Wilkinson, E. Letter from E. Wilkinson, superintendent of Allison White and Company, a lumber company in West Point, Virginia, to Austin Smith, a lawyer in Richmond, Virginia, about insurance with Great Western Insurance Company of New Orleans, Louisiana. February 3, 1874.

Wilcox, Philo F. Correspondence about buying cans and tin plates. 3 items. Springfield, Massachusetts. 1835.

Wilkins, William Bond to W.A. Marks. 1 item. 1857-1858.

Williams, J.J. Letter about sending gloves. Richmond, Virginia. June 6, 1857.

Williams, John M. Letter about the book, “First Year at the Piano.” New York, New York. Early 1900’s.

Wilson, Francis Letter from T.R. Lounsbury in Paris, France to Francis Wilson about his health and book. November 25, 1906.

Wilson, James “Nomber of Bills.” Undated. Wilson, James Pamphlet, “James Wilson and St. Andrews” by Randolph G. Adams. Given to Earl Gregg Swem by Randolph G. Adams. Reprint of 1931 article. Wilson, Joseph (Dr.) Invoices and accounts of patients. 3 items. 1848-1866. Wilson, Woodrow (President) Letter to John Hart in Richmond, Virginia from Woodrow Wilson, the White House, Washington, D.C. about a copy of an address by Wilson’s father, given before the Societies of Hampden-Sidney Virginia, published in Richmond 1857. September 8, 1913. Newspaper articles about Woodrow Wilson. 2 articles. November 21, 1926 and Undated. Windsor, Duke and Duchess Notes from the secretary of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor to Miss Elizabeth Cary Williamson of Richmond, Virginia thanking her for her cards. 1938 and 1941. Winston, Nathaniel Genealogical information on the family of Nathaniel Winston from a newspaper column. Richmond, Virginia. 1816. Wirt, William Pages 136-152 from a book about William Wirt. Wise, H.A. Envelope addressed to John Snelling and Henry A. Wise in Richmond, Virginia. Note on envelope, “The Executives of N.C. replies to us that he is not authorized to appt a joint court. H.A. Wise. July 3rd.” Undated. Wise, John Newspaper article about John Wise, Liberal Candidate from Richmond, Virginia. Undated. Woolfolk, Y.H. Post card to N.B. Cocke of Taylorsville, Hanover County, Virginia regarding bond due to W.W. Mallory estate. Louisa County, Virginia. February 19, 1846. Wr - Wz Wren, Joseph Letter to John News about himself and a request for money. Lynchburg, Virginia. February 28, 1868. Wright, Marcus J. Marcus J. Wright of the War Department, Adjutant General’s Office to a doctor. Returning medical books. November 29, 1878. Wright, William Notes. To Capt. Wm J. Waller, “Let Benjamin Wright have Two and a half bushels corn…August 3, 1843. To Wm. Spencer, “let David Rippatoe have for me three & a half bushels corn…September 9, 1863. Wyatt, Francis (Sir) Handwritten copies of manuscripts. Originals are in the possession of the Earl of Romney. Order giving power to Capt. William Tucker to sail into Virginia, explore, fight Indians and punish…” 1621-1622. Other commissions to: Capts. Roger Smith, Ralph Hamour and George Yardley. Group of manuscripts subtitled: No. 5. No. 6. Appear to be about all aspects of military matters and leadship. No. 16. About 1000 pounds due Sir Francis Wiatt when he was the Governor of Virginia, from the King. 1747. Wyman, J. (Dr.) Shipment Laden for Dr. J. Wyman for four boxes from the Port of Boston to the Port of Richmond. Massachusetts and Virginia. October 1843. Wythe, George Pages from William and Mary Quarterly, “An Englishman’s Tribute to Chancellor Wythe” by R.B. Munford, Jr., undated, and a typed transcript of a letter from W.A. Rino to George Wythe about the “loan of his Electrical Machine for the purpose of electrifying a Mulatto girl who hath had a lockd Jaw for some time” dated August 12, 1800. X, Y and Z Yancey, David Codicil of will of David Yancey, of Virginia, now of Kingston, making nephew, William Kimbrough , his executor. Mentions brother Robert, Marry Garrett, Campbell Whittle and Dabney Minor. Addressed to Warren Ashley, Norfolk, Virginia. December 7, 1807. Yancey Family May Term 1792, Culpeper Court. Financial account for Patrick Rourk against Charles Yancey. Appointment of Thomas Yancey as Ensign to the First Battalion, signed by James Monroe. October 7, 1800. Stock for Thornton’s Gap Turnpike Company to John W. Yancey of Woodville, Virginia. September 25, 1852 Receipts and notesbetween Philip Slaughter and Brother Yancey from Philip Slaughter, Th. Deane and W.W. Grimman. 1849, 1853, 1861 and undated. Letter to John W. Yancey in Woodville, Rappahannock County, Virginia from Alexander Stephens regarding Old South Liberty Church. August 12, 1880. Letter from M.K. Grimsley to Bro’ Yancey about gifts he has received and thankfulness. January 31, 1884 Yardley, Argoll Typed transcript of will dated October 28, 1640. Yates, Bartholomew Letter from Williamsburg saying his father died and his mothers and sisters are moving to Williamsburg. March 16, 1806. Yates, John Letter from John Yates of Halltown, Virginia, to William Benton, near Middleburg, Loudoun County, Virginia about his family and his planned trip to Liverpool in May. Notation on letter from William Burton that John Yates died in England. March 25, 1851. Yeagan, L.H. Letter about genealogy and a book on the Yeagan family. 1890’s. Yeardley, Frances Typed copy of a transcript where Sir William Berkeley appoints Francis Yeardley to be Captain “…from the lower side of Hungars Creeke to the King’s Creeke and all along the Bayes Side from Leeing’s to the Old Plantacon.” James City County, Virginia. July 2, 1642. Young, N.P. Letter to his children about family, children’s education and travels. He has just moved to Millwood and will get them soon. Millwood, Virginia. November 28, 1862. Young, W. Letter to Mollie Young in Fortsville from her mother regarding visiting and negro, Tom, who is sick. Undated. Zenger, John Peter An article in the Boston Daily Probe by Uncle Dudley, “Lesson from the Life of John Peter Zenger.” 3 copies. October 11, 1933


  • Creation: 1621-1949
  • Creation: Majority of material found in 1800's

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