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Appraisal of Property, Princess Anne County, Virginia

 Collection — Box: Small Collections Box 119
Identifier: SC 01731
Content Description

An appraisal of property conducted on January 23, 1936 by the Appraisal Committee of the Virginia Real Estate Association. The property became a part of Seashore State Park, which is now First Landing State Park. This document contains photographs of the land, along with a map of the property.

Dates: January 23rd, 1936.

G.E. Anderson Letter

 Collection — Box: Small Collections Box 119
Identifier: SC 01732
Content Description

A letter sent by G. Edward Anderson, proprietor of Anderson's Employment Service, to Mr. C. W. King at Secretary Con. Brick Manufacturing Assoc., Hartford, Connecticut. The letter focuses on a labor union with Black members.

Content warnings for derogatory language and racial statements.

Dates: December 31st, 1925

Mizpah Presbyterian Church Account Book

 Collection — Box: Small Collections Box 119
Identifier: SC 01733
Content Description

A 290 page account book from the women of the Mizpah Presbyterian Church in Richmond, VA. Contains entries for the "Leadership Training School for Colored."

Content warning for derogatory language.

Dates: 1960 - 1970

African American GI's Vietnam and West Germany Scrapbook

 Collection — Box: Small Collections Box 119
Identifier: SC 01734
Content Description

Ninety-eight photos with no captions of soldiers in Vietnam and West Germany. The majority of the pictures are of leisure activities such as card games, smoking, writing letters, playing pool, and drinking. Some of the subjects posed with cash, others with raised fists, or by pin-ups on the wall. Twenty-two of the photos are of the town near the barracks.

Content warnings for drug use, underage drinking.

Dates: 1960's

Beatrice E. Smither Diary

 Collection — Box: Small Collections Box 119
Identifier: SC 01735
Content Description

A 271 page dairy written by Beatrice E. Smither, a young woman working at the law firm Williams and Mullen in Richmond, VA. Over the year of 1925, Smither writes about a variety of topics including work, civic and church clubs, politics, family, friends, as well as her romances with two separate men, Cy and George.

A large majority of the diary is written in longhand, but there are some passages in shorthand as well.

Content warning for mentions of alcholism.

Dates: 1925

Petition by Indians in Western New Spain Accusing a Friar of Having a Lover

 Collection — Box: Small Collections Box 119
Identifier: SC 01736
Content Description A petition by Indians living in Valladolid (now Morelia) against a friar, whom they claim has a lover named Rosalia living with him. Rosalia is accused of having relations with multiple men besides the friar, and of killing her own children. The petition contains signed statements by several Indians, and a request that he be fired from his position. The fiscal writes in response that the claims need to be investigated, and that the friar needs to be punished if found guilty....
Dates: 1805

Lawrence Lewis Letter

 Collection — Box: Small Collections Box 119
Identifier: SC 01737
Content Description

A letter written and signed by Lawrence Lewis to his son Lorenzo. The letter covers a variety of topics from farming to illnesses in the family.

Dates: July 9th, 1829

Williamsburg Tourist Letter

 Collection — Box: Small Collections Box 119
Identifier: SC 01741
Content Description

A letter written by a father to his daughter Helen. The three page document is written on College of William and Mary stationary labeled with the name of President J.A.C Chandler. Within the letter, the father explains his plans to travel to other sites such as Jamestown and Richmond, and describes the old parish church he visited while in Williamsburg.

Dates: August 16th, 1919

Letter, [No Year] October 22

 Item — Box: Small Collections Box 119, Folder: 1
Content Description From the Collection:

A signed, one page letter from Willa Cather to Doctor Garbat, dated 22 October, no year given. Mentions a confidential visit to occur in November.

Dates: [No Year] October 22