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Victory Volunteer District Loan Pins, 1917

Identifier: id138232
Scope and Contents 8 - Victory Volunteer District Loan Pins. The center of the pin has a large V, with a hand holding a torch in the valley of the V. To either side of the V are stars. The pin is encircles by the words, "Victory Volunteer District Victory Loan." The pin backs were added to the faces with a large drop of hot metal, and none of the backs have come off. The reverse of the pin face only features the impressions of the images on the front, revealing how little metal was actually used when creating...

UCV Civil War Reunion Badge, 1907

Identifier: id138226
Scope and Contents One UCV Civil War Reunion Badge. This badge was a commemorative badge issued in 1907 to commemorate the Civil War. The top of the badge includes a Confederate States of America Flag next to a Virginia Flag. Between the two flags are the letters UCV encircled by a laurel wreath (United Confederate Veterans). The second, larger piece of the badge is connected to the top section with a small metal ring. The second section includes a relief of the Jefferson Davis Monument. Above the relief,...

Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities Membership Medals, 1888-1920

Identifier: id138231
Scope and Contents 2 - membership medals from the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities. The medals begin with a small pin at the top, which is engraved with the word VIRGINIA and framed by a pattern of circles. The pin is then attahed to a red ribbon, which then terminates in the medal proper. The medal's front is embossed with the initials of the organization "A.P.V.A" as well as the year the club was founded, 1888. The reverse of the medal reads "Dei Gratia Virginia Condita" (Founded by the...

Confederate Veteran Button, post 1865

Identifier: id138227
Scope and Contents One gold colored screw back button. This pin belonged to Sallie Munford Talbott, who is well known for being the maker of the flag that flew over the Virginia Capitol during the Civil War. Button has an image of a cannon pointing down with three bayonet clad muskets in front of it. Behind the cannon to the left a rising sun can be seen, and to the right a plough. The top of the button features the words Confederate Veteran, and the bottom the words "Finitum Est" (It is Finished). The screwback...

U.S. Naval Uniform Buttons, 1850-1865

Identifier: id138233
Scope and Contents 3 - U.S. Naval Uniform buttons.  All bear the same design, which includes a central eagle looking right while clutching an anchor above three canon balls. The eagle is then surrounded by a circle of 13 stars, which are in turn bordered by a rope.  The background of the scene is lined. The two larger buttons are stamped with Scoville MFG CO Waterbury, the manufacturer's mark. To this day the Waterbury button Company provides the U.S. military with its uniform buttons. The smallest of the three...

U.S. Military General Staff Uniform Buttons, 1850-1870

Identifier: id138234
Scope and Contents Three General Staff uniform buttons measuring 25mm in diameter.  Two of the three buttons have acquired a green patina, the third is in good condition. The buttons depict an eagle with outstretched wings, gripping four arrows in his left talon and and olive branch in his right. A shield with seven vertical stripes is over the eagle's chest. The eagle is looking to the left, which makes sense given that these buttons were from a military uniform. The buttons are quite large and have a depth of...

U.S. General Service Uniform Buttons, 1875-1902

Identifier: id138236
Scope and Contents 16 - General Service Uniform Buttons. All sixteen buttons have the same face and manufacture mark, but show varying degrees of wear.  The buttons depict an eagle with his head pointed to the left. A pointed shield with six vertical stripes adorns the eagle's chest. In the right talon the eagle holds three arrows, while in the left talon he clutches an olive branch. The design of these buttons places them in between the Indian wars and Spanish American War. The manufacture marks on the buttons...

U.S. General Service Uniform Buttons, 1875-1902

Identifier: id138238
Scope and Contents Nineteen General Service Uniform Buttons.  All nineteen buttons have the same face and manufacture mark, but show varying degrees of wear. Several of the buttons in this group still have small pieces of fabric attached, although it is unknown if these are pieces of the original uniform, or if they are later additions.Several of the buttons are in fine condition, and even retain their gold luster, while others have some green patina, dulling, and scratches. The buttons depict an eagle with his...

National League for Women's Service Pins, 1917-1918

Identifier: id138206
Scope and Contents Three pins all bearing the symbol of the National League for Woman's Service. The emblem of the NLWS includes a shield in the center, similar to that found on currency of the day. The shield is surrounded by a ring which bears the full name of the NLWS. Perched atop the ring is an eagle with outstretched wings. A small decorative point hangs from the bottom of the ring. Two of the pins are backed with red, white, and blue ribbon that matches the ceremonial bars present on many military...

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