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Richard Manning Bucktrout Daybook and Ledger

 Digital Record
Identifier: e0bac901-7727-483d-ab3b-7fc0170106f5

Richard Williamson Oral History conducted on 01/09/06

 Digital Record
Identifier: d345b094-ce6d-4e35-aa7f-b3cd24a8b232

Robert Bell Oral History Conducted on 04/18/09

 Digital Record
Identifier: eedd7e2e-de93-4e94-ace5-ebf61555b8fe

Robert (Bob) E., III Thompson Oral History conducted on 03/20/06

 Digital Record
Identifier: c9841337-a261-4c8e-91dd-8d0524ef7c7f

Robert (Bob) W. Jr. Jeffrey Oral History conducted on 1/10/2006

 Digital Record
Identifier: 22f05998-75ad-4ca5-9944-04d15a723062

Robert (Bobby) Moeller Map Diary on 4.1.10

 Digital Record
Identifier: ba7d6366-d7b9-4989-8aa3-41acba2b89fa

Robert (Bobby) Moeller oral history conducted on 2.22.10

 Digital Record
Identifier: 50a8c32c-4d5d-4f95-9e5f-705943bc8fb8

Robert (Bobby) Wermus Map Diary from 3/18/08

 Digital Record
Identifier: 050bdba6-bef7-404f-b6df-7e5f38095562

Robert (Bobby) Wermus Oral History conducted on 02/22/08

 Digital Record
Identifier: 292c1091-35b9-4006-b185-2cbe0e1a8d9d

Robert Braxton Oral History conducted on 04/03/08

 Digital Record
Identifier: 84bbce89-01de-41bb-8328-c1aac41c506b

Robert Gaines Haile Diary

 Digital Record
Identifier: Mss. MsV D25_Haile_Diary

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