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Diary, 1952-1954

 File — Box: Small Collections Box 56, Folder: 1
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The following transcription of the diary was provided by the seller. Transcriptions are accurate but are excerpts from the diary. 1952 “June 2nd & 3rd, Reported aboard the USS Comstock LSD19 at 2400 hours….We got underway this morning about 0830 for Subic Bay in the Philippine Islands. I have been placed in the “X” division for further assignment.” “June 25th, Had 0700 to 1200 watch. We entered Subic Bay today. As soon as we entered all hands went over the sides to scrub paint work. What a crock of poo. Had the duty today so I couldn’t go on the beach. Was hoping to get some mail today but no dice. Sent off about 17 letters to Bobbie.” “July 5th, Thirty two days away from my wife. This life is no good. Painted sides of ship again then went on the beach.” “July 12th, Got underway this morning about 0630. We anchored at Camp McGill (Japan) about 0800. Got underway again for Wonsan Korea about 1600. At 2200 our orders were changed. We turned and headed for Sasebo Japan to pick up a mired three, a commodore and his staff.” “July 14th, 0700 to 1200 watch. Had Gq (General Quarters) from 0905 to 0930. My Gq station is Radio Control. We expect to anchor in Sasebo Japan about 1600 tonight. Well, we finally got here at 1620. Moored to buoy 17. Liberty didn’t commence until 2120 and expired on the dock at 2300. I went over anyway for the little time I had. I got pretty drunk. Was drinking Seagram’s 7 VO. I got back to the landing about 18 minutes late. Was tossed in the brig until all ships boat came along side. Mr. Draving came so asked him to get me out. He did.” “July 16th, Just off the coast of Korea. Will enter Wonsan in the morning. Coast of Korea is very clear. Looks like nice peaceful country. Haha. In about two minutes we will be at the 38 degrees parallel, entering enemy territory.” “August 16th, Duty 1200 to 1700 watch. Received word today that USS Chief opened fire on the USS Grapple. Two rounds from their 350 hit the Grapples wooden guns shield and pilot house. Two men killed, 9 injured. Weaver will probably be back here in a couple of days.” “August 28th, Got word about 0100 that the USS Sarsi was sunk by a mine. So far 105 survivors have been picked up. There are supposed to be a least three more men. We are not at the spot where the ship went down. We are looking for other mines and the 3 men. What makes me mad, the Sarsi had our mail from the states on board. Looks like it will be quite awhile before we get somewhere. The sinking of the Sarsi took place at Hungnam Korea.” “August 30th, 0000-0700 watch. Had GQ at about 0830. Two shells landed about 150 yards off our starboard. We got underway. 1700 to 2400 watch. About 1930 lookout sighted body in water. Made attempt to recover it. Failed due to darkness.” “September 5th, 0000 to 0700 watch. About 0515 A.M. MSB boat came back to the ship with a dead body with them. He was one of the three men killed when the USS Sarsi was mined. The MSB divers were diving down to the Sarsi all night. They were diving for all valuable equipment that wouldn’t be good for the enemy to get a hold of. Slept till 12:45. About 1250, shore batteries opened up on our DD 745. They fired two shells at us with near misses. We transferred dead body to USS Helena for cold storage. 1700 to 2400 watch.” “September 6th, Pooped around all morning. 1200 to 1700 watch. They blew up the Sarsi today at 1500. Played catch with Bramwell in the well deck after supper.” (Yokosuka Japan, Camp Magilat (?) and back to Wansan)\ “October 7th, 0000 to 0700 watch. Slept till 1540. Woke up because of general quarters. Three enemy planes entered area. Shot down same. 1700 to 2400 watch. Saw movie in Wardoon.” “October 10th, 0000 to 0700 watch. Slept till 1400. Got mail today. One letter from Bobbie and one from Esther. We refueled at sea today. 1700 to 2400 watch. It looks like something is cooking up for this Sunday. A big mine sweep job or an invasion. I sure don’t like the looks of it anyway. Hope I am wrong. This should be our last rip in this area before going back to the states. I hope so. The sooner we get back the better I’ll like it.” “October 15th, 0700 to 1200. This should be the invasion day. I counted sixty ships in this area on our radar machine. I just got the word that this was going to be a “mock” invasion. In other wards a front to pull the enemies power to Kojo, so our other forces could hit a harder blow in another sector. Payday, drew $18.00” “November 21st, Duty. Didn’t get on board this evening till 0730. Had to turn around and go on to the base to have ID card pic taken. Stayed on the base all day. Had dinner and took in a movie “The Big Sky”. Very good. Got back on board about 1700. What a day. 1700 to 2200 watch.” “December 2nd, Arrived at Enewetak Island at 1200. I went on the beach to make guard mile trip. We got underway again at 1726 local. We stopped at Enewetok to pick up a LCU’s 6 M boats, etc. to carry them to the states but now we have to go by way of Pearl Harbor to pick up fuel. This shouldn’t delay us entering the states though. I hope not.”


  • Creation: 1952-1954


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